Astraea is not our enemy. But never get in their way. You will regret it.
— Ivory Dietrich, summarizing who Astraea is to Maki Kuronami
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Xanadu Kuroha

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Astraea, formerly Dawn Academy is a faction under the guise of a combat training facility. However, for all intents and purposes, they are a hive of expelled and discharged Hunters who take mercenary work. They are led by Xanadu Kuroha.

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The Faction

Astraea operates like a mercenary group. They will take a job with high-risk and high-reward. Though assassinations are some of the things they do, they specialize more in exterminating a large amount of Grimm in a short span of time, leaving mostly no traces behind.

Though generally a shady bunch, they're still mostly Hunters who hunt down Grimm, so Ozpin leaves them alone... but keeps a close eye on them with Team MAID.

Their facility is located somewhere in Forever Fall.


Founded by Joshua Gainsborough, it originally started as an alternative combat school operating outside of the four kingdoms for the more poorer Hunters to go to. As decades pass, the Hunters who enroll there are eventually ones that were expelled from other academies.

Taking advantage of their self-entitled nature, some of the officials managing the school started taking missions that most academies won't give to their students.

In a span of several years, the school was eventually caught for it's underhanded way of handling it's students and was forced to shut down by Ozpin. Several who were reported to be involved were arrested in the process.

With the school now lost, the remaining few Hunters and some of the staff that evaded capture eventually created a combat training facility known as Astraea almost ten years later. This time they are led by one of the best professors of the former academy, Xanadu Kuroha.


Before becoming Astraea, most students who studied on Dawn Academy were the more poorer Hunters and even Faunus. Eventually, the Faunus were driven out when the school was shut down.

Now, they're only composed of former Hunters, and Hunters who were expelled from other academies. As such, almost all of them are quite the shady bunch.

They have little to no organization, mostly operating by law of supremacy; The strongest are the most respected, while the weakest are the resented.

The former staff now acts as the "caretaker" of the facility, regulating the discord within the group to reasonable levels. They also handle the mission requests.

The morality of each member is all over the place. Some are good at heart, just driven to desperation, and some are pure evil, willingly killing unnecessarily.

Then there's the cold, merciless ones, who only perform their duties as given.

Known Members


  • Astraea is the name of a Greek goddess often associated with justice, alongside her mother.

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