Collab piece. Art done by Nikkie, coloring and insignia done by me.

Biographical Information
  • 19
Romantic Interests
  • None so far
  • Ice prince
Team affliction
  • Team A.Z.U.L
Physical Description
  • Male
  • white hair
  • light skin
  • Black jacket
  • white shirt
  • faded jeans
  • Combat gloves and boots
  • modified elbow pads and knee pads
Abilities and forms
  • Martial arts.
  • Dust Tattoos.
  • Dark based dust.
  • Dust canons on Kneepads and elbow pads.
  • Dust enhancer gems. (On gloves only.)
  • Metal knuckled gloves.
Theme Song
Instrument Profession
  • Singer
  • guitar
Created by

Memphis the Light


Azul is a slender bishie type boy. His frail demeanor is merely a ruse as his physical strength is above average. He has pure white hair which usually covers his right eye, however his hair has been known to flair blue when in a time of duress. His outfit consists of a stylish black jacket with a white t-shirt. His gloves rimmed with the finest dust metal available and a dust gem on the center of his glove to amplify his punches with dust. He wears an armored elbow pads and knee pads which has a movable dust canon to allow him to blast his enemies with force and also allow him to move around at a fast pace. He wears faded jeans and combat boots with rimming and blue laces. Finally his skin is lined with Dust tattoos which he seems to keep to himself how he received them.


Azul is from a humble background where he only lived with his father. His mother was part of the dust cult and abused the young azul and forced him to bare the dust tattoos. This in turn is what caused the separation of family. This all happened to him around the age of 6 and it still scars him today. However it has not stopped him from training hard under the tutelage of his father who was renowned for his boxing skills. Through rigorous training and the refraining from using his dust tattoos, Azul came to his own and became as fluid as water in combat. Being known as the parkour king or the agile cat. His dream was to get top marks in the academy and show that even a person with a tough past can become a top hunter.

This dream of his began to become partially realized when an ambushed Ozpin was defended by the boy, unbeknownest to Azul that Ozpin could take care of himself yet wanted to see what the rambuctious youth could do. As such Ozpin took notice of these talents and Azul's personality to jump in the fray to help others, while also taking notice of the interesting factor that Azul weilds dust tattoos. He extended an invitation to him to join the school known as Beacon. Happy to take the invitation Azul accepted and has begun his new life there under the blessings of his father. As of now he studies at Beacon and continues to hone his skills, hoping that he himself will in fact become known as one of the top hunters.

However, due to Azul's checkered and scarring past of abuse from his mother's hands. He tends to be quite reclusive and always ends up being the least spoken out of all the students. When approached Azul will just coldly look away and stare out the window, hoping that the person approaching him will become disheartened and go away. This personality,his good looks and his overall excellent grades and athletisicm had gained him the title as the ice prince. However one girl was not afraid to approach him and much to surprise and secret relief he found his first friend in a loud female called Uzuna. From that point on she is always seens around him, poking his cheeks, smacking him upside the head and even punching Azul on the shoulder, all in the hopes to get past his icy shell.

While the other teams had been formed, Azul was one of the few to not be teamed up. This was in fact due to his silent nature and many people's disdain to go near the ice prince who bared the mark of evil. Ozpin however took this as a chance to put a test into motion, a test to put four unnormal beings of the academy who do not generally mix with the the rest of the school society and put them on the field to test. These four were Azul, Uzuna, Zerath and Lucia. Four of the most oddest beings in their own respective nature, Ozpin knew this was a gamble and in the end it had paid off and the ice prince who had been so quiet rised to the occasion as a profound leader towards the others. With this, team A.Z.U.L. was born and their adventures have just begun.



Azul likes to keep to himself and stay in the background of events. He figures that if he isn't seen or heard he won't have to let other people into his life. Although this makes him seem cold, he is just fooling himself. In reality he just wants to be apart of the group and feels shunned for his tattoos which is initially seen as a taboo force and a label of evil. Due to his seemingly cold personality and sometimes flairing blue hair, he became known as the ice prince.

-Lost to the dust-

When he is using his dust tattoos for to long, his attitude wildly changes. He becomes more frantic and less composed, as if a wild beast whose job is to maul his opponents down. At this point it becomes hard for him to differentiate between friend and foe and begins to attack everyone. This is a severe drawback and a major weakness and reason as to why he avoids using his tattoos. 


-Martial arts/parkour mixed style-

Due to his training under his father's wings, he became quite a fierce fist fighter. But he knew he wanted more, so he infused a parkour/breakdance like style into his combat. Utilizing his elbow pads and knee pads dust canons to make his movements more fast and erratic.

-Dust enhancement-

He uses the dust from his gem to create ice and enhance his punches that freeze and (not all the time) shatter where ever he strikes. He also has the ability to punch the air to send a ice bolt at his opponents. This is what people call his ice king mode for his hair flairs bright blue. His aura glows a cool blue and chills the air around him.

-Dust Tattoos enhancement-

Due to his mother, Azul has the ability to tap into his dust tattoos which are unknown element in nature. He does his best to refrain from using the tattoos because he feels that he is losing a bit of himself ever time he uses it. When activated his hair flairs violet and his eyes glow bright violet, gaining a cat like iris in the process. All his prior moves are then replaced with an explosive like blast, lacking any form of cohesiveness. Finally he gains the ability to warp around. His aura in this state glows a deathly blackish purple and the moans of those seemingly dead sounds behind him.



This is set consists of his custom made gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. All reinforced with tempered dust metal to allow comfortable and consistant damage/protection. His pads are capable of blasting out highly pressurized dust to allow movement and amplify his punches and kicks.

Ability movepool-

  • Cryo-punch
  • Cryo-kick
  • Frozen eagle spin
  • Frozen cat dive
  • Cryonic tick tack
  • Cryonic balancing
  • Ice elemental dust projectiles
  • Unknown aura enhancement (Via Dust tattoos)


Battle song: BLUE like the coldest ice


When one is alone in the dark,

They just can't feel but lost.

When one is of the darkest life

They just can't feel any light

So i'm BLUE (So Blue)

Like the coldest wandering ice.

Yeah i'm BLUE (So Blue)

Like one lost in time.

I may wander alone, I may lose my mind,

but i'll strive to be the best.

I may be lost in the time, but it'll be alright,

for i'm never truly alone.

For I am blazing BLUE like the coldest ice.

I fight to keep what's right.

As I swing with unmoving time~~ 

I freeze you in my life! 


Sketch work: 

Just work I am going to digital art soon.

1377602 10151721174653212 1400380278 n

Bust shot

1372793 10151724456543212 423962408 n

Azul Chibi! >w<

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