"People always say you must continue no matter what life throws at you. Obviously, they have no idea what the hell I've been through."
—  Ashton

Ashton "Ace" Spades is the team leader of and is based off of the "Ace of Spades" playing card.


Ashton is a young man, with a medium build and above average height. His hair is white, and spiky. He wears a black T-shirt with a white colored logo that contains a hybrid of a skull, and the letter A. He wears black colored jeans, with a belt that has a solid metal buckle. In addition, he has a pair of gloves on his hands that expose his fingers, and his shoes are a combination of hiking boots and running shoes, both of which are colored black. In addition, he wears a simple black longcoat/trenchcoat with his personal insignia colored in white, along with a strap for carrying weapons . His personal insignia contains spades and typographic versions of the letter A. His eye color is blue.

His alter-ego includes a different set of trench coats, boots, and shirts. He has also worn ballistic vests in his clothes. Finally, he also wears a metallic helmet with a heads-up display.


Ashton, generally speaking, has a heart of gold. On the outside, he appears to be kind, yet somewhat quiet and aloof. He is also quite chipper and optimistic, despite his grudges. In combat situations, he is willing to learn and expand his knowledge, and can be mostly calm. Deep inside, however, he carries with him the sorrow that he has suffered for years. He sometimes lashes out when he is angry, or under extreme stress. He's very dedicated to fixing his past mistakes and seek closure for past events that determined his tragic background, as he feels partially responsible, and quite doubtful for failing to prevent such incidences. He only opens up to a select few, as he is secretly scared and mistrusting. And he wishes to seek friendship, as he was very, very lonely. He also has an eternal grudge against those who wronged him.

Because of his insecurities and his vulnerabilities, he has an emotional and psychological dependency to those closest around him. He constantly suffers nightmares mocking him for his failures and his fears. And while he may not look like it, his sanity is slowly eroding from all of this ...



Ashton, in short, is a jack-of-all-trades kind of fighter. He decided to be this way in the event that he encounters specialized opponents. He is actually willing to learn strategies, weapons and fighting techniques to prepare for any unexpected situation-or opponent. Before he even begins to attack, he first uses a series of simple feints designed to study the opponent's characteristics, and respond accordingly. To defeat him, one must relentlessly use different techniques to make sure he goes out early. Also, people generally outclass him in every field. Dedicated CQC masters are faster and sometimes stronger than he is, while ranged marksmen are often more accurate than he is.

However, one of his unique capabilities is to take what he learned and use it to help him in combat, whether recalling a technique from a previous fight, to recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of a class of weapon. He can also combine strategies that he learned, sometimes on the spot.

Ashton himself has trained in strength, speed, accuracy and endurance. His diversified, and average training in any field helps him provide supplementary support for his more specialized teammates. This, combined with all of the above, puts him in an excellent leadership role.

One of his other weaknesses is that despite his preparations, he cannot be guaranteed a victory. One notable situation is fighting with his opponents. While he can recognize the type of weapon, he cannot be able to guess its other transforming types-nor be able to use it properly if he snatched the weapon from the enemy, as he does not know the transformation sequence, at least at first glance. He cannot effectively handle one-hit kill and/or new opponents, as his skills require prior experience of the fighter first.

For combat situations, his ballistic armor should be able to shrug off most small arms fire, save for rifles, AP rounds, and heavy weapons, including explosives and high-power Dust rounds. His helmet withstands far greater punishment from high-power Dust rounds and rifle rounds. He also has an average strength, grey colored Aura.

Semblance: Force Vector


Ashton is, my first OC. I consequently engineered him to be a badass, and to be a deconstruction of masked vigilantes such as Zorro and Batman. I intend to make him suffer, and to be a more interactive example of the failings of revenge. Later on, he will recover from this...


  • Ashton means "from the ash tree" in Archaic English. Ash trees not only have green leaves, but the white ash variant has pale gray appearances on the undersides. At the very least, the name contains the word Ash, which brings to mind the color Ash Grey, after the gray material of Ash.
  • Ashton's appearance partially references Kaworu Nagisa from the Evangelion franchise, notably the hair and the pale skin.
  • Ashton is coincidentally similar to Kirito from Sword Art Online. Both are kind-hearted, dual-wielding swordsmen who wear black coats.

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