— The Nightmare Child

Azura MacLeod (Commonly known as Vanessa Viper) is the 6th Original Character created by Imthesteve'97 and is inspired by the DC™ Comics character Cassandra Cain and Gunslinger Girl. She is an assassin for the Children of Grimm.

Azura MacLeod
Age 7
Title The Nightmare Child
Alias Vanessa Viper
Status Active
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Light (easily tanned)
Hair Black
Eyes Blue (empty)
Height 3'7"
Weight 50 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation The Children of Grimm
Partner Cain Viper
Occupation Assassin
Personal Status
Relatives Revan MacLeod (Brother)
  This character is the property of Imthesteve'97
(Ask permission, I'm a nice guy.)


Azura appears as a small child of seven. She has blue eyes and easily tanned skin. She is normally dressed in a fine black dress with accents of red. This appearance gives her an advantage when running a contract with her father.

She does however, bear a resemblance to Revan MacLeod. Main differences being; her long hair in a ponytail with a blue ribbon and her size.


At first glance, she simply is quiet, complacent, and obedient.

Azura's speech was purposefully suppressed by Heinrich Ubel, who reasoned that agency and freedom of speech could be snuffed out at young ages by enforcing negative feelings toward it. This allows more for her to be manipulated and made a servant to the Children of Grimm. Due to this impediment, she expresses emotion through actions rather, than words. (Ex: Embracing, tears, slapping, etc...)

Her complacency is really a lack of being taught facial movements. In truth; she experiences and understands many emotions, but remain hidden behind an almost blank stare.

Azura obeys everything her father and masters tell her to, because of deep rooted mental exercises that render her mind to only respond to them. This is assisted by hidden devices in her ears that tune out all incoming soundwaves not belonging to authorized voice commands, unless programmed to permit sound.

Weapons, Equipment, and Skills

Vanessa fights with a type of Sheng Biao (ropedart) that uses a kunai for its blade, with quick movement. She relies on surprise and speed. Often, the blades are poisoned with paralytics.

Aside from that, her only other equipment are her Inner Ears; hidden, surgically implanted earpieces that act as communication links to certain individuals tuned to its frequency. Usually, they prevent her from hearing anything other than what her masters want her to hear.

Battle Style

Azura does not fight alone. She usually relies on and fights alongside with Cain Viper.

Ranged Attacks: 

  • Sheng Biao: Quick, short range, and low damage, Azura's strikes need to be fast and precise in order to keep her opponents at bay, serving as her strength and weakness.

Close-In Attacks: 

  • Quick Kunai: Normally for quick "gun-and-run" strikes, Azura usually uses the kunai to quickly poison her target and leave in a hurry.

Special Ability: 

  • Tail Crush: A move that involves her father, the pair of them strike an opponent and circle around them in opposite directions of each other, effectively coiling the target with their Sheng Biao.


Due to her records labelling her as "Presumed Dead" by the Children of Grimm, Azura's name was changed to "Vanessa Viper".

After the Disappearance of the MacLeods, Azura was raised by Cain Viper, one of the Children of Grimm's top assassins. Because of this, he became her father, and formed a strong attachment to him.

However, Heinrich Ubel had plans for Azura's future, and instructed Cain to educate Cassidy in the ways of assassination. To accompany this, she was forbidden to speak to sew obedience and a sort of enslavement. Thus why she does not speak.

Over time, Azura was subject to many enhancements at a young age; certain drugs were used to enhance her physical speed and reflexes, the Inner Ears were surgically put in place, and her father was forced to train her in an intense fashion, similar to his fighting style.

The Day Evil Took a Break

With Azura's combat dress in ruin from the previous contract, she and her father go out shopping on their free day, only to run into others in their field of work...

Trivia and Author's Notes

  • This OC is meant to be paired with Cain Viper, similar to David and Cassandra Cain's early relationship.
  • My reasonings for a child OC:
    • A: Character Development in Revan MacLeod
    • B: To show emphasis on how evil another OC is.
  • Azura is an English name that means "Blue", similar to how "MacLeod" alludes to "sky".
  • "Vanessa is the name of a genus of butterfly that includes the Red Monarch.
  • She alludes to Cassandra Cain due to the fact that both were raised by assassins and were taught fighting before speaking.
  • For you Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion fans out there; "By Azura. By Azura! BY AZURA!..."

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