Ariana's main outfit
Age 20
Nickname DJ Aria
Race Caucasian
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Green
Eyes Emerald
Height 5'9"
Weight 155 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy 3rd year
Jobs DJ, Model
Additional Info
Weaknesses Moisture renders her unable to use dust.

"I take fights as seriously as my career, they're both dog eat dog, sink or swim, kill or be killed." -Avani


Avani has a kind heart, and always helps those who need it, so much so that she has been nicknamed "Mother Earth". When interrogating people she usually fills the "good cop" role. When in combat, however, she lets her opponents know that she's not screwing around.

Weapons and Abilities

Her weapons are two swords with Dust holders in the guards. She predominately uses earth based Dust to trip up her opponents, knock them around, or pull them toward her. She also uses these Dusts to heal her allies or her opponents if they need to be questioned. She can summon vines, trees, make the ground move, etc. She is also a decent cook, and always uses her own home grown ingredients if possible. She is a DJ as well and subs in for DJ Deadb3ar on occasion.


Avani grew up in a city where everyone had to fend for themselves. When she was young, she resolved to always helping others rather than leaving them to their own devices. When she was 16, she was scouted to be a model and took the opputunity to leave home. When her parents found out, they disowned her. Despite this, she donated over 100,000 Lin to the local city hall over the years to help fix up the city, on the condition she remain anonymous. She is currently a student at Beacon Academy.


Her outfit is green except for the bracelets and shoes.

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