Atlas is a Beacon Academy student.

Atlas Coltrus
Age 17
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Tanned
Hair Shaggy;


Eyes Brown
Height 6'0"

(183 cm.)

Weight 186 lbs

(84.4 kg)

Professional Status
Affiliation His family;

Beacon Academy

Occupation Warrior
Additional Info
Likes Likes:
  • Loyalty
  • His Sister
  • His brother
  • His work
  • Order
Dislikes Dislikes:
  • His mother
  • Disloyalty
  • Chaos
Special Skills Skills
  • Swordplay
  • Blocking
  • Teamwork
  • Tactical Planning
Weaknesses Weaknesses
  • Less effective without a team
  • Quick to anger when one threatens those he is loyal to
  • Stubborn


A normally calm man, Atlas is quite devoted to defending those who have earned his

loyalty. He is slow to trust, especially to those who have wronged the ones he is loyal to. During his brief military training with his family, it was ingrained into him to always place the lives of those he is loyal to above his own. It is akin to an extreme form of patriotism. 

Apart from said loyalty, Atlas is rather friendly, albeit often seen as humorless. He's not one to crack jokes or act carefree, and he abhors corruption in any of its forms, regardless to whether or not they benefit him. He has a group mentality, preferring to work with others of comparable skill or ability.


A moderately tall man, Atlas sports romanesque armor similar to what would have been worn by a Praetorian Guard in roman times. There are a number of differences, however, including the lack of a plume or any such device on top of his helmet. The armor itself is made of a dense material, yet still flexible enough for him to maintain the majority of his flexibility and range of movement. It is still lightweight enough for him to keep from getting overly exhausted whilst wearing it.

He carries a shield, made of a denser version of his armor's material. It is capable of deflecting the majority of blows he is faced with. At his side is also the sheath for his sword, neither of which are ever far from his reach. All of his armour is coloured in a dark grey colour, with red highlights.

As for his physical appearance, Atlas' face could be described as rough but handsome. He has determined gold eyes midway up his face. His hair is fairly short, yes slightly unkempt, much to his father's chargrin. He has a small amount of stubble on his chin.

He has physically imposing musculature, often dwarfing that of his classmates. Although not at the level one might see in a bodybuilder, Atlas has well-developed and clearly visible muscles.

Weapons and Abilities

The armor of Atlas is made of a tough material that is lightweight enough for him to maintain the majority of his movement and flexibility, yet strong enough to defend him from a wide variety of attacks, including low-caliber bullets when he is not using his aura. He also has a helmet, made of the same material.

His shield is made of a far denser version of the previous material, and is able to turn all but the strongest of blows, provided he is able to get it into place in time.It is large and has a rounded, rectangular shape, with his emblem emblazoned in the center.

His weapon resembles the Roman Pompeii Gladius, and he always keeps it by his side. His swordplay is above what one might expect from a warrior his age, as he has spent his life training, ever since he was old enough to pick up a blade.

The blade of his sword is attached to a sharp cable, allowing him to launch and retract the blade at his leisure, allowing for a method of ranged combat. He can also use said cable to do things such as trip enemies.

His fighting style relies on a fair amount of dodging, rolling around to avoid being hit by an opponent. When he is hit, his armor is capable of blocking a fair amount of the damage, making his fighting style quite effective.


Atlas was born the bastard of a woman in Vale. As she had no desire to raise a child, she planned to simply leave him outside another door and leave, leaving him to be someone else's problem. However, as she prepared to leave him, a man stopped her and offered a sum of money to purchase the child from her, which she happily accepted.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, a family's child had recently died in childbirth. This child, named Atlas, was meant to be the second son of the Coltrus family, a military family with a reputation of raising warriors. Their servant, a man by the name of Avar, was sent by the master of the household to the local orphanage to procure a replacement for the child, to be raised as a warrior. Avar did not reach his destination, however, as he chanced upon a baby being abandoned on his way to the orphanage.

Having acquired the replacement child, Avar returned to the Coltrus household and presented the baby, which was then dubbed 'Atlas', to replace his deceased predecessor.

Atlas, a year younger than his 'brother', formed a somewhat strong bond with his adoptive father. The father, named Vigil, was fair to all of his brood, and treated them equally. When Atlas' younger sister was born, she was subjected to the same strenuous training her two brothers were. He was immensly proud of his children, and thought them all to be proud successors to the Coltrus family.

Atlas' adoptive mother was a different story, however. Although she held a large amount of compassion for her two birth children, she viewed Atlas as merely a pretender to the role of her beloved second son. The sight of him made her sad, and, on bad days, angry.

In his childhood, as soon as Atlas was able to hold a sword, he was trained to fight. He would constantly spar with his two siblings, each of them training to become the best fighter amongst them. Atlas' older brother, Athos, was stronger than him, although not as skilled, whereas his younger sister, Leto, was more skilled with a blade than him, but not as strong.

When Athos turned ten, the father brought in another drill instructor to continue to train the children in a tougher manner, involving such tasks as marching for long distances carrying heavy packs, having the children spar with weapons twice as heavy as those they would actually use in combat, and attempting to defeat the instructor in sparring with said heavy weapons. He continued to instruct them all until Athos left for Sanctum, at which point he departed, leaving Atlas and Leto to resume their normal training regiment.

All three of them eventually enrolled in Sanctum academy, often doing better than their peers due to their advanced training. Upon graduation, Athos enrolled in the military. The year after, Atlas joined the ranks of the Beacon Academy initiates, and Leto, two years younger than Atlas, plans to enroll into Beacon as soon as she is old enough.


  • His theme is, as you can most likely tell, heavily Roman influenced, from his training, to his personality, to his equipment.
  • My interest in finishing him was revived by a combination of the new game Ryse: Son of Rome and the Empire from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • There are a number of allusions with the names:
    • Coltrus is a shortened from of the Latin coloratus
    • Atlas was the name of a titan from Mythology
    • Leto was another Titan, whereas Athos was one of the Ourae
    • Vigil comes from Vigilant

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