This page is about the real Azalea. For her other half, see Azalea-Beatrice.
The most dangerous of poisons are usually the sweetest.
— Azalea Rappaccini

Azalea Giacomo Rappaccini
Azalea (Bust)
Age 19
Title Sinful Rose
Nickname Az
Status Active
Color Purple
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Semblance Healing
Height 180.5 cm
Weight 70.3 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Ivory Dietrich
Occupation Student, Doctor-in-training
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Dr. Rappaccini (Father, died on a lab accident involving Dust)
  • Dr. Giacomo (Mother)


Additional Info
Emblem Azalea Symbol
Special Skills
  • Specializes in medicine
  • Knowledgeable in the usage of poison
  • Near-immune to poison
  • Not very confident in battle
  • Not strong enough to carry her own weapon properly,
  • Terrible stamina due to smoking
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Azalea Giacomo Rappaccini is a doctor-in-training and a student of Beacon Academy. She's the second member of Team MAID. Skilled in the arts of medicine, both good and bad.

Current Revision: 3.00a


The best way to describe Azalea is almost healthy. She has an average build and is quite tall, bordering on 6 ft.

She has a beauty mark under her left eye.

Her attire consists of a pale purple hoodie with a yellow turtleneck shirt underneath. She carries a handbag filled with medicines of many kinds, slung over her right shoulder.

She wears a pair of short shorts which is barely covered by her hoodie vest. Lastly, she wears thigh-length socks and a pair of brown boots.


Azalea is known for being rather shy with fellow students, and often rather clumsy. She generally tries to be assertive, but almost everyone knows she's trying too hard that it comes across as her just acting silly.

She hides her social anxieties by taking things in stride, smiling along the way. Though she can be rather clueless and always clarifies everything she's saying, such as repeating a statement from earlier in the conversation or citing an event that happened a couple of minutes ago.

Rarely, when her life is in danger or a desperate situation occurs, another side of her appears...

She has average academic standing, but she's pretty good in the fields of Botany and medicine.

Strangely, she has a fear of robots. She hates being in the presence of Atlesian Knights.

As a chain smoker, she usually keeps her distance with most adults, and avoids being in contact with upstanding people.

She's a partial pacifist and can have a difficult time in battle. She has shown problems in hurting humans, though it isn't much of an issue when she fights the Grimm.

Weapons and Abilities


Heliotropium with Dust-charged blade.

Her weapon of choice is a Dust-Charged Gun Spear (DCGS) called Heliotropium. It's modeled after a Naginata, with an additional set of mechanics above the blade to create the "gun" aspect of the weapon. It's rather heavy, requiring quite some strength to lift. It was custom-made for her as a request by her maternal grandfather. By making use of Purple Dust, it's blade's cutting power is enhanced and this allows her to deflect Dust-based attacks as well.

She doesn't like using it for combat, due to it's weight. But if she does, she often uses the gun aspect to shoot down anything coming towards her. The gun is modeled to make use of anti-tank rifles.

As a side effect of her weapon, she's slightly adept in temporary usage of sniper rifles and spears, due to her rarely ever carrying her weapon into battle due to it's weight.

Azalea has no particular unique abilities in combat, but due to her knowledge in plant science, she's a surprisingly good medic... as well as a skilled user of poison.

She personally gained an immunity to poison by constantly taking small doses of most of the conceivable poisons publicly known. Due to this, she easily smokes poisonous plants, which she can exhale to anyone who may be a possible threat to her. However, she usually only does that in situations where she doesn't have Heliotropium.

As a downside to her smoking tendencies, she has terrible stamina, often being tired out in extended battles.

Her Aura is colored purple, and leaves off golden butterflies when active.

Her Semblance focuses on Healing, where she uses a runic circle that accelerates the healing process of an injury.


Born Azalea Rappaccini, she was raised in Mistral by a parent of doctors specializing in herbal medicine. Her father died during a lab accident involving the usage of Dust, leaving her mother a widow. She soon took her mother's surname, Giacomo.

At a young age, she volunteered to one of her mother's small experiments which involved her taking small doses of various poisons for a few years, eventually granting her immunity to almost any form of poison. It's also at this point that she took interest in Botany.

At age 13, she initially applied for a medical school, but was eventually forced by her maternal grandparents to study at Sanctum instead. The decision became final when she found out her grandfather had already commissioned a weapon to be built for her.

Though struggling in the fields of combat, she eventually managed to get the hang of it. Sadly, she was often the victim of bullying due to her being a "plant nerd".

She became a bit secluded, yet resentful due to this. As this dragged on for a several months, she eventually started smoking, from which she further got isolated.

This escalated into her experimenting with different herbs on herself to test their effects.

At some point, through some combination of her medicinal experiments, the bullying and her state of mind, she developed a dissociative identity disorder in the form of Beatrice.

As Azalea pushed her more negative emotions into Beatrice, she started smiling again and started doing better in class. One of her teachers noted her medicinal knowledge as something that's very seldom seen among Huntresses and suggests she continues her pursuit of medicine if she ever becomes a Huntress.

This formed an inspiration for her to continue to be a Huntress, as even though it is dangerous, her presence in the battlefield may save more lives than just sitting in a clinic or a hospital somewhere.

And thus, she arrived in Beacon immediately.

During the Initiation, she was paired up with Ivory Dietrich and through cunning and wit, both survive a close encounter with a Narasimha and was paired up with Maki Kuronami and Dunkelblau Noname, becoming Team MAID.

As the medic of the team, Azalea was a very useful asset, as the team is often left very injured at the end of a mission. Throughout their stay at Beacon, they would become involved with the Astraea faction, often due to Maki's antics.

She grew a mini-garden in the MAID's window, where her collection of herbal and poisonous plants gave her a steady supply of potent medicines, both good and bad.

During the Vytal Festival, she would play a key factor in the MAID's close victory during the battle with Team MANA, being the one to take down their Natalia Aurelius sniper. Regardless, they still lost when they went up against Team FLME, of Shade Academy. Before the Fall of Beacon, Team MAID was last seen in the evacuation. Unfortunately, along the way, Noname took off on her own, getting separated from the rest of the team.

In present time, the rest of the MAIDs are in Vale, helping with the recovery as well as looking for their lost teammate.

Azalea spent most of her time tending on the wounded, giving her little break for what's to come.

Additional Information

Weapon: Heliotropium (Dust-Charged Gun Spear)

  • A custom-made weapon for her. It's quite long, out-sizing her by approximately 22 cm (Which puts it's length into around 202.5 cm). The blade is also quite wide for a Naginata. Coupled that with the gun aspect of her weapon, Heliotropium is horribly unbalanced and it's very unwieldy if Azalea uses it. Beatrice does not have this problem.

Accessories: Symbol Necklace, Hood Scarf, Smoke Pipe, "3 1" Armband

  • Her necklace bears the Rappaccini emblem.
  • The hood scarf she wears is her personal way of going 'emo'. She rarely ever wears it with the hood down. The ring in the edge of the scarf is for decorative purposes; It has no significant meaning.
  • The smoke pipe she carries isn't exactly special. She bought one since it's easier to use than a tobacco cigarette.
  • Her armband, which vaguely has "3 1" written on it is something of a reminder to her: It's both the day she nearly committed suicide, and the day she ran away from home.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

  • Though it's in her nature as a doctor-in-training to help others, she doesn't like intervening in situations that don't involve her, preferring to just be an observer.

Likes: Broccoli, Tobacco, Perfume

  • As a botanist, she's a vegetarian and likes broccoli.
  • Before she started using her smoke pipe, she originally started with tobacco. Though it's her favorite kind of cigarette, she rarely takes one lately, saving them for important occasions or if she has achieved something good.
  • Her interest in perfume is one of the way she disguises the smell of the tobacco when she started smoking. It's become a habit of her to use them even though she started using her smoke pipe.

Dislikes: Pollution, Fire, Apples

  • Ironically, she hates pollution, despite being a smoker. Though it may be because it's bad for the plants.
  • She also hates fire for the same reason that it's bad for the plants.
  • She gained a dislike for apples after a run-in with a rotten apple during her youth. Specifically the red ones. Green apples are in the OK zone.

Character Theme:

Swirl of the Flags
  • Swirl of the Flags (Grand Knights History)

Battle Theme:

The Incomplete Stone
  • The Incomplete Stone (NieR)
Azalea Chart

Credit goes to Jollyjo.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Medic/Sniper
  • Strength: B
  • Defense: B+
  • Dust Usage: E
  • Aura Usage: D
  • Semblance Usage: B+
  • Dust Resistance: E
  • Speed: D
  • Evasion: D
  • Luck: C

Secondary Information


  • She's my first non-original OC. Unlike Maki, who I created from a constructed universe, Azalea was created exclusively for RWBY.
  • Azalea is named after Azalea, a shrub that blooms in spring in the Northern Hemisphere and in Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. While known to be beautiful, it's also quite toxic.
  • She's inspired by Beatrice from Rappaccini's Daughter, the daughter of Giacomo Rappaccini, who was confined in a garden filled with poisonous plants.
  • She's also inspired by Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. Her smoke pipe is modeled after the same one Beatrice uses. Though unlike Beatrice, Azalea doesn't use her smoke pipe as a wand.
  • Beatrice is also derived from the latin Beatrix, which is the female form of Viator, meaning "voyager, traveler".
  • Her title, Sinful Rose, refers to Disgaea 2's opening song of the same name.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Azalea's name, as mentioned earlier refers to a shrub. It's often pink or red in color.
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