Arkos Cannon is one of the Nine Dragons of Vale, he is widely considered the 2nd strongest Dragon. His specialty is smuggling, everything from guns and drugs, to types of candies that are more expensive through legal channels. He even smuggles people in and out of areas that would be hard to escape.

A former Hunter, he decided to leave after being passed over for promotion to Team Leader many times, and for not getting credit on any of the missions he was on.

Attacking his team during a mission, he injured or killed them before they could realize what was going on. Leaving the bodies with the Grimm, he used that to make it seem like his entire team had been wiped out, including himself, the Grimm destroying the evidence for him.

Even before he left the Hunters, he was crooked, making deals with many criminals for information, money, or supplies. After he left, he used his strength and contacts to form the greatest smuggling group in Vale, eventually earning himself a membership in the 9 Dragons.


Arkos is a very enthusiasic person, and cares for the members of his family more than anyone else. Known for being the most genorous and forgiving of the Nine Dragons, he works his best to help all members of his family and keep the rules within the family. However, he doesn't like anyone challenging his authority, and has been known to overreact to any percieved challenge. If he even suspects you are trying to overthrow him, he will kill and torture you and everyone you know until he is satisfied.


Arkos uses the AB Cannon, an extremely powerful pair of guns of which no match has ever been created. Although each shot is only a quarter of the strength of Penny's lasers, he can fire multiple shots, and he has two guns. The pair change into hook knives for close combat, allowing him to stab or hook a part of his enemies body, before firing for maximum damage.

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