One day...I would like to have a dream of nothing but flowers and me in flowers.
— Aster, while daydreaming

Aster Durantia
Race Faunus
Weapons Aerokinetic Gauntlets
Title "Ram with Wings"
Character Type Fighter/Tank
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Age 19
Born August 26th
Handedness Ambidexterous
Hair Periwinkle, Curvy
Eyes Magenta
Semblance  ???
Height 5' 10
Weight (Secret)
Professional Status

Beacon Academy




Evan Verdant

Personal Status
Status Single
Additional Info
Emblem AsterEmblem

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Aster herself is an above-average girl in terms of height and body growth, and is very fit for her age. She has light skin and lavender hair with a large bang on the right side that goes past her face. Otherwise, her hair is mostly combed down aside from the two pony-tails that are both curly and calmly hanging in the air. She has two little black horns that spiral out to infront of her, and to be fair she doesnt hide them in normal daylight. She has an odd type of sleeveless dress that goes long down to her waist, and also has a bell type collar to hide her neck. She also wears tights with a medium-length frilly skirt, because she says she likes the feeling of the roominess. On her arms, she has arm warmers that cover mostly all of her arms, because of a strange birthmark she is very overprotective and shy over. Her shoes are common sneakers, and to carry her weapon she has a little travel combat bag she keeps strapped to her upper back hip. Aster dresses herself upto be a common adventurer.


Aster is a mild-mannered girl with habits of a dreamer, and tends to be very spaced-out a good amount of the time- So she commonly just goes with the wind. Her mannerisms come across as polite, but can be random and at certain times, suggestive and even compulsive. Her curiousity sometimes gets the best of her, often leading her to trouble or pushing the big red button when she shouldnt and blows up the situation. Some of the things that come from her may seem pretty out there, or even pretty awkward or just plain odd, but it is her charm as well.

Aster is a girl without a true personality, as the things that lie under her friendly exterior are random and have no true connection besides her love for gardening and nature itself. It is also known that that she has a passion for continuing her journey to explore the world outside of her hometown and is very obstinant towards people who hurt her or her friends. She's incredibly tenacious to her dreams, and anyone who says otherwise will get a swift punch to the face.

As far as racism and the White Fang go, Aster is lacking knowledge to it since her parents kept her away from it as much as possible. However, she could handle herself, as most things against faunus she could probably resolve, possibly by demonstration of her strength. If teased by someone, she'll either be too curious to take heavy offense, or if she actually understands, show the very opposite with a butt-kicking. If any of her friends are teased though, she'll protect them and end the same way.


A Faunus who came from a family who owned a dojo of generic martial arts, Aster was grown up to almost be a tomboy of sorts. Her family has one of the more popular families to teach the certain faunus certain means of Self-Defense if needed, ranging from martial arts to weapon usage. However, they werent involved and actually hated the uprisings of the White Fang, but by association to simply being Faunus, were discriminated towards. As such, Aster at a younger age didnt understand why this would happen. Her mother was as stern as her Father, who was too busy defending the dojo's neutrality. Aster was not ignored as a child, but she wasnt too spoiled either.

As she had gotten older and went to school, she had a notorious feature of being knowingly able and stronger than almost all of her peers, but her strange personality had her fairly oblivious to her potent strength. She would have her friends, and boys that would like her, but she had no wanting of one and would commonly reject people. Even in a fight when people would try to fight each other and she was around, she would jump in and rarely lost. However, around that time, she began to day-dream quite alot, just pondering the different things that could happen to her in the future, she had no clue what to be when she grew older but wanted to venture out. This phase grew on her and became what her personality is now.

At her age of 18, she encountered an interesting martial arts competition that would have a brand new hunting weapon that would have a fist and shoes that "coexisted with the wind". Interested, she signed up without the consent of her parents, without noticing that this was actually endorsed by the family Dojo as well as a number of other names. When the time came, she was ready to face everyone in her way, and slowly, rose to the top, proving to be a fiersome opponent. At the final match between her and the toughest competator, an Ursa Minor broke the hype of the competition. Everyone was caught off guard, and with no weapons to fight the invasion people fled, while Aster still in her zone and without hesitation, actually tried to beat the intruding Grimm. Sadly, she did not have enough strength, and was harshly knocked away to where the champion's weapon was being stored.

It was at that moment you could say something in Aster snapped. She walked out of the tent, her head down and her posture different, and the gauntlets and the shoes on. She looked up, her eyes looking interestingly deranged as if a sleeping beast were awoken, and with a battle yell, propelled forward and tried this time to beat the Ursa. After heavy blows to the Grimm that she delivered, she actually was able to punch it out and knock it unconscious. While she hadn't actually won, she was told by her parents that her strength shouldnt be wasted by staying in Menagerie, and they asked her to become a hunter. Hoping immensely to be accepted towards something she could only dream of doing, she was accepted on a lucky whim, and maybe because of some pull on her parent's status. She hopes to make a name for herself and become even stronger.

Weaponry and Abilities

Martial Arts - Grimm Chance

After a certain time of her time at Beacon, Aster heard rumors of someone who could further help her refine her fighting style, apparently a grandmaster of a style called Grimm Chance. Eventually, she comes across the drifter Torrent and asked him to teach her some of the Grimm Chance martial art Boarbatusk, and eventually also learned the King Taijitu as well to compliment her frontal style. Granted, it took her good freshmsn year while in schooling to learn the concepts. However, the ending result is a very offensive, no holds bar style that focuses on brutal hits and mixup grappling to topple and damage an enemy, and even ramming them with her horns. Her style resembles that of Krav Maga with different types of grappling.


Aster uses the APGG (Aero Pump Gigante Gauntlets) as her only weapon. She gave the gauntlets she had "won" the name "O'Leander" since they somehow reminded her of a deadly flower. These gauntlets are on the large and bulky side, covering her forearm and slightly past her elbows. However, Aster doesnt feel the weight, as they were made with a lightweight frame to not slow down the fighter.

Vents on the forehand of the weapons power up the special capability of the weapon. With air flowing through the mechanism, it collects some of this air in a compartment. When Aster wants to, she can release this captured air in a form of a rapid burst Behind her, propelling her forward or adding more momentum to her punches. To a certain point, they can continuously burst and release air, but if the confinement runs out of usable air, not only does her gauntlets slightly rumble as a warning, but Aster would also have to move more to refill her gauntlets by moving around and fighting without the burst to recharge. Its all about air-intake with her.

Aster's is primarily a grappler character, although slightly unorthodox for one. Her strength is about above-average and her defense is only sub-standard, but the real kicker is her agility and flexibility. It allows her to grapple, toss, and flip both people and Grimm. Coupled with her serious personality when it comes to fighting with her weapon allowing her to drag and slam people into the ground, and you have yourself a very potent MMA fighter. As a grappler though, Aster is substantially weak to people who are more nimble than her and who could simply just avoid getting close to her. Wearing her down would be the best method. That said, she does well against people who rely on defense, as she can make it work against them.


Bigger, bulkier gauntlets. Coming soon~


Aster's aura is a pretty radiating pink, and because of her lifestyle and training back home, her aura is very unstable compared to the average huntress. Reacting to her Aura, Aster's weapon tends to overexert itself with the level of wind it bursts, particularly becoming more violent with the outbursts. However, this also causes O'Leander to overheat, either causing Aster to get annoyed with her arms burning up, or Aster having to be careful of damaging the systems of O'Leander. She tends not to rely on it since she has no real vindiction to learn herself.


 Semblance - Gaian Vindicator

Aster's semblance is essentially an area-dependant adrenaline surge. According to how organic the area around her is, Aster will receive a larger boost of his Strength as well as the ability of unflinching. Switching it on and off comes easy to her, but holding the energy within her body for too long will destroy him, as well as not releasing it after use. He usually uses his semblance to use the Earth and rock to assist him.

  • Used on the Ocean, this Semblance would only provide a fairly weak buff, and the Desert would provide some energy. She'd get very good yield in a forest however. It entirely depends on the Earth around him, but even
  • Unflinching means he won't flinch unless hit by a hard attack. Light attacks will sort of just deflect themselves. She still however, feels the full blunt but is not stopped by it. A hard attack will knock her out of the buff though.


  • Its pretty obvious, but Aster has tons of references towards flowers, lethal or just plain pretty.
    • Duranta is a type of poisonous flowering plant. Druantia is the Queen of the Druids. Aster is also a flower with many types of sub-species. She herself as a person also alludes to Mulan a tad.
  • Aster oddly enough has mixed characteristics of different faunus, that of a Monkey's curious nature. However, she is just a goat with horns/
  • Aster's Gauntlets and Shoes actually had a different name, "Living with Wind", but she named them after a deadly flower to add her personality to them.
  • Aster was supposed to be Edwin's *pairing in a way, but I scrapped that idea. She still teases him at times though, often irritating the Alchemist. And atleast every one of her guy friends once in awhile. Even her teammates. She's a mixed bag of air-headness one cannot predict.
    • She meets Edwin just a little more into her freshman year, a little after she finds the drifter.


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