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There are many things one shouldn't do in this life... One of them is taunt a Lion
— Arrossire Spada
Arrossire Spada
Age 17
Title Garnet
Alias Crimson Beast
Nickname Arro
Status Active
Color Crimson
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Lion
Born April 3
Handedness Right
Complexion White
Hair Black/Crimson
Eyes Orange
Height 6'1"
Weight 190 Lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ARAM
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem Arrossire Symbol
Likes Fighting, Cats, Peanut Butter
Dislikes Needless killing, Racism
Special Skills Demolition Expert
Weaknesses Hero Complex, Anger
Character Theme

Indestructible- Disturbed

Arrossire Spada is the tank of Team ARAM. His freinds usually call Him Arro simply because they can't pronounce his actual name. Arro represents garnet and the color Crimson. Arro's preferred weapon is his sword Terra Annietare, a Glam that transforms into a shotgun. Arro comes from a somewhat disheveled home, he had very caring parents however his mother was taken from his at an early age. Due to his loss he tossed himself deep into his studies at Beacon Academy. He eaccels in combat and openly enjoys it, in normal life he is a bit sarcastic and snarky but not overly so, and he makes friends fairly easily


Arrossire Spada Is A tall and relatively lean muscled boy with longer, about shoulder length, Crimson colored hair. His eyes are a deep orange color rather in contrast to his paler skin tone. He suffered several deep gashing scars from his early years learning to wield his weapon Terra Annietare around his torso and upper fore arms which are typically hidden. His color scheme uses a very classic and savvy appearance with liberal use of Black and Crimson with White accenting.

His collared shirt is black with crimson pinstripes and he wears a white vest with his emblem embossed on the buttons of both in black and crimson respectively. He also Sports black slacks and White boots with crimson soles. There are two chains hanging out of his right pocket, one leading to a pewter pocket watch with his emblem embossed on the face and the other to his wallet. The chain to his pocket watch hangs far lower than the other.


Arrossire Spada Was born into a normal middle class family right around the Faunus Rights conflicts, he and his parents both openly accepted them and were disgusted at those who condemned them. Among other reason was the simple fact that Arro's mother was a lion Faunus. Arro's father loved her despite how taboo their relation ship was and would do anything he could to protect her. they had faced a decent deal of tribulation while they were first together and again when the Faunus Rights Conflict broke out, but all in all they were a happy family, but not for too long

Early in life Arrossire's mother was killed by an Ani-Faunus Rights extremest because she and her husband openly supported the faunus. He was overtly brutal with them, actually beating Arro's father nearly to death as well as his mother. But arro;s father was strong of heart and mind, so even when he was nea death he kept trying to fight. The Activist took this as a personal insult that he would choose a Faunus over humanity, so as a from of punishment he did something terrible. He forced Arro's father as he raped her and left her to bleed out. His father cried for hours over her body as Arro did his best to comfort him, Arro was only 10 when this happened.

Arrossire wnet through a several month period of intense depression where in he refused to alk to any one. After this period of time he snapped out of his funk and did his best to honor the memory of his mother, who had died because of imbecilic hatred and false pretense. Thus began his re-doubled efforts studying hard at Beacon academy.

During his time in Beacon Arrossire studied hard and long to be the best fighter and scholar he could be. Soon after discovering the school's dueling team and becoming part of it he decided to become a Hunter so that he could protect people. He wanted to keep people safe with his newfound abilities in combat, he wanted to make sure that nothing like this ever happened to any one again. Arrossire was the star member of the team having a record of 10 wins 1 loss, and 3 draws. he wasn't at the top of the class academicaly butt he was near the top percentile and he was proud of it, quietly of course.

Due to his mother's death Arrossire hates the idea of racism all together and wants to help the world become a peaceful place while still being it's protector.

He spends his spare time cleaning Terra Annietare and polishing his watch whilst listening to music.


Arro Spada is quite the jester at times, but not overtly so. He likes to be funny and make his friends laugh but knows when to pull back and be serious. This also flows over into his combat, as he tries to get into hs opponants heads and otherwise anger them and force them to loose composure or into a pattern. Having lost his mother and subsequently hitting his rock bottom, he knows how to read people's emotions especially that of his friends. Despite being so fun loving he takes a lot of joy in fighting, but not killing (outside of the Grimm anyway).

Arro is pretty much one of the most charasmatic bastards you will ever meet. He can bee deep and phylosophical when the time calls for it, but due to that he can go a bit too deep and sort of ruin a mood, good or bad. He's decently smooth with women and has a high respect for them typically calling them beautiful whether or not he intends to actually court them. Though he doesn't quite know when to turn off the charm, due to that he can get himself in pretty hot water with women, seeing as a decent amount of them don't take kindly to being called beautiful out of the blue. His flattery comes from having an abundance of female friens who had ended theri lives over the years due to a lack of self esteem and bullying. He is very accepting of people for who they are, regardless of any kind of kins or quirks they might have. As long as you don;t hurt him or those important to him, you're golden.

Arro normally wears the mask of a jester, but when pushed to his exremes he swaps it out for the execturioner's hood.

Abilities & Powers

Arro's Semblance is the amplification of force, this allows him to strike with thee times the force he normally would on command, essentially making him a human wrecking ball. His Aura allows his body to withstand the act of punching through a cement wall. It works on a short burst time frame, meaning that it only lasts for one attack at a time. He can actually perform this feet about 10 consecutive times before feeling fatigue. If he over uses his semblance it can lead to sudden drain of his strength, fatigue, and possibly black outs. He can usually avoid these effets if he avoids using it after the 10 strike mark, but he'll definitetly be winded from the fight. His Aura is darker gray Color.

He wields a destructive sword that transforms into a shotgun and has a blade that can be lit on fire using dust. Terra Annietare uses red Dust Shells as ammunition in it's shotgun form, they can be loaded into a small hole on the broad side fo the blade or into the tube in shotgun form (the hole is the opening to the loading tube). This hole also acts an exhause port upon channeling the dust in those cartridges to light the blade on fire, in shotgun form they act like Dragonbreath rounds using slugs instead of buckshot. If the slugs are damaged in flight there is a small chance they will explode on impact. Arro can hit a targate from about 100 yards with little frequency.

Fighting Style

Arro is a close to mid-range fighter. Terra Annietare Allows him to easily defend himself in close combat, and up to a distance of 50 yards, his aim beginning to fail him past that. His fighting revolvs around stopping or redirecting an opponants power and then crushing them with his own, striking fast and hard.

He typically baits his opponant into attacking him and than stops them in their tracks, using the broad side of his blade to absorbe most of the force. Rather than pushing his opponants back he likes to lash out with powerful kicks or punches, leaving no room for retaliation.

Arro trained himself to fight with his weapon since it's first iteration (it took him a few tries to get it right). because of this the way the muscles in his armd have formed make him less than effective with anything lighter than Terra Annietare, His strikes involves a lot of rotation and using the weight of the blade and momentum to his advantage, along with his own strength. There is also a stark white ribbon tied to the hilt which serves as a distraction piece, this represents Arro's mother.



  • Nicholas Kirkwood is the Anti Faunus rights activist mentioned who killed Arro's mother
  • The sunglasses that appear in Arro's portrait are broken when he headbutt's nicholas at the beginning of his battle sequence.
  • Arrossire is italian for crimson

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