There is strength in kindness. To those who say otherwise, I'll prove them wrong every time.
— Ariel
I'm going to close my eyes. When I open them, if this mess isn't cleaned up and if there isn't a cup of coffee in front of me, I'm going to make all of you eat grenades.
— Also Ariel

Ariel Aviyt is a first-year student at Beacon Academy and the leader of team ARSC.

Ariel Aviyt
Age 17
Nickname Ari
Color Pink
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Height 5' 6"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team ARSC
Partner Cerule Giles


Ariel has long, free-flowing pink hair that reaches the small of her back. On either side of her head, she wears red ribbons. Her eyes are blue. She prefers simple, comfortable clothing – a red and black short-sleeved hoodie with golden buttons down the front, a short red skirt with a pink petticoat, striped thigh-highs, fingerless gloves, and flat-heeled boots. A gold badge with her emblem sewed onto it with black thread is pinned to the collar of her hoodie. Underneath the hoodie, she wears a tank top. A belt is slung across her waist, with a bag and strap holding bombs, and on the back of the belt, there is a small strap she attaches her weapon to when it is folded up.


Ariel is warm and kind, always keeping a watchful eye on the people around her and making sure they’re taken care of. She has a creative mind. When faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, her mind immediately goes to dissecting and trying to solve it. She’s skilled at finding the solutions, and her fast thinking along with her honesty and down-to-earth attitude make her a good leader.

However, for this reason, she tends to be bogged down by feelings of responsibility and guilt when things go awry. It is easy to manipulate her into doing things by playing with her sense of duty. Furthermore, due to her lack of real-world experience, she often feels insecure about her position as leader, and dislikes being in charge. She is a pessimist, and is very quick to come up with a list of worst-case scenarios.

Her tendency to attract strange, crazy people has caused her to acquire a snarky sense of humor. Her comedic timing is always on point.

Ariel is often the emotional rock of the group, but she has her own quirks. When upset, Ariel won’t let it keep her down. Rather, the opposite occurs – she lets the frenetic, more manic side of herself out, and she’s more likely to run her mouth and say bizarre things. She uses work as a coping mechanism, preferring to get lost in numbers rather than her own thoughts.

Ariel adores math and science. Just as easily as she can bury herself in a terrifying boring textbook, she can spend hours sketching different gadgets and devices, from weapon designs to things that can improve daily life. She experiences ruts of frustration and failure, but her passion for robotics is so strong that it overcomes all.


Ariel was born in a small coastal city in Vale. She was an only child to two loving parents, a chef and a mechanical engineer. Ariel spent much of her childhood watching her mother sketch blueprints and helping her father out in his restaurant.

When Ariel was eight, her mother died. During the renovation of a railway line for dust transport, improper handling of cargo alongside faulty equipment caused an explosion that killed most of the workers that day. Ariel decided she would follow in her mother’s footsteps and help the world by creating technology that would increase safety. In the back of her mind, she also wanted to find an alternative energy source to dust, which she thought was unsafe and unnecessarily coveted.

When she was thirteen, her father allowed her to leave the city she was born in and travel to Vale, where she apprenticed under a well-known technician who was a friend of her mother’s. During this time, she befriended a troubled, enigmatic youth called Cerule Giles. The two became close friends.

She wanted to persuade Cerule to follow his dream of becoming a Hunter – he had the skill necessary to attend a combat school and a desire to help others, but there was something holding him back from taking the final step and applying. After deliberating, she thought it would be acceptable to increase the safety of the world by eliminating Grimm alongside her best friend in addition to inventing new technology. So, she told him a white lie: She wanted to go to a combat school, too.

While her grades in school were good, the fact that she did not attend a combat school troubled her. When she expressed this worry, the technician she was working under revealed himself to be a retired Hunter. Out of a fondness for Ariel and some supposed debt he had to her parents, he agreed to train her for a year before she applied, and he wrote her a recommendation.

Ariel was pleasantly surprised when she received the acceptance letter, and was eager to do her best despite her inexperience.

After the fall of Beacon: Ariel, Sterling, and Russet settled in the city of Vale after visiting their families, trying to help with the outbreak of Grimm and crime spreading across the world like a disease. They're basically a vigilante group. Ariel keeps in contact with her father, who has yet to be affected by the increasing danger.


Team ARSC:

Russet Dolce: At first, Ariel was terrified of Russet's cold attitude. Then, she was irritated by Russet's refusal to work in a team. The two clashed because Ariel wasn't confident as a leader, and Russet was too happy to point that out. As Ariel gained stride and became more skilled, Russet seemed to simply respect her more. Ariel's not really sure what happened, but she's glad that they get along. Russet can be a stiflingly overprotective, and her hotheadedness can cause trouble, but she is reliable and strong and beautiful.

Sterling Slicewind: Sterling is a kindred spirit to Ariel, in that he is very grounded and sane in spite of the insanity surrounding them. While the two are a bit awkward at first – Sterling is weird towards her and Ariel doesn't know how to speak to normal, well-adjusted people – they become each other's confidants. When one of the others does something really stupid, Ariel knows she can rely on Sterling to back her up when it's time to Scold.

Cerule Giles: Ariel's best friend. Around him, she doesn't need to be the responsible, good team leader. She feels free to whine and show her least appealing parts to him, while knowing that he won't be repulsed by them. While it's easy to look at their strange dynamic and get the impression that Cerule is completely obsessed with Ariel who tolerates his smothering, it's certainly not one-sided. In her own way, Ariel is also hyperfocused on Cerule, though she is less obnoxious and obvious about it. When he's down, she is the first one there to pick him up.


Corvus Aviyt: Ariel has always had a good relationship with her father, though it became strained after her mother's death and he drifted away. However, it's strong as ever now. She frequently worries about him because he's a bit of an airhead and gets tunnel-vision when he becomes invested in a new recipe, but she knows he's more clever than he lets on. The two talk around two to three times each week via video communication.

Isolde Aviyt: When she was alive, Ariel often felt like the parent to her mother – Isolde was so energetic, silly, and childish that it caused Ariel to become very grounded and mature. However, she loved her mother dearly and shared her love of mechanical engineering. Ariel tends to place her mother on a mental pedestal, and is shocked when she finds out some of the darker aspects of her past.

Shiki Fujiwara: Ariel finds Shiki's company enjoyable and thinks her bloodlust is sometimes endearing. The two will occasionally meet up so Ariel can run repairs on Shiki's motorbike and weapons and discuss ways to embarrass Cerule.


Ariel is good at just about anything that requires math. Her great grasp on physics is pretty handy when it comes to making battle strategies. She is precise with her observations and hands, be it on the battlefield or building things. She is also a pretty good cook, considering her parentage. In her spare time, she gets into MMORPGs, but she only lets herself play one every three or so years because she’s the type to spend too much money on microtransactions.

Naturally, she is in charge of repairs and maintenance for all of ARSC's weapons.


Lugonis gauge
The main factor that holds Ariel back from being truly devastating is her lack of experience and her tendency to panic. A part of her is objective and grounded, but for someone who lived most of her life as a civilian, fighting is scary. This is more obvious when she is alone. When she has to account for another person, her concern for their safety outweighs her own insecurity, but when she lacks that, doubt is the only thing she can hear.

Her fighting is very destructive and unrefined, sacrificing grace and technique for a lot of explosions. She uses mobile, disposable robots and a chainsaw-rifle called Lugonis Gauge.

Ariel’s bots are small and do simple things, because she’s too emotionally attached to the complicated ones to risk using them in battle. They can act as cameras, mobile bombs, flashing lasers to distract enemies, and other things depending on how they are built. They cannot operate unless Ariel is controlling them with Lugonis Gauge. Ariel cannot change their function in the middle of combat, so she must prepare beforehand – she generally carries four on her belt (three explosive and one other kind), but will stock more if she knows she needs them.

Lugonis Gauge is her main weapon, a “Multi-Ranged Remote Chainsaw” (MRRC). The dial at the side retracts the blade’s length for ease of storage. The chainsaw component is controlled by a battery inserted into the base, next to the magazine, but in a pinch, dust can also be used. The buttons under the handle, as well as on the side of the weapon, allow Ariel to control the movement of her bots if she chooses, though she currently isn’t skilled enough to fight effectively while doing so. The kickback guard of the chainsaw also acts as a scope for its rifle component. The first trigger on the handle revs the chainsaw, and the second, smaller trigger fires a shot. The large red button detonates all currently active bombs.

Ariel's semblance is called "Sigrún." It allows her to manipulate the flow of electrical charge. She cannot directly manipulate the charge of a living being. She is capable of using her own energy to power electronics and charge conductors, but based on the amount she charges/the conductivity of the object, she experiences fatigue. She can manifest energy as electric bolts, but she can only manage about three before tiring out. She rarely uses these during battle, because doing so makes her much weaker each time. She can also short out circuits and redirect existing electricity, but she currently has a much harder time manipulating current that hasn't come from her.


Ariel emblem

Ariel's emblem.

  • Ariel is an archangel in Judeo-Christian mythology whose energy color is pale pink. “Aviyt” is a Hebrew word for “start.”
  • "Lugonis" is a species of Begonia.
  • Her Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP.
  • Her current profile artwork was drawn by hiei.

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