We are here to show you a good time, so good a time that I want all of you boys and girls to be able to look me straight in the eye one more time and say: ARE WE HAVING FUN OR WHAT?.
— The Owner Lionel Lupino

Wolf symbol 3 by Jafean

The Lupino Family Crest/Company Logo

We are an Organization made to go through the world and  provide the entertainment that people need. It is currently owned by Lionel Lupino and Ector Rohan and their goal is to bring enjoyment to the world in anyway they can. They have announced a merger with Bad Wolf becoming a substitutionary of The ELVID International

The Fighting Extravaganza

We at Bad Wolf are here to announce that due to the funds we received from ELVID International we are back in action and with that we have opened shop in Annwn to show the world what we are all about. A grand Vytal Festival Tournament that you can prove that you could have been an honorable Knight of the Round. To prove in the many circles of battles that you are the best in the world. It will all be held at The Renegade Lounge

The Party Extravaganza

We at Bad Wolf would also like to inform everyone that Lionel Lupino is hosting the tenth annual Fenric Cattivo Expo in Avalon With that in mind understand that the party does not stop at "The Palace of Wisdom" and will turn into a City wide Festival turning into one hell of a great week long party.

The Operation of The Owners

I, Lionel Lupino and of course Ector Rohan have decided to take the City by storm and with that we would like you to know that we have guarded it from Discordia and we have special plans for the Hunters and Huntresses that have appeared in Annwn in the newly formed kingdom of Khamsin.

Our little Jingle

This is what plays in our commercials and any appearances by our founder Lionel Lupino (65 Bars and a taste of soul) 
13 65 Bars and a Taste of Soul

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