Truthfully? I'm bored. And this seemed reasonably safe enough to do at the time.
— Argentina, when asked why she's doing something


Argentina Kesshõ
Ayane Kesshõ Chibi



Argentina Smaller Symbol (Silver)




Kosher Ginshin


FemaleIcon Female




Silver, Blue


Blue sash




Pale white

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Brown



Professional Status

Beacon Academy

Previous Affiliation

Signal Academy




Roan Reid

Personal Status



Elderly Couple (Adoptive Parents)

 Argentina Kesshõ is a member of team VALR. Argentina's weapon of choice is a Multi-Dust Bow Blade (MDBB) named Kosher Ginshin.


Argentina Kesshõ Face

Close-up of Argentina's Face

Argentina appears as a young girl, dressed conservatively in primarily silver clothing that has dark blue trim. She wears a trench coat that goes down to her knees but only buttons the top leaving the front open. On the back of the trench coat is a blue version of her emblem (Argentina Smaller Symbol). Underneath the trench coat is a silver shirt that has dark blue trimming similar to that of her trench coat. Around her waist is a blue sash. Her pants are silver with a blue stripe. They are nearly skintight but Argentina has seemingly no trouble moving around in them. She wears boots that are opposite to the rest of her attire; with a primarily dark-blue color scheme and silver trimming rather than the silver-with-blue color scheme like the rest of her attire.

She is of slightly taller than average height and has short brown hair that frames her face with a couple strands of hair sticking up in the back constantly. Argentina's eyes are a dark brown color.


Argentina, when not in combat, is a relatively laid-back individual who prefers to relax rather than train. However she is also prone to both getting bored easily and generally not caring/thinking about the consequences of her actions unless it will obviously affect her or her team in a negative way. This has lead to many situations where she has accidently caused mayhem when she messes around with her Dust types. Despite this, in combat her mind is razor-sharp and more often than not will notice opportunities/weaknesses that others would miss.

She also has a very sarcastic nature and generally doesn't like listening to the orders of others unless they've gained her respect in one way or another. This has lead to her having many arguments against authority leaders and her getting into a lot of trouble. However, when she does listen to orders she rarely goes against them and follows them to the letter making her a very reliable and loyal team member.

Though her attitude will say otherwise she does greatly care for her team and will never willingly do anything that has a chance of hurting them; mental, physical or otherwise.


Despite her unwillingness to try, Argentina has been able to personally connect to a few individuals though it's limited to mostly her team only.


Argentina was an orphan at birth. Argentina has grown up relatively alone since for some reason no one wanted her (they picked a different kid), she didn't want to go (she'd be going without her current acquaintances) or she wasn't around at the time of adoptions (she liked to go out often to relax). Eventually at age 13 she gets adopted by an elderly couple incapable of having children.

She lives with them for roughly 3 years growing her first major bond. At this point Argentina had been constantly hearing about Hunters and Huntresses and had wanted to be one; much to the couple's anguish since they adopted her to protect her. After a year of living with her adopted parent she created a prototype of Kosher Ginshin; this one lacking the ability to use Dust. Half a year later was when they all ran into their first major argument; the elderly wanting Argentina to stay safe at their house and Argentina wanting to venture out. This leads to a rift forming between the three of them. Roughly a year later, the rift having never fully closed, their home is attacked by Grimm (their house is a cottage out in the wilderness) and the elderly make Argentina run towards the town while they buy her time leaving her heartbroken with the knowledge that they would die no matter what. After approximately 2 days later battered, hungry and broken she reaches the nearest town where they nurse her to back health.

Her ability to survive on her own while being constantly chased by Grimm is why she bypassed most of the curriculum needing to only study for 1 year before she went to Beacon at age 17. Within that 1 year is when she upgraded Kosher Ginshin to be able to use Dust as a way of long ranged combat. Because of what happened to her adopted parents she tends not to go out of her way to make bonds but does her best to preserve the ones she has. It also made her emotionally stunted seeing as she only really interacted with the couple a lot meaning she can't really tell she's pissing someone off.

Battles and Events

Main article: Argentina Kesshõ/Battles and Events

Argentina has participated in several different battles.

Abilities and Powers

Argentina is very proficient with her weapon and is very quick to adapt in any situation. When using Kosher Ginshin in melee combat she is able to keep an enemy at bay and on their toes using the quick stabbing motions of her weapons. In ranged combat her dust arrows allows for great variance in her attacks ranging from explosives to ice. The only limits are the dust types Argentina can procure herself. She also has a tendency of combining dusts together to create new arrow types; sometimes accidental, sometimes not.

Argentina has a Formic Semblance which is what allows her to shape Dust into various shapes. This is what allows Argentina to create arrows for her weapon, Kosher Ginshin. She has modified Kosher Ginshin to expel Dust near where the arrow nocks which allows her to fire her weapon in quick succession.

Image Gallery

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  • Argentina was previously known as Ayane which was the romanization of a feminine Japanese given name. Literally translated it meant "colorful sound". Her last name is also Japanese for "crystal" which is a reference to her emblem.
  • Argentina is derived from Argent which is a tincture of silver.
  • Argentina tries to avoid using Kosher Ginshin's ranged mode because she lacks the funds to buy Dust on a regular basis.

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