You mistake me for a doormat? Step and cross me, and we'll see who's lying on the ground.
What have I done to deserve your judgement? If you have a problem, take it to the sparring room. I'd hate to waste my Dust.
— Aurus, while confronting a bully
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Aurus Hintray
Aurus Hintray
Age 18
Title Ice
Status Active
Color Ice blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Ice blue
Eyes Brown
Height 6'1"
Weight 215 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team STAR
Partner Shiro Kinba
Jobs Fighting Instructor
Additional Info
Emblem Aurus emblem2
Character Theme

Shinedown - Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Battle Theme

Three Days Grace - Riot

Aurus Hintray is a run-of-the-mill student at Beacon Academy.  He comes from a long line of brawlers (on his father's side) and weapon-smiths (on his mother's side), and spares no expense in following their footsteps.  He is a close-range fighter, using dust magazines that load into his gauntlets, Tebuki Tanken (translation: Wrist Dagger).  Aurus constantly critiques his weapon and himself, always looking for a way to improve.  A gift from home was his very own ammo bench, where he spends a good deal of time outside of studies, team mates, and work.  In his Battle Scene, Aurus is paying his respects to the fallen, when the dark decides to add him to that list.


Aurus Hintray is a tall, muscular 18-year-old, who's imposing posture often offsets his respectful demeanor.  He represents the color ice blue, has a fair complexion, and brown eyes, filled with determination.  Aurus has a scar on his right wrist from an accident with Tebuki back at Signal.

He wears his father's headpiece, a parting gift from him when he left for Beacon: a light blue and khaki enlongated headband of sorts.  Aurus also wears a deep blue coat that comes down to mid-thigh with khaki accents.  He wears a decorative belt, which was also his father's: a black belt with cloth drapings, the same color scheme as the headpiece.  Aurus wears black running shorts that come down to mid-thigh, and blue boots with his emblem stitched into them.  He wears various straps and buckles to hold his various types of ammunition.


Aurus Hintray was born into your average family in Vale.  He has supportive parents, amazing friends, and most of all, does what he loves - fighting.  The aforementioned is no suprise when it's realized Aurus comes from a long line of brawlers and weapon-smiths.  From a young age, Aurus's father brought him to fight clubs to see what his heritage was.  Likewise, his mother brought him to forges to see what his heritage was.  Both his mother and father pushed for Aurus to become the next great brawler or weapon smith.  To find a compromise, he sat down with his parents before leaving for Signal, and said he would continue the Hintray name as a combination brawler-weapon smith family.

While at Signal,  Aurus made a promise to stick to his word.  Day and night, he thought of ways to marry the two sides together.  Then, one day, he drew an idea - Tebuki Tanken.  It brought together both worlds: the close-range combat of brawling with the precision a weapon smith would use to create firearms.  There were many prototype models of Tebuki, all of which Aurus noted, critiqued, and tested once more.

One day at Signal, Aurus recieved word from home that his uncle was killed by Grimm.  Riddled with clashing feelings, Hintray vowed to fight the Grimm off for revenge and for humanity's sake.  Thus, he applied for Beacon, and was accepted.


Aurus's size often cancels out his respectful demeanor.  He's not one quick to judge, but would much rather come up with facts and answers, then go from there.  Even if you're a complete stranger, Aurus would treat you as family.  This can become overbearing at times, and he has a hard time controlling it. Aurus operates off of respect.

Aurus is brutal when you cross him.  Until respect is won back, he will not acknowledge the person's existence. Very few have taken that course, and have regretted it. Aurus is not afraid to confront his fears or someone that talks down to him.

Abilites & Powers

Aurus's Semblance is heightened stamina.  This means he doesn't exhaust at times others would, allowing him to run farther distances and last longer in battle.  He uses his Aura to heighten his perception, and his aura color is cyan.

Aurus wields him very own weapon - dual gauntlets that are Augmented Dust Wrist Blades (ADWB) called Tebuki Tanken.  They use dust magazines, shaped like long, thin parallelograms.  Aurus likes to load different dust magazines into each wrist for different results in battle.


Aurus made Tebuki Tanken at Signal Academy, dual gauntlets that load from under the wrist.  Tebuki is the culmination of both lines of Aurus's heritage - a combination of close range fighting with the effort and expert craftsmanship of an experienced metallurgist.  Tebuki uses dust magazines, crafted by Aurus.  Tebuki has a built-in ammo reader on the top of the gauntlet, letting Aurus know when to reload.

Tebuki Tanken (translation: Wrist Dagger) slides over the forearms.  The retractable blade is found on the top of the gauntlet.  The cavity where the blades are found is lined with dust lines, which secrete dust onto the blades, augmenting them to the corresponding dust element.  Tebuki uses any color dust, but Aurus prefers red, cyan, and yellow dust.

This weapon has two main functions.  One is the retractable blade, the other being an Augmented Elemental Dust Fist (AEDF).  There is a switch on the gauntlets that change the flow of dust - either to the blades or fist.  The fingers are studded, the knuckle a solid band.  These, too, have dust lines going to them, allowing Aurus's fists to be augmented with the associated dust element.

Fighting Style

Being a brawler, Hintray is a close-range fighter.  Tebuki's powers vary depending on what color dust is loaded. He prefers to be in close to his enemies where they have a hard time hitting him.

Aurus's fighting style is powerful blows that leave enemies crippled.  His two main tactics are either strike quickly and hard, or tire the enemy out.  These tactics vary depending on the situation.  Being a brawler by birth, Aurus doesn't care where he hits the opponent, as long as it hurts them.



  • Aurus's favorite Dust combo is red and blue, creating steam.  This combos nicely with yellow dust.
  • He excells in Dust research/development, and has his own classification for each color.
  • Aurus uses all types of Dust.

Photo Gallery

  • Imosa1's emblem remake
  • Aurus comm (Art credit to Sam)

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