I will do whatever it takes to get the answers I seek... Even if the information is for my clients.
— Azora
Azora Glacia
Azora 2
Age 22
Title Ice Maker
Nickname Zora



Status Active
Color Azure
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 31st
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair White with Light blue highlights
Eyes One Dark Blue, One White
Height 5'6"
Weight 136 lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Mercenary
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Additional Info
Emblem Azora Symbol
Likes Cold weather, Wind, ice
Dislikes People getting her way
This original character was created by RWBY Ruby Rose. Do not use my ideas, artwork or any other information without asking me first.
Feel free to comment anything on my character in the comment section. Id love to hear what you guys think.

Azora Glacia is an original character based on the world of RWBY and is created by RWBY Ruby Rose. She is a powerful mercenary and alludes to Anya from Anastasia.


Azora is a beautiful, young woman that has medium, snow white hair with light blue ends and pale complexion. She has complete heterochromia where her right eye is dark blue and her left eye is white. She has a slim build and is of average height and weight for her young age. The young woman also has a couple of scars on her back that form an odd 'x' from one of her first missions. Her emblem is tatooed on her lower left arm in blue surrounded by diamonds and roses.

Combat Attire

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Biography/ History

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In Combat

Weapons: Fugavica Zúriť and Ostré Cencúle (Slovak for Blizzard Storm and Sharp Icicles)

Azora's primary weapon, Fugavica Zúriť, is a pair of Ballistic Dust Shock Sticks (BDSS) while her secondary weapon, Ostré Cencúle, are two Ice Dust Loaded Daggers (IDLD) that she carries in case she loses her primary. She created both while she was attending an academy.

Fugavica Zúriť is a pair of extendable shock sticks that each have a gun firing function in the back of the weapon that fire dust bullets when activated. Its default form would be the smaller form of the shock sticks that are usually used to store them when they are not in use. While in this form, there is a concealed button on the top near the end of the hilt that she can press to fire dust bullets. She can have six bulets in at once before she can reload. The other form is when she extends her shocks sticks into their active form to shock her enemies. Depending on the kind of dust powder is stored in them, she can electrify, freeze, or burn in the places she hits. There is a special storage inside that allows up to two types to be stored before it needs to be reloaded.

Ostré Cencúle are a pair of daggers that she carries on her person at most times in case she somehow loses her primary weapons in battle. They are ice dust loaded daggers that she can use in either close range or thrown at further range opponents.

Abilities and Powers: 

Azora is a capable huntswoman with above average with average strength and stamina. She is a close to mid range fighter when facing her opponents and mostly uses her weapon in its freeze shock stick mode. She mostly relies on her skilll to help her out in given situation but usually improvises rather than creating plans in her head. Azora also has a tendency to go more on the offensive when her semblance activates and relies on her semblance more to help herself quickly end battles that are not going in her favor. She also has mastery over her weapons in both forms, using them to their best ability. Also from her time in combat, she does know basic kickboxing moves to defend herself if she does get disarmed. 

As a person that has gone around the world to look for answers, she has a great way to find answers that she needs in a timely fashion to help accomplish her tasks and try to complete her objectives as soon as possible. Though she usually operatates alone and is used to only looking after herself instead of other people. She is one that does not let her feelings get tangled in her combat style. However, she does have a couple of weaknesses such as when she finally loses her cool in the midst of battle. When some of  her strategies/improvises are thwarted enough and as her aura goes down to the point where her semblance activates, her emotions start to take over her. Even though her semblance and attacks are more ruthless, she starts to get sloppy and makes bigger mistakes that may cost her the battle and gets more vulnerable. She also has only average physical strength that can give her a disadvantage to stronger opponents.

Aura: Her aura is a light gray.

Semblance: Absolute Zero

When Azora is low on aura, this would activate. She would be able to make her body drop its temperature to keep herself from taking extra hits to would knock her out and give her the side effect of freezing anything she touches to a certain degree though she would have to touch the object for it to work. However, when her aura reaches zero, she is more susceptible to being knocked out since her body temp would slowly rise to its normal temperature. She could also use her freeze ability to cauterize wounds of herself or others.


-Her full name means "Sky Blue Ice" since Azora means 'Sky Blue' in Persian and Glacia means 'Ice' in Latin. Sky Blue is color which fits Monty's rule.

-She was originally going to have a scythe as a weapon, but it was scraped for favor of her abilities.

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