Atticus Cardinal
Atticus Avatar
Age 17
Status Active
Color Cardinal
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Handedness Ambidextrious
Complexion Peach Tone
Hair Red
Eyes Golden Brown
Height 5'11
Weight 150lbs
Atticus Cardinal is a seventeen year old boy with a bad attitude problem. His weapon of choice are a pair of Dual Ranged Shot Tonfas (DRST) that go by the name of Phoenix Blood. 


Atticus is a boy with a tall, muscular stature. He has spiky red hair, a peach skintone, shark like teeth and piercing golden eyes. Atticus tends to wear an indigo neck warmer with a sleeveless shirt, black pants, and red boots with gold trim. He has his symbol branded into his back for some reason.


Atticus has a huge superiority complex. He believes that strength is everything. His sarcastic and anti social attitude tends to get him into tons of trouble. He loves conflict and deems everyone weak. Nothing seems to phase him, but if you manage to break through that sold face of overconfidence. You've got a serious problem on your hands. He dislikes anyone who he deems weak. Atticus is a slight psychopathic in battle, when he's defeated an opponent he doesn't stop when their defeated, he tries to kill them.


Atticus grew up on the outskirts of Vale. He didn't have any birth parents or blood, but he had someone to take care of him. Her name was Rosa. Rosa was a young woman with beautiful long hair. She always wore dresses. She was like an older sister to him. Atticus always appeared as a kind boy. He would watch the birds and play the animals that would occasionally run through his yard. He hardly ever spoke to people, but he would talk to himself in his room. Rosa eventually confronted him about this, the boy would only tell her," I'm fine. Just leave me alone." Rosa had never seen that side of him, so she decided to take him out camping.

Atticus glowed at the very thought of it. On that fated camping trip was when his life changed completely. When they were in the mountains, a Beowolf attacked him and Rosa. Atticus managed to make it, but Rosa on the other hand did not... His only family died in his arms because he couldn't protect her. It drove him crazy, he was a weakling, SHE was a weakling and because of his weakness he was unable to protect her. The only way he had even survived was because he managed to summon his aura to fight the creatures. It was all his fault. A whole pack of Beowolves would show up, and not too long after that a Hunter would arrive to save him. She was a beautiful woman with long violet hair and a very appealing build. She was strong and intense in battle and personality. The Grimm creatures had no chance against her. The mysterious hunter would ask him what had occured.

The boy gave the hunter a dark smile and told her. "Nothing happened, just an attack by a Grimm. That girl over there was too weak to protect herself." The Hunter, known as Minerva took Atticus in and trained him in the ways of battle, he would work out constantly, scoffing at the peons who would waste time with friendship and fun at School. Eventually Atticus would create his own weapon, Phoenix Blood. He wanted something brutal, something that could beat the idea of never messing with him again into his opponent. Something that could slice his enemies to pieces if he felt like it. If he didn't feel like making an effort he could just shoot them. 

Minerva was the epitomy of strength to Atticus, he wanted to become much stronger than her when he became a hunter. Atticus would eventually graduate, with hopes of taking Beacon by storm. But before that, he had one last test. Kill Minerva, she challenged him to a graduation match. He had potential as a hunter, but she knew if he couldn't beat her it'd be potential wasted. Atticus and Minerva would battle it out, as much as he enjoyed slaughtering his teacher, Atticus wasn't satisfied. He wanted something that Minerva couldn't give him. Strength? He had plenty of that? Love? He'd gotten plenty from Rose, he had no need for it. Ozpin had witnessed the whole thing, telling Atticus that he would find it when he became a hunter.

Minerva's purpose in his life had been served. Beacon was his new battleground, and everyone was now his prey.

Atticus's Emblem

Atticus Cardinal's Symbol


Phoenix Blood is a pair of Tonfas with built in guns on the longer end. On the shorter end is where the hidden blades are. He flips his weapon to the long end when he wants to shoot for long range while switching to the hidden blade side on the short end for close combat. If he's having problems catching up to his opponent he uses the recoil from the gun end to propel him forward, helping him slice through his enemies easily.

Atticus Cardinal

Atticus's concept art.


Aura- Atticus's aura is a blood red shade. He uses it to defend against attacks and to increase the range of the hidden blades within Phoenix Blood.

Proficient in Hand to Hand Combat- Atticus learned how to fight from training with Minerva. He fights dirty and can throw a mean left hook.

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