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Argent Acherbus
Age 19
Status Active
Color Silver
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Medium
Hair Grayish-Blue
Eyes Neon Green
Height 7'0"
Weight 266 lbs.
Professional Status
Partner Kuro Kusanagi


Argent Acherbus is a human of extremely imposing physique. He stands seven feet tall, and is very muscular. He has medium-colored skin, disheveled grayish-blue hair, and facial hair, giving him a sort of rugged look.

For his standard combat attire, he wears very heavy Roman and paladin-esque armor over his entire body, minus his head and right arm. He wears an armored utility belt to hold dust crystals for his sheilds. His right hand, all the way up to his shoulder, is covered in bandages, shackles, and chains, which he uses to carry and wield one of his shields. He also has a few bronze earrings on his left ear. 

He retains the bandages on his arm while wearing the Beacon Academy uniform, in addition to the Beacon Academy Disciplinary Committee armband.


As a descendant of a family of renowned warriors, Argent takes great pride in himself and his teammates, despite his own shortcomings. He seems to display a very carefree and polite demeanor even during missions, as he is rarely seen without a grin. It is not an unusual thing for him to encourage and commend others for their strengths, even during battle and/or when fighting against them.

He has a very "protective" personality as well. While it is quite difficult to anger him in general, he does not tolerate excessive disrespect or prejudice towards his teammates and people he considers his close allies. He will usually always rush to another's aid, whenever he has the opportunity if it looks like they are in danger. This can sometimes lead to make naive decisions to help as he tends to do this without knowing whether or not they have evil intentions. Despite his heritage, he seems to have a preference for no conflict as he tends to give warnings to criminals to cease and desist before attempting to use force. However, he has no trouble fighting if the situation demands for it.

He retains his honorable nature even in battle, rarely losing his focus or composure, taking it as far as to sometimes crack a joke at his enemies. He usually abstains from ganging up on his opponents unless they are creatures of Grimm or criminals.

On a side note, he only eats meat and vegetables, and gets nervous whenever someone offers him sweets, as he does not want to come off as impolite towards them.

Team Relationships

Kuro Kusanagi - He is Argent's partner, the first student he came into contact with during initiation. Argent feels that his desire and resolve to better himself in order to lead his clan and protect it is admirable is something he finds in common with his own goals. Because of this, Argent respects him and thinks of him as a valuable comrade. There are times where Argent questions his decisions, if they seem particularly cruel or unjustified to him, but realizes that he usually thinks things out logically before, and so, does not challenge him often. They appear to have a sort of "bodyguard" relationship when they are seen together. Argent usually stands close behind him when they walk together. 

Gylfie Wolfbane - Argent gets along well with her. Argent feels that she is a very admirable comrade with lots of determination. Even though she prefers not to show them, Argent tries to reassure her that everyone would think her paintings are great and encourages her to show them to him one day. Argent likes her sense of humor and often jokes with her.

Elvira Nightshade - Argent thinks she is a good person. Argent often encourages her to lighten up as she seems to not smile or seem annoyed. Argent greatly admires her desire to get stronger and often encourages her to keep at it.


Argent Acherbus was born into a family of warriors known for their reputation in the arena. These fights were no-holds-barred, fight-to-the-death, matches against the strongest creatures of Grimm that only the best fighters would come back from alive. However, as long as you were the victor in every fight, it would yield high rewards. Argent's lineage had always raised some of the best arena fighters in the profession, and Argent himself, was no exception. His father would have him undergo extensive and intensive physical training at a young age in order to make him into an even stronger fighter than he was. And he succeeded: Argent would become one of the strongest fighters for his age in his lineage.

Argent adopted a style of his own using the sword and shield which utilized his endurance. He would focus on defending against and predicting his opponents attacks tiring them out and then switching to an aggresive offense that usually ended the his opponents' lives quickly. Most arena fighters were cocky and confident in their abilities, showing little respect for each other, seeing risking their their own lives as a means to an end. Despite his role as an arena fighter, Argent would express humility and respect in the arena, he felt like it was necessary to honor every fight he had and every life that was taken as a result of a loss. He often wondered what his life might have been like if his family's lineage had not been famous for fighting in the Grimm arena. When Argent poses these questions to his parents, his father criticises his views, stating that because of the reputation their lineage has built over time, they will not ever consider a peaceful path as doing so will tarnish their reputation, and reminds him that he best not think about such things. Regardless of his outlook, Argent's potential in the arena brought him further than many warriors in his family did. His ability to survive fights without suffering fatal injuries earned him a reputation by others as an "invincible" fighter. However, Argent had a weakness that became more and more apparent by other fighters as they watched him claim victory after victory: his finishing blow.

Argent prefered not to make his opponents suffer and so he would finish them off swiftly and painlessly when they became unable to continue their assault. However, because his final attack was so powerful, he would leave his right arm extremely vulnerable. 

An infamously powerful, and intelligent Grimm close to Argent's level of skill would eventually be pitted against him. When this Grimm faced Argent in the arena, he tried to expend most his energy by relentlessly attacking Argent. However, when Argent went to counter-attack, the Grimm was still able to resist. The Grimm managed to easily deflect Argent's attack and gravely injure his sword. Argent dropped to the floor, no longer able to wield his sword due to his mutilated arm. Just when the Grimm was about to finish him off, his father stepped in and killed it. Despite Argent's father's outlook on the arena and the mentality that Argent could not possibly lose before attaining the glory he himself had as a fighter, refused to let his child die. However, as a result both Argent and his father, were both forbidden from participating in the arena ever again. 

This brought dispair among Argent and even moreso, his father as they thought their reputation was soiled as warriors. At this point, how would Argent ever attain the glory that his ancestors once attained, and how would he uphold his family's name? Even if he was not exiled from the arena, he would not be able to wield a sword ever again. Argent eventually overheard a conversation about Beacon Academy and the profession of a huntsman. Students would be placed with a team, and would work together to fight against the creatures of Grimm. Argent finally knew how to regain his glory, instead of taking lives, he would help protect the lives of his comrades just how his father protected him. He told his father about Beacon before applying and accepting the invitation. His father was unsure about letting his son risk the life he just saved by putting it into the hands of other students but he ultimately decided to let him pursue this path. He thanked his father, and told him that if he could not become renowned for his role in the arena, he would be renowned for his role as a huntsman. 

He had traveled to Vale, learning more about the role of huntsmen and huntresses and the utilization of dust. Assuming that many successful students used dust in their weapons, he decided that it would be in his interest to make a new weapon that would utilize dust that would help him defend his teammates. Along with the large, durable shield he had during his days as an arena fighter, he now carried another shield that helped him utilize his semblance against energy-based attacks. He was convinced that these shields would ensure that he could protect his teammates from any harm and would name these shields, Laus Maximus.

During initiation he, along with Kuro Kusanagi, Gylfie Wolfbane, and Elvira Nightshade, was one of the first to retrieve the relic from the altar. His specialization in defense helped support his teammates and protected them from the creatures of Grimm as they made their way through the forest. 

When Professor Ozpin gave Team KAGE the special designation for the Beacon Academy Disciplinary Committee for showing exceptional potential, Argent was pleased. However, he realized the struggle was not over yet: Argent was dedicated to ensure that Team KAGE would become one of strongest and most renowned teams of huntsmen and huntresses in the world.

( When RWBY starts, Argent's team has existed for three years and has completed many missions. )

Abilities & Powers

Weapons: Laus Maximus(Dual Dust Barrier Shields)


Laus Maximus - Done by JollyJo


Laus Maximus - 3D Model. Done by Elektro7, on the RoosterTeeth site

Laus Maximus are Argent Acherbus' weapons of choice. They take the form of two greatshields.

One of the shields is a wide, rectangular greatshield with a Roman-like design to it. The other shield is a more rounded-triangular greatshield. Both shields are extremely durable and can block powerful physical attacks. The right shield has a chamber slot reminiscent of a minigun clip in the center that takes a dust crystal and emits an energy barrier based on the type of dust inserted. His other shield that he holds in his left hand has a switch that releases spikes from an embedded slots on the upper part of the shield's surface. These spikes can be used for charging attacks, however, they are rarely used by Argent on team missions. Argent wields one shield in his left hand and pulls the chain on his right arm in order to position his rectangular shield on his upper arm for blocking.

While the Laus Maximus are very efficient in blocking physical attacks, when used in conjunction with his semblance they can also absorb dust-based energy attacks and send them back. He carries dust crystals close to his body on his utility belt that allow him to channel them into the shields from contact.


* Physical: Argent possesses extremely impressive physique, even with the loss of his function in his right arm. He is extremely durable and can withstand a significant amount of force and/or damage before being pushed back, however, He has poor speed. His defensive skills have improved since fighting in the arena and can block many kinds of attack. He is very aware of the battlefield looks for any potential dangers that might threaten his teammates and will attempt protect them from them if they can't do it themselves. 

* Aura:  Argent's aura was formerly a dark-grayish color. After leaving for Vale, it became a shinier silver color.

* Semblance: "Absorption"

Argent's semblance allows him to absorb energy based upon the type of dust he has physical contact with, by coming into contact with a dust crystal he can channel a barrier through an object that he touches that absorbs the energy that crystal produces and send it back. By utilizing his two shields, he can absorb two types of dust-energy at a time by channeling energy to both of them.



  • The name, "Argent", is derived from the Latin word for silver, argentum. "Acherbus" is derived from the Latin word for "dark", acerbus
  • His weapon's name, "Laus Maximus", is Latin for "greatest glory". 
  • Argent's character is loosely based on Achilles, a hero in Greek myth. 

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