Aurora Interfector (Latin, lit. "The Killer Dawn") is classified as a Reinforced Twin Cutlass Railgun (RTCR) and is the weapon of Gale Goodwitch.


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A.I. is crafted to be a multifunctional weapon without the multifunctional complexity. Its standard form is its twin cutlass form, with large, bulky technological hilts and straight, even width blades, with each grip housing a trigger to fire the large caliber barrels under the edge of each blade in the hilts.

These twin swords connect to each other side-by-side to form the railgun in 5 quick steps: jerk the blades away to turn them perpendicular to the grips, clap the flat face of each hilt together so the blades are facing away from each other, hold the right grip and push the left grip forward down the bulk of the gun, turn the left grip around until it's directly underneath the gun, and finally pull the left grip back while simultaneously pushing the right grip forward, spreading the blades to accompany the aura charges that it fires.

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