"They always say, 'Obey the rules'. Me? I hate em'. I always say this instead: 'People like you and I are selfish beings. Always put yourself first, and live by your own rules'."
—  Austin Spades

Austin Spades is a former Beacon Academy student, currently working as an associate of the Schnee Dust Company, and is the brother of Ashton "Ace" Spades


Austin is friendly, though a troublemaker, and is often self-centered. In combat, he is quite skilled, but if something goes wrong, he shows his true color: his cowardice. He is an opportunist and will resort to treachery, provided it benefits him. His cowardice also stems from his thanatophobia (fear of death).


Years ago, Austin was attending Beacon Academy, and was loved by his parents. However, Austin's troublemaking led him to the brink of failure. As his oblivious parents did not know about his dropping grades yet, Austin did not wish to show them. So, he discovered Schnee Dust Company, and struck a deal. In exchange for selling out his family and helping SDC to eliminate them, he would gain a position in their company. This even carried a fringe benefit: once his family was dead, the secrets of his grades would be safe, and he could drop out of Beacon while going to work instead. On the night his family was killed, Austin secretly escaped and regrouped with the other Schnee Dust Company agents.  Now he works as an agent of the SDC, eliminating all potential threats, as well as doing some of the company's odd jobs, such as filing income tax reports, which he hates.


Austin is a proficient marksman, able to sight enemies at long range, and on the move. He is able to aim quickly while running, and can aim rather well without a scope. He has a quick rate of fire, able to rechamber his next round within 2 seconds. He isn't too great on CQC, and wielding Alamo burdens him further in this respect. His CQC relies on brute strength to try and seriously damage his enemies before they can counterattack. 


  • Ashton "Ace" Spades: Ashton is Austin's younger brother. The latter is oblivious to his schemes and looks up to him as a role model.
  • Alfred Spades: Austin's father. Austin knows that he and his mother both love him, and cannot bear
  • Amelia Spades: Austin's mother.
  • Armand Spades: Austin's uncle. Austin generally ignores him.
  • Gaston Leroux: Austin's associate, and an agent of the Schnee Dust Company. He works well with Austin, and is one of the killers of his family, to which Austin consents.
  • Thomas O'Malley: Austin's other associate. Austin seldom cares for him due to his carefree attitude. 


Alamo: A High-Impact Axe Sniper Rifle (HIASR), Alamo is a hybrid of a battleaxe and a bolt-action sniper rifle. The rifle is partially made of polymers, has "Picatinny" sliding rails, a variable zoom scope fixed to one of the axe blades, and a hybrid trigger system that fuses a trigger and a lever, allowing the rifle to be fired in close combat. It has 15 rounds of .50 caliber bullets. To zoom in on the scope, a lever must be pulled backwards.  However, the weapon does have a few weaknesses. First, even though some polymers are present. a great amount of steel was included in its construction, especially the axe blades. Additionally, the magazine contributes to the weight. This makes the weapon fairly cumbersome and quite unwieldy.  


I wanted to add fuel to the revenge filled character named Ashton, so I created the backstabbing Austin. I made his character a visual pun on the state of Texas, so I apologize if I offend anybody.


  • Austin's physical appearance is based off of Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII and Kisuke Urahara from Bleach.
  • Austin's emblem resembles the shape of the state of Texas.
  • Austin does draw some parallels to Itachi Uchiha from Naruto, however, it is merely a coincidence.
  • Alamo was inspired by many modern sniper rifles, along with the Nerf CS-6 Longstrike, and even refers to Ruby Rose's Crescent Rose.
  • Austin's mobile sniping style is inspired from the playstyle of some "Call of Duty" gamers, called "quickscoping" and "no-scoping".
  • Austin's hatred of filing taxes comes from a famous dialogue from Caboose of the "Red vs. Blue" series( made by Rooster Teeth in Austin, Texas), as seen in the following:

"I am Caboose, and I...hate...taxes!

You mean Texas.

That too."

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