Team BLCK is a fan made team in the RWBY universe, found in the fanfic BLCK, named after there team.


  • Bloo Davidson: Leader
  • Lucius: Stealth
  • Cathine: Dust
  • Kingsly Kay: Recon


Both Bloo and Kingsly had been good friends before they both made it to Beacon. From thier, the intiation process placed them together, along with thier teammates: Cathine and Lucius. Cathine, a girl who prefers to use dust based attacks over all else, and a mute boy named Lucius.

Bloo came to lead the team, seeing as his quick and through thinking were usefull for any situation. He and Kingsly were best friends since thier first years at Signal acadmy. 

Due to bieng unable to speak, Lucius was able to direct his abilites to a much more quiet skill set. Since you can't hear your own voice, you listen to those of others. 

Cathine found no joy in using fire arms, and with no skill with a sword, she found other methods of using dust, and became very good with them. 

Kingsly is mediocre on his over all fighting, and prefered to use a multitude of firearms. His mother, wanting him to avoid him ending up with a job like hers, bieng a security gaurd for the Schnee Dust Company, pushes him towards better grades. 


  • None of the information above is set in stone, since the FanFic BLCK (Which is named after them) is not finished, and the RWBY show is still in production. 

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