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Aster Diana comes from a long line of well known hunters and huntresses. She has been groomed to become a huntress pretty much since birth, but she never saw the importance of her future role until her parents were killed by a horde of monsters while on a mission. She has since dedicated her mind, heart, body, and soul to becoming the greatest huntress of all time...on her own.  Aster is attending Beacon for that very purpose, and is very irritated to be faced with the inconvenience of having to join a team.

She alludes to Artemis goddess of the hunt and of the moon. She is the second person to become part of J.A.Y.D

[[File:Color: Purple

Character: Artemis

Job: Long- Ranger and, tracker.

Aster's skill with the bow is well known, and she often strays away from the main body of the group to shoot opponents and stun them from afar.

Her tracking skills and survival instincts make it easy for her to locate,and attack the enemy, as well as any traps or surprises that may await.|210px|]]

Name Aster
Alias Princess (Yaro)
Symbol Unknown
Color Violet

Gender Female
Race Human
Age 17
Date of Birth May 17th
Hair Color Brown (With purple highlights)
Eye Color Violet
Handedness Right handed
Complexion Olive
Outfit Un-buttoned dress, crop top, bandages
Accessories Unknown
Weapon Arrow /Short sword
Semblance Hunt

Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Student
Partner(s) Jade, Yaro, and Dia

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Mother (unnamed) Father (unnamed)
Hobbies Hunting, Tracing, and Gardening
Likes Practicing, Sparring, Hunting, and Reading
Dislikes Inconvenience, Discord, and Puns
Music Theme Over the Moon

Appearance -

Aster is a tall, lithe girl with long brown-purple hair with shaggy, uneven bangs and lavender eyes. Her skin is golden-tan from spending so much time outdoors. Her outfit consists of an ascot, a quiver of bows, a bracelet on her upper arm, a partially unbuttoned dress with slits up the sides for more ease of movement, a tube top, short shorts, bandages on her lower arms, finger less gloves, knee-high socks, and over chunky boots that you cannot see in this picture above. 


Aster grow up in a family full of Hunters and Huntresses, and learned archery at a young age from her parents. Although her parents where often off on missions, and so did not see her often, Aster loved them. While they where gone, Aster practiced her bow and arrows, and taught herself to survive. Everyday she would run into the forest near her home and hunt. Due to this, she never met any other children, and became used to loneliness and isolation. One day, when she was thirteen, she received the news of her parents death, and decided to become a daughter they could be proud of. She has been determined to become the top huntress ever since. She'd lived alone before attending Beacon.

"Breaking off one branch of a tree does not stop the rest from growing. It's the same with people. My parents died, but because of that, I grew stronger, and found my own dream to follow... So stop being an idiot, and let yourself grow already."

- Aster Diana


Aster is a serious girl who hates inconveniences and distractions. She is a natural loner who is not only bad at getting along with others, but doesn't deem it worthy of her time. She sees relying on others as a form of weakness, and depending on 

others a form of laziness. All in all, she would much prefer being on her own. But on the inside, she's a lot softer then she cares to admit. 


Aster is a well-rounded fighter with excellent tracking and stealth abilities. She is as deadly from afar as she is up close. However, personally, she prefers taking out her opponents from afar with her bow.


A bow named Oriana (a feminine form of Orian.). It folds in half  into a short sword/ long knife for close combat, and easier portability. Aster keeps it in a shaft on her thigh.

Reminisce- Hunt

Aster's semblance allows her senses to connect with past memories or thoughts of others. Her sense of smell, touch, sight, and hearing can allow her to gain a flash back or a feeling that helps her put pieces together. It helps with tracking and mystery solving.


Battle song: Over The Moon

Her SONG: Rescue Me (Kerrie Roberts)


Jade: Aster didn't like Jade at all, at first, deeming her weak, too soft to be a proper leader, and useless. However, the two seem to ave gained each others respect. Jade wishing to be as strong as Aster, and Aster secretly wishing to be as open and kind as Jade. While the two still fight over useless things, and Aster still claims that she hasn't accepted Jade as her leader, in truth, Aster worries for Jade's well being.

Yaro: Aster completely, and utterly loathes him...or at least, that's what she claims, anyway. Truthfully, however, Aster enjoys his upbeat personality, and even would say that she likes him a little...if she could get over her embarassment, and stop beating him long enough to say so. Although she pushes him around, and often acts as if she hates everything about him, Aster really does care for deep that care goes, or rather it's of a romantic sort or not, nobody really knows for sure.

Dia: Aster doesn't know how to react to Dia's roller-coaster like personality. So she tends not to react to what Dia says or does. But she does take care of Dia like if she were her sister.

H.D.L.M: Aster is completely and utterly disgusted by Heart, since he seems to have no feelings for his only family member, Dia. She also seems to not care about his life, due to the fact that he is just plain evil, and doesn't really seem to care for anyone but himself. Denton seems to make Aster feel uneasy, as she is very disturbed by his contortionist-esq fighting style. Lock just makes Aster feel like laughing since she thinks he acts even more childish than Jade does. Missy , on the other hand, Aster could care less about her and looks down upon her due to her liking the Blood thirsty Heart Wonder.

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