Enjoy life to the fullest. That way, you can feel like your life is fulfilled, filled with happy memories.
— Armel Montagne
Armel Montagne
Age 16
Alias Guardian of Midgard
Status Active
Color Brown
Gender Male
Race African
Species Human
Born March 15th
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Dark brown
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Semblance Expulsion
Height 5'6"
Weight 105 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mother, Father, Roger Pyreheart
Additional Info
Dislikes Heights
Special Skills Drummer
Character Theme

Oka Kaori - Calling
Battle Theme

Supercell - The Bravery
Armel Montagne and Midgardia are the property of Shingeki no Kyojin. Please don't use my stuff without permission.


He appears as a young, playful boy who's always cheery. He has a childish appearance to him, but lean muscles are clearly present. He wears a T-shirt and jeans, completing the outfit with a brown, ragged cape around his neck and sneakers. On the cape itself, a brown symbol depicting cracked earth can be seen. He's almost always seen with a smile on his face, except at certain times.


Armel was born a very healthy child, the dream child that his parents wanted. From his first day, he always got injured one way or another, being very clumsy. He still smiled even then. Overall, he was a very sturdy child. His parents were subordinates under the Schnee Dust Company, but they had an important position, so they had a decent wage to support themselves and their son.

He was informed of his brother, who mysteriously disappeared at the age of five, a year before Armel was born. His parents told him his brother's name, but he refuses to disclose it, for privacy reasons. However, he constantly searches for his brother, wishing that he wasn't all alone in this huge world.

Armel showed an exceptional ability to adapt in battle, as well as quickly develop battle skills way earlier than other people could. He always beat the neighborhood bullies, even if he got beat up quite bad himself. His parents quickly noticed his skill and enrolled Armel in Sanctum, where he forged Midgardia, his hammer.

It took him only three years to master all the subjects at Signal, and received an early invitation from Beacon for his prowess in battle. He now eagerly awaits to arrive at Beacon.


Armel's weapon of choice, Midgardia, is a Special Applications Concussion Hammer (SACH). The SACH is headed at both ends. With Dust stored in both heads of the weapons,

The design of Midgardia

Midgardia can make shockwaves that crack even the hardest of diamond, utilizing small tunnels in the hammerheads. Armel uses this feature to propel himself in battle and to conserve momentum, adding more and more velocity to the hammer with each explosion. In addition, the SACH can convert to a bazooka for longe-range use and a rectangular object for portability.

The bazooka can hold 5 shells of Dust-filled rockets. After the shells are exhausted, Armel needs to manually insert the shells into the launcher, taking about 4 seconds to do so. However, the rockets have an incredible blast radius of 5 meters. In the hammer form, the shells have enough Dust in them to provide about 40 shockwaves. The rockets are slow-moving to provide as much Dust as possible to create the huge explosions.

In combat, Armel is surprisingly fast, despite the looks of his weapon. He moves at a high velocity to maximize the impact of Midgardia, while evading other attacks from his adversaries. Just like outside of battle, Armel can often be seen smirking in battle as well. When in close combat, Armel builds up speed incredibly fast, relying on the explosions of Midgardia to continually bash enemies with powerful attacks while swinging back for the next attack in an instant. In other words, he's bouncing his attacks.

When using Dust, Armel uses it to control earth, summoning rock blasts and various bludgeons to smash his enemies. 

Armel's semblance, Expulsion, allows him to create a powerful expelling shockwave that pushes all forms of matter away from him, save for his weapon. He mostly uses this for defensive purposes and close-combat opponents. He can also use this to disperse fog, leaves, dust, and basically clear the area around himself to a radius of 10 meters away. However, Armel can use this only once every 60 seconds.


Armel is every bit as playful as a newborn child can be, yet smart enough to assess situations correctly. He often plays pranks on Odessa (which irritates her greatly), but can spout surprisingly sage wisdom at times. He is very confident in his abilities in battle, with his experience and amazing skill. He's also very rash in his decisions.

People are mostly charmed by his charisma (except for Odessa) even when he's not trying to be childish. He has a certain aura that attracts a lot of people to him. A lot of people like him because he's extremely social, making clever puns and jokes to his peers. In addition, he has quite a lot of interests, so he has something to talk about with other people.

He CAN get mad, and when he does, he means mad. He tries all the time to be 


  • Armel's last name means mountain in French.

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