Arvensiste is the main weapon of Daemon Vanagandr. It's a High Temperature Thermal Blade or HTTB. Unlike many weapons, Arvensiste only has one form, but has a special mode that easily places it on par with other hybrid weapons. Arvensiste has two modes: Normal and Dainsleif.

Normal Mode

In this mode, Arvensiste works as a regular sword. Unlike regular swords however, Arvensiste is better for hacking and slashing rather than actually cutting cleanly. Due to this, Daemon uses Arvensiste as a cleaver, often taking down opponents with multiple cuts rather than just one. 


In this mode, Arvensiste gains an incredibly powerful ability. With Dainsleif, Daemon is capable of cutting/melting through anything. The down side of this however, is the incredible strain it puts on Daemon's already weak body. The heat released by the blade causes the temperature within a hundred meters radius to shoot up to 100 degrees. The temperature within a ten meter radius of the blade is unbearable, with the heat melting most matter with ease. In order to prevent this, Daemon uses his Aura to prevent the heat from leaving the blade. This drains him a lot faster, making the time he can use Dainsleif incredibly limited. Should Daemon be defeated while using Dainsleif, the resulting explosion of heat from the blade will cause anything within 10 meters to be vaporized. 

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