Arthur Blackstone.
Age 23.
Title The fallen bear king.
Nickname Art.
Color Dark puce.
Gender Male
Species Human.
Handedness Right.
Complexion White.
Hair Dark brown.
Eyes Pure black.
Height 6,2
Professional Status
Affiliation Father.

Merlin. (Most trusted friend) Master. (Best client.)

Occupation Former hunter in training.

Vignette. Scavenger. Bounty hunter


Arthur is a man with a slightly muscular average build. He has black combat clothing with a durable dark puce long sleeve hooded cloak with a white fur trim and thick grey bulletproof and stab proof boots and fingerless gloves. He also has a charcoal color sword sheath and two supply bags on his hip. 

He has messy dark brown shoulder long hair and a thin gold necklace with a small crown emblem that he keeps under his cloak given to him by his father. he also wears a pair of dark shades with a special tint on the shatterproof glass that doesn't restrict the amount of light that passes through them to ensure that he has clear vision while looking good.


Arthur is well known for his reckless  but somewhat honorable attitude. Though he may act rough and tough, he always keeps his word and is fiercely loyal to friends, though to be even considered as a friend, you have to earn his respect. Arthur acts very ruthlessly in his battle style and would even throw himself into danger if it meant that he would win a battle and sometimes is known to start fights with people who get on his nerves. Despite this he does have a sort of code of honor in battle, not attacking unarmed opponents unless he battles with his bare hands, not attacking a woman unless they are asking for a fight and never going back on his word. Even when he got kicked out of Beacon for constantly going against the teachers orders, he never held a single grudge against his former team.

He likes to experiment with weapons and new technology but he prefers good old-fashioned 'classics'. He often takes time off his studies to go explore and salvage equipment for homemade upgrades.

He also has a bit of a temper in battle, especially if his opponent is threatening the weak.

Weapons and abilities

Physically Arthur has a decent balance between speed and strength but he has more of the latter. He has good endurance levels and has learned how to take on multiple injuries and still be able to put up a good fight.  Mentally Arthur is quite smart, being hunting down criminals long enough to figure out several ways to outwit someone in a fight and make decent strategys.

Arthurs main weapon is a three foot longsword called Excalibur. The sword is heavily reinforced and has a dust charger in the fuller of the sword. Arthur can place special dust charges into the grip of the sword and make the dust enter the dust charger to create powerful blasts depending on the dust used. For example, electrical dust makes a bolt of lightning while fire dust makes a fireball. His skillful fighting style with the blade is like medieval fencing but focuses more on dealing fast heavy blows.

Arthur also uses a specially made SMG he made for himself during his time at Beacon that has more range and persision than his swords dust attacks. It fires ten rounds per second at a high velocity that can tear through solid rock. Arthur's gun is designed from a lot of salvaged materials and has a low cooldown time and a unique handle that makes it harder for the weapon to be shot out of his hand.

Though he's skilled in using dust as ammo and even making his own ammo, Arthur has little experience using dust in its raw form and would only attempt to do so as a last resort.


Arthur is the son of Pendragon, a skilled hunter and a trainee salvager who lived in the small town of Camelot. The two were being taught by a old man called Merlin how to salvage anything destroyed by the Grimm and recycle it. One of Pendragons best known works was a large round table he created and a large sword called Excaliber.

One day, Arthurs father broke his left leg on a fall he had in a rocky mountain when he was going to a village on the mountain to see if there way anything he could recycle. He couldn't afford the treatment at the large hospitals, so Merlin decided to look after him. Pendragon then decided to give Arthur his favorite sword. Arthur was already a good swordsman thanks to Merlin teaching him. 

Arthur was then sent to combat schools and afterwards he also went to Beacon in search of a challenge to really put his skills to the test. Though he was a student with a lot of promise and potential, he himself felt like he wasn't being challenged enough. That disappointment even led him to directly challenging the teachers authority repeatedly, even after his team leader told him to stop. As a last resort, Arthur was kicked out of the academy.

As he headed home waiting for the scolding he thought he was going to get from his father, Merlin met him first and told him that his fathers condition worsened into a coma recently. In order to pay for the treatment, Arthur decided to work as a bounty hunter, catching criminals with a lot of money on their heads.

Not only did he gradually become successful, he began to enjoy it. The anti-hero image, the fierce battles that would push his skills to the edge and he could use the money to help his father and Merlin. He became a new man. One who lived for battles. 

Notes and trivia

  •  He is base on King Arthur, a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, said to have led the defense of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century.
  • The name Arthur means Bear.

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