You can go to hell if you want.
— Aricia Bluthardt

Do not steal nor edit MY property. - Fiernull

Aricia Bluthardt
Age 19
Alias Agent Patrician (former)


Nickname Lady Aricia, Ricia, Cia
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Female
Race Human
Born January 6
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Silver
Eyes Dark Blue
Semblance Lightning Blade
Height 5'8
Weight 48 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank Aristocrat
Affiliation Legazpi Defense Group

Bluthardt Family

The Nine Dragons of Vale

Occupation Security contractor

Coffee Shop co-owner (former)

Personal Status
Relatives Gustave Bluthardt (father)

Mona Bluthardt (mother)

Casper Bluthardt (fraternal twin big brother)

Cyzarine Bluthardt (half little sister, cousin)

Basilia Bluthardt (youngest little sister)

Brunhilde Engelnacht (second cousin)

Wynston Arkwright (second cousin)

Additional Info
Emblem Cyzarine Bluthardt's Emblem
Likes Efficiency, orderliness, family
Dislikes Casper, idiots
Special Skills Taekwondo-Muay Thai, immense strength, marksmanship, whip-wielding, driving any kinds of vehicles (land, air, water), piano playing, managing subordinates (almost tyranny)
Weaknesses Slight superiority Complex, hot-headed


Aricia is quite a dominating young woman inside out, with arms always crossed under her ample bosom, and her resting bitch face isn't helping at all. Her dark blue eyes are hard as though she's demanding you not to look nor speak like an idiot. She has her long, silver hair tied up in a messy bun, revealing a thick scar in her nape that runs vertically down to her mid back. To hide it, she wears a crocheted silver scarf at all times.


Aricia was born five minutes minutes after her fraternal twin older brother, Casper. The twins has very similar background save for the prankster part and coffee brewing which she has some interest in while the brother is very interested. She learned playing piano from her mother while she took interest in vehicles at BOB and learned about them from A to Z.


Aricia is a serious, hot-headed, and clean freak woman as opposed to her carefree fraternal twin older brother. There isn't a day where she doesn't scowl or narrow her eyes at especially at a certain prankster (Casper). She's also mistaken to be the eldest child of the Bluthardts instead of Casper because her level of maturity is higher than his.

In social gatherings, she projects an aura of confidence. Her ladylike manner rivals her youngest sister's in interacting with people who has the same social status as her. Due to environmental influences she grew up with, she developed a slight haughty attitude and superiority complex. Aricia doesn't hesitate to look down at people whom she considered pathetic.

Beneath her scary traits, Aricia is friendly and caring to her friends and allies especially towards her family(ies) whom she's very loyal to. She's very protective of her sisters but trusts them to be able to stand on their ground. She also have soft spots for cute things which she is very embarrassed to admit to others except her family; Casper enjoys teasing this side of hers.


Aricia is skilled in Muay Thai-Taekwondo hybrid, wielding gun and whip, but her main skill is martial arts. Despite being good at guns, she was not fond of using them unless she needs one. She has high pain tolerance/endurance, and stronger attack power than her older brother but she lacks speed; her armor and Semblance fills up this flaw.

She's a great manager and good in business side like accounting and managing finances. Among her siblings, she's the one who mostly frequently visit the small agricultural land and the orphanage of her family in Vale. She's also good in brewing coffee but not as good as Casper and Basilia. Aricia is a talented in driving and fixing vehicles for land, water, and air. If she's unfamiliar with the controls, she'll test them all bit by bit for two minutes before she's ready to kick off.

Her Semblance is Thunder's Wrath; she forms electric sharp blades or spikes in any part of her body by emitting purple electricity from it. The maximum number of blades/spikes that she can produce is twenty; the fewer she produces, the larger the blades and spikes can get. The maximum length is six meters long.

She uses her Semblance on her hands and feet for maximum damage, and back for defense. Her Semblance's nature makes her invulnerable to electricity in lower voltages but she cannot withstand lightning from weather and very high voltages.

  • Rampaging Thunder - since her weapons are conductors, her blades/spikes' electricity travels through them, fusing with Lightning Dusts' power for triple damage.

The color of her electricity is the side effect of using her Semblance. Her purple-colored Aura is strong and abundant.

She's a pianist and outperforms her siblings in doing household chores.

Aricia Bluthardt's Stats :

Primary Role Brawler, Vanguard
Secondary Role Accountant
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Her weapons' color is silver with purple outlines.

Robustaristo is a Multi Dust-Infused Exosuit (MDIE) was originally a bulletproof, heat resistant, anti-chemical, and insulated Dust-powered exosuit provided by the BOB in which Aricia had Cyzarine customized while removing the insulated feature of the said suit. On the chest is a circular container with rotating circle inside which has eight slots for Dusts and are usually used for boosting her defense and substitute for her semblance in case she runs out of gas.

Starkaristo is a pair of Electric-Charged Gauntlet Whips (ECGW). The default form is that the gauntlets are in a form of forearms while the whips are retracted on top top of them. When activated, the gauntlets will fully cover her hands.

The whips are 10-feet long and has Lightning Dusts. They have metals for more conductivity.



  • Aricia is a Greek name meaning 'Princess Of The Royal Blood Of Athens'; Blut and Hardt in German means 'blood' and 'hard, brave, and strong'.
  • Stark is a German word meaning 'strong'; Robust is a German word meaning 'sturdy'. Aristo is an informal term of 'aristocrat'.
  • She owns a motorcycle, a sports car (Lamborghini), an armored car, an airship, and a speed boat. Or more...
  • She's the most normal among her siblings in terms of personality.

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