Name: Astra Violet

Age: 25 (looks 16)

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Weapon: Astra Violet (Dust Instrumentation Dagger)

Semblance: Dust Projection

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 149 lbs

Hair: Violet

Eyes: Amber-brown

Team: K I A N

Color: Violet

Symbol: Dagger & Violet


Astra is a young woman in a black, blue, and violet floral dress.


Astra is boorish but friendly. She has a pronounced guy fetish and tends to molest her male teammates.

Highly aggro, she tends to be at the head of the pack.

Powers & Abilities

Astra is quick and sturdy and well-practiced in Dust-spell augmentation and likes to mix up her attack style between melee and ranged. Astra uses her weapon to launch various spells but mostly she prefers a small but powerful fire and air spell that acts as a thruster allowing her to manipulate her acrobatic motions as well as to launch her dagger as a projectile. Unfortunately, she does not possess the ability to summon her dagger back to her, so she must be sure its retrieval will be simple before she fires it.

Her weapon is a (usually sheathed) blue-purple dagger with a likewise Dust-crystal pommel cut in the shape of a violet. The gripguard resembles flowering leaves and the blade resembles a stem.

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