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Codename: Baby
Age 32
Title Janitor 03
Alias Psycho
Race Human
Handedness Left-handed
Hair Light Yellow
Eyes Ashen Gray
Height 1.73 metres
Weight 64 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Janitor
Occupation Janitor

Codename: Baby is one of the Janitors, in charge of the third largest continent and is thus designated as Janitor 03. The third strongest in the group, her strength comes from her extraordinary psychokinetic Aura and most prominently, her ability to control people and her landscape on a whim.


Compared to Reiner, Baby is not as attractive, but has a very doll-like look that belies her internal insanity and immediately breaks apart when she starts to laugh and go into a high. Her ashen gray eyes are filled with energetic light and her light yellow hair, while short, is held loose so that it spreads about in a crazy fashion when she is spasming from her excitement. As she is ready to fight at almost any time, Baby wears a tight black combat suit, skin-tight with dark boots, almost all the time. When she does relax to engage in other activities, her assortment of fashionable clothes typically take Asian influences(even though it does not exist in Vytal), with a mostly black black palette and a number of free-hanging parts like frills, as if she is outwardly declaring to the world that they cannot hope to suppress her.


Baby, as credited by her nickname 'Psycho', is the most unhinged and crazy of the Janitors. She is a hedonist, who places thrill and pleasure above all else, with no qualms about doing the unlawful. For her, the place where she can get the most of such would be through an elating and enjoyable fight with those who are strong, be it Grimm or human. She chose to become a Janitor so that she could be alerted to great battlefields, so that she can immerse into the bloody sport, typically annihilating all sides when she comes to the grounds while cackling in eerie laughter. Out of all of the Janitors, she is the one who disregards the Code the most and explicitly exploits its loopholes through her power so that she could get in a fight. However, despite all the negative obsession, all of the Janitors agree that this made her virtually fearless in a fight, instead causing her to enjoy the violence and fighting on no matter the power gap between her and her opponents. She in turn has almost no anger or hatred towards her opponents as she views them as little more than psychedelic drugs to get her into her fighting high.

When not given the chance to fight, Baby is also willing to indulge in other pleasurable activities, such as flirtation and sex, drinking any sort of alcohol in huge quantities and annoying people through very insidious insults that she hopes can provoke people into fighting her. She is even willing to try to help people when she heard that heroes supposedly get pleasured by good deeds, though she abandoned it when she realized she was not a hero in any sense of the word. Her free time is, due to her personality, virtually indistinguishable from her work time. When speaking, she is uncouth and blunt, though whether she is being rude or just brutally honest depends on the person she is referring to.

Among the Janitors, Baby views all of them as worthy opponents but she places Zephyr at the very pinnacle. She heavily pursues Zephyr to the point of obsession for the chance to fight him, as in a few fights with him, she noted that she had found herself in heaven's door due to his overwhelming power and her inability to predict both him and the outcome of the fight. She thus compares Zephyr to the greatest drug, which he finds to be both appropriate and rather insulting.

Morality-wise, Baby might be a joy-riding and violent fighter, but she just barely remembers which side she stands on and she tends to avoid fighting children, due to that they are weak and that she gains more pleasure observing their 'cuteness' than fighting them.


Baby's weapon of choice is the TBGP - Throwing Blade Gatling Pistol - of which hers is named the Dancing Murderer. Like typical TBGP, it consists of the framework of two abnormally large pistols easily a metre long and its barrel replaced by the trademark cyclic six-barreled design of the gatling gun. Furthermore, instead of bullets, the gun fires a multitude of 1 meter blades that spin through the air as if they had been thrown. When not fired, the blades protrude out of the barrels, allowing them to be used by melee combat. The blades are fed into the gun through long belts from a large ammunition pack from Baby's back. What makes Baby's Dancing Murderer particularly unique from other TBGP is the interaction between the blades, with their back end fitted with a special hook, such that the blades can can hook onto one another and then through spinning about, go into an entirely different direction. Normally it would be impossible to coordinate so many blades but Baby's Psychokinesis assists in directing the blades to do so, causing waves of unpredicatable and complicated arrays of blades that can be redirected to come from impossible directions.


Physical Skill

Despite having an incredible ability, Baby is adept in protecting herself without her Aura. Her accuracy with her guns are highly refined, being able to easily hit a Nevermore's minuscule eye even when it is in flight, and her timing with rebounding her blades is impeccable, trapping her opponents in waves of blades coming in from all directions at once. Her physical strength is high, enough to throw four to five large creatures of Grimm about with a little effort, while her reflexes and speed manifest in sudden vanishing acts as she dashes about, being able to stay out of her opponent's line-of-sight, while keeping them in hers.


Baby's Aura has the ability to affect things based on the commands of her mind alone and the massive area it affects made it. It is thus named Psychokinesis, i.e. the manipulation of the environment through the mind.

First of all, Baby could use the ability to tune into the minds of another person. By matching her Aura with their Aura, this causes a unique resonance that grants her access to their mind and allows her to dominate their free will, essentially bringing them under her control. She could do this from at most a hundred meters away and can affect everyone within the radius no matter the number, so long as she has line of sight of the person before she attempts to take them over. The style of control granted leans more towards subtle suggestions rather than outright domination and while she can control an infinite number of people, she can only divide them into four groups at her peak condition, each with a simple and persuasive suggestion/command. The power also allows her to listen in on others' thoughts without them even being aware of it. This is considered her most powerful technique due to there being almost no way to defend against it. Zephyr and John Dog were the two people she could not accomplish this on, as Zephyr's Lightning Aura was constantly changing to the point that she could not match it and while she could try to listen to John, the thoughts of a million creatures at once in his head could easily cause her to nearly go into a catatonic state. Most importantly, a fact unknown to many who face her or find it out too late, the mechanics behind the ability make it such that if the person is unaware of Aura or has completely shut off their Aura, including ones augmenting their physical attributes and protecting them passively, there is nothing to tune to.

Next, Baby can affect her environment through her mind and due to it being nothing more than powered by willpower, weight is meaningless to her. So long as it is not fixed to the ground and even then, she could lift it with her Aura. The speed at which she can do so is adversely affected by massive objects but in the end, Baby can lift it if they meet her conditions. Her control and precision is extremely delicate, allowing her to revolve a hundred blades around her against her enemies in devastating arrays together with her weapons. Her barriers based on thin layers of condensed air enhanced by her Aura are also magnificent, being able to barely withstand Zephyr's half-powered Lightning Charge at her best, as well as enhancing the force of her physical blows. She is also able to affect herself, allowing her a form of flight, though her flight height is limited severely due to temperature and oxygen.

However, her power is not absolute against other people who are also adept at using their Aura to alter their surroundings, such as Glynda, especially against multiple numbers of such people. What truly sets her apart from them is her tuning ability. Anything that needs more delicate work such as reconstructing her guns also require her to be extremely close-by or else she would not be able to focus her powers well enough. She is also unable to use her Aura on objects that are more than a hundred meters away. Furthermore, as a mind-based power, instances of intense pain can quickly cut her off from using her power. 


  • Baby's Psychokinesis was directly inspired by Misaki Shokuhou's Mental Out from A Certain Magical Index and Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon from Fate/stay night.


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