Your mother would be so proud of you right now, Ari. So proud.
— Auriel's father, dying in her arms.
Auriel Perlucida
Age 16
Nickname Ari
Status Active
Color Navy
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Lynx
Born Vale
Handedness Fully Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Sandy Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5'4
Weight 120
Additional Info
Emblem Auriel2



She wears a hooded, dark blue leather jacket with black trim over a lighter blue button up with a black undershirt. On her waist is a simple black belt and she wears indigo skinny jeans, as well as black combat boots with blue stitching and laces.

She has mock gauntlets made from armor on her arms and Dust-laced archery gloves on her hands, to better protect herself from her bows and arrows, as well as armor on her knees and shoulders.

Without her gloves, the Dust in her bow doesn't function properly, as both have developed a symbiotic relationship with each other to form one complete solid arrow instead of two halves.

Around her ankle is a charm bracelet given to her by her mother for her 6th birthday. It's one of her mother's last belongings. The charms are the crescent moon, her initials, a tiara, a heart, and her mother's initials. The blue barrette of roses she wears on her head is also a memento from her mother, and she likes how it looks in her hair.

Distinguishing Features/Markings

She has freckles dotting most of her face as well as a scar on the right side of her mouth, going straight through her lips. She has a blonde tail that she prefers to keep hidden, but it helps with her balance.


Auriel is a very sarcastic, rude, kind of obnoxious girl. She doesn't try to hide her emotions and doesn't take anybody's bullcrap, so she comes off as a bit abrasive. Even though she seems like a rebel who doesn't do anything, she excels in academics and has some of the highest marks in her classes at Beacon. She's shown to be quite nice once people get to know her, but she still holds her sarcastic demeanor.

On the other side, when hurt, she can be quite antisocial. She usually becomes mute, or doesn't say much. She doesn't show pain easily, but is comfortable accepting help from friends/family/lovers. It takes a lot for her to open up, with most of her family being dead by now.

Weapons and Powers/Abilities


Lunar Arc

Lunar Arc is an DABS (Dust Augmented Bow-Sword), silver in color with various multicolored accents. It was designed to mimic the look and shape of the crescent moon, as when she made it, she was inspired by its silent, unstated beauty, sitting alone in the night sky. The accents in the bow are different kinds of dust, and, cooperating with her gloves, generate different arrows when the area where the string should be is pulled back. She also carries a quill of 20 standard arrows, which combine with her semblance to function just the same as her Dust arrows.

  • Red: Sets fire to the area it hits
  • Orange: Burns/Chars the area it hits (Without the need for fire)
  • Yellow: Electrifies the area it hits (Doesn't work on the ground)
  • Green: After it hits, a torrent of wind blasts forth in all directions.
  • Blue: Ice forms at the area it hits
  • White: Induces combustion wherever it hits.

Second Form

At the middle, the bow can split in half, turning into a pair of blades, closely resembling Moorish Scimitars. Both sides of the blade are sharpened, and she usually rests them at the sides of her belt in this form. The dust markings along the blades can produce various effects, such as a wave of fire coming out with a slash attack.



Kinesthesis: This creates two small kinetic anomalies, generating the 'push-and-pull' force needed to launch arrows or catapult rocks. Since she had this ability, she purposely made her bow without a string and instead uses this skill to launch her arrows. When creating these anomalies, there is a visual effect as well that turns white and fades whenever the object in question is launched. Usually there is one stationary anomaly while the other one moves, the potential energy building between the two and accelerating them towards each other.

Other abilities

Her ambidexterity makes it easier for her to shoot her bow, as she can use either hand to knock arrows and fire them. She also has remarkable speed, as is standard for most Beacon students, and quick, almost sudden reflexes.


Auriel was born and raised in what one might call the 'slums' or 'ghetto' of Vale. She didn't grow up with much, just a roof over her head, a warm place to sleep, and a loving family. Her mother died when she was very young, as they hadn't always lived that way, but soon after Auriel's brother was born, their mother had come down with a sickness that required very expensive treatments to heal. So their father did the best they could, but ultimately, nature won, and death took Auriel's mother into its cold hands.

Auriel celebrated her 8th birthday dressed in black, watching her mother being lowered into the ground by delicate hands, and then helping her father and brother move into their new apartment. Her room was tiny, really only fit for one person, but they had bunk beds while their father slept on the couch. It wasn't a glamorous life, but she had something.

She was around 12 when a letter came in the mail; the scholarship she had previously applied and been tested for was being given to her, and she now had a full ride to Signal Academy! Auriel was ecstatic while relaying the info to her father and brother, who was now around 9. Her brother didn't quite understand what was going on, but Auriel's father knew that she had gotten into being a Huntress recently, and decided to train under archery, under the watchful eye of a family friend.

Auriel was shown to have a niche for archery, being able to train advanced techniques that would normally take months to learn in weeks. This was observed by those at Beacon, and after her graduation from Signal, she received another invitation to join Beacon, with another full scholarship, and was beyond ecstatic to accept the offer. Auriel was soon accepted to Beacon with outstanding marks on her preliminary exams, continuing on her newfound dream of keeping the world a safer place.

Fall of Beacon

As soon as the Grimm started attacking the city, Auriel pleaded with her team to go patrol around her house and make sure her family was okay or at least escaped safely. But when she got there, it turned out she was too late. She found her father wounded, lying on the ground and gasping for air. As she cried over his body and held him in her arms, he gave her her mother's wedding ring. She searched everywhere for her brother, but her dying father said that he had ran away, that he told the boy to run when the first Grimm attacked. They have no contact and she worries about him daily.

Auriel broke down and thought about running, but her teammates spurred her on to continue fighting for her family, to continue searching for her brother, and so she stayed. She and the team moved to the safer part of Vale, going out on patrols every day to look for other survivors as well as her brother. Every single day, she tries her best to stay hopeful that she'll find him alive, with no cost being too great.


Auriel kept searching, albeit with the help of her team now, and continuously came up with nothing. Negative emotions continuously built up inside her; almost consuming her. She should've found something... anything by now; even a body or a discarded limb. Frequently at night while the others slept, she would stand guard and call out to him, attracting Grimm in the nearby area but killing them all with ease. She had forgotten the reason why she started training to hunt Grimm in the first place; to protect people from the tragedy that they can cause. Eventually, the joy of killing replaced her grief over her lost brother, and she started to change into a very different person.


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