Auburn Browning
Age 18
Title Son of a Gunslinger
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Light Pink
Hair Red
Eyes Dark-Brown
Height 5'8"
Weight 64 kg
Professional Status
Partner Una Nemnogo Seryy
Occupation Second Year Student
Personal Status
Relatives Johnson Browning (Father)

Shannah Browning (Mother)

Additional Info
Likes Roses, Referencing, Guns, Running, Cool Weather, Dry Foods,
Dislikes Gore, Cake, Hot Weather, Soggy Foods,
Special Skills Mobility, Quickness, Criticals, Vitality
Weaknesses Water Attributes, Ice Attributes, People with Stoic,

Auburn Browning is a second year student of Beacon academy and is the leader of team AUGT. He uses the Blazing Roses which are two pairs of double barreled repeater shotguns that double as nunchuckus, a bo, and a sparring sword. (THIS OC IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS and I would like feedback in its current state)


Auburn appears as an average teenage male with Korean style hair. He wears a black over coat with a red shirt underneath and wears black wide jeans with red trimmings and flame print with white sneakers also with a red flame print trimmings. (needs work)


Auburn is confident and calm. He likes to get things done quickly with quality as well as being cautious. He is known for being an efficient and vigilant leader. He also lives by the "Creed of the Gunslinger" amendments that his father lived by and taught Auburn. (needs work)


Auburn lived with both his parents in Vale. At the age of 8, his father retired as a Hunter to train Auburn in the way of the gunslinger. Auburn was given the choice of using any handheld gun. He was only able to pick one type, he picked the repeater shotgun. So his choice was made and his father began to teach him the ways of the gunslinger.

Years pasted and Auburn was sent to Beacon after he graduated Signal. During his initiation, he partnered with a girl named Una and later realized that she was the girl who stole the dust he was delivering during that one break when he was still attending Signal. He continued with Sasha through the forest and was almost sniped by Gavin who thought they were two Beowolves, which then lead to meeting his partner, Tena. (needs work) (more detail will be explained in fan-fiction)

Abilities & Powers

Auburn, living by the "Creed of the Gunslinger" means he was taught the same art of killing used by his father. Using these techniques of the gunslinger, Auburn must always aim with his hand, shoot with his mind, and kill with his heart. He also knows martial arts from his mother's side. Those martial arts are Jeet Kune Do, Bojustu, and Kendo. Auburn is also quick and agile with movement and attacking.

Auburn's Aura  puts gives him superarmor and pust him in a state of stoic. His semblance controls impact, what it does is it allows Auburn to change an object's area of impact without changing its physical properties for a certain amount of time. Using this ability makes it easier for Auburn to hit vitals meaning more critical hits. Auburn often uses this ability with his weapon. (needs work)


(needs to be added)


- I imagined Ray Narvaez being Auburn's voice.

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