This city is under my protection. I will not let it suffer the same pain I had.
— Azul
Age 23
Alias The Fantom
Nickname Night Hunter, Ghost of Vale
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Weight 90 kg (198 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Weapons Manufacturer
Jobs CEO
Additional Info
Dislikes Crime
Special Skills - Super Strength
- Fast
- Resistant
Weaknesses Unknown



Azul is a rather tall man. He has black hair and blue eyes. Most women are attracted to him because of his "perfect" face. He usually wears a black trench coat. In office days, he wears his CEO uniform.

As The Fantom

As a mysterious hero, he wears a hat and a mask that covers his mouth to hide his identity. He wears a black formal suit and a brown cape. He also wears a belt, where he keeps his combat equipment.


Azul belongs to a very rich family. His father was the CEO of a Weapons Manufacturing facility. His mother was a teacher in Beacon. Azul was the youngest of his five brothers. Three of them died during the Faunus War. Now his only brother left, who was a Hunter, taught Azul to fight like a Hunter. He was a student in Signal and was one of the topnotchers in his class. His family was proud of him. One day, however, his parents were missing. As both fighters, one is a Signal student and one is a full-fledge Hunter, they both looked for their parents where they were last found: the Emerald Forest. However, during the search, Azul and his brother was ambushed by a bunch of thugs. They defeated them, but Azul and his brother were injured. Unable to give up, his brother brought the unconcious Azul to their house. But when their butler took Azul from his brother's arms, his brother died with his last words to the butler, "Take care of him..." Azul woke up and the butler, named Andrew, told him everything. Because of this, he swore to his dead brothers and parents that he will be a tool for fighting crime. He continued his schooling with the help of his uncle and aunt. He graduated from Signal then later at Beacon.

During his time in Beacon, he met his teammates. Zed Black, son of a master assassin, Olivia Felicia, a beautiful and seductive cat-Faunus, and Lime Serpent, a mysterious,  reptile(?)-Faunus boy. He became great friends to all three of them, often helping them during assignments and exams. The one he was closest to was Zed, who always treats him like a brother (reminding him of his dead brother). However, after a terrible incident, Zed was expelled from Beacon because he was accused of killing another student, which he really did. After the rest of team AZOL, now team AOL without Zed, graduated, Azul now thinks of Zed as a criminal and no longer a friend. After the graduation, team AOL all gone to their seperate ways.

Now free from Beacon, Azul continued his father's job as the CEO of his father's company. But during the night, he is considered as the Fantom, the hero of Vale. He used all the learnings he had in both Signal and Beacon in order to stop crime that is happening in Vale. He is currently after the White Fang.


He is basically friendly to most people. And despite being a billionare, he tends to the poor, often giving donations to orphanages. He, however, has a "playboy" attitude, often going to clubs and "taking random women home" with him. Also, he is easily angered when the topic is about his families' death or about his relationship with Zed. But he's often seen as a calm and gentle person. In combat, he is shown to spare his opponents (not killing them) and instead, hands them over to the cops. But he is seen as a merciless killer when his enemies are creatures of Grimm.



  • Always achieved perfect scores during exams, quizzes and trainings.
  • Became leader of team AZOL.

Outside Beacon

  • Assisted in arresting Junior and his club members.
  • Has defeated 30 White Fang soldiers single-handedly.
  • Became CEO of Vale Weapons Factory.


Azul mostly fights unarmed. He uses Divas Virtus to improve his physical attacks. But he still uses small weapons to aid his tasks. This includes shurikens, daggers, smoke bombs and (my personal fave) a couple of DPGs (Dust Powered Grenade). The DPG has a cylinder shape in which capsules filled with Dust are put inside each. The color of a DPG determines its attribute:

  • Red means its filled with Fire dust, used as explosive grenades
  • Blue means its filled with Ice dust, used to block exits or freeze enemies.
  • Yellow means its filled with Electric dust, used to taze or paralyze enemies.
  • Purple means its filled with energy dust, used as a more powerful explosive grenade, with a wider explosive radius.


  • Azul is a combination of the Lone Ranger and Batman.
    • His history was based on the Lone Ranger, while his fighting-style, weapons and his job as a CEO was based on Batman.

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