Ballistic Lances are a series of Lance/Firearms created by Phoenix Industries, designed for military and peace keeping usage. Although extremely powerful. they are generally quite expensive and difficult to use, making them extremely scarce. In urban scenarios, mock Ballistic Lances, firing water or paper bullets instead of live ammunition, are used in law enforcement.

MK. I - Ballistic Siege Gatling Lance

A lance with the sharp end completely removed. Instead, the tip is a gatling gun. This weapon is not powered by or uses Dust ammunition. The material it is made of is slightly resistant to Dust. The weapon is slightly shorter than a normal lance, but with a much wider guard.

MK. I.1 - Ballistic Controlled Gatling Lance

A less powerful and cheaper version, designed for law enforcement.

MK. II - Atomic Chain Gun Lance

A rework of the MK. I. This version puts less emphasis on the Lance and more on the Firearm. In this case, the bladed part is merely that of 4 swords, sticking to the the 4 sides of the gun barrels. The gun part is that of a large portable minigun.

MK. IV - Heat Compression Lance Cannon

Long expandable metal lance. The end is less pointed but generates 1000C heat, capable of melting through metals. Lance expands from 150cms to up to 250cms. Wide expandable shield, covers half of the lance from the bottom. Expands from 50cms wide, up to 150cms wide. Shield is normally placed to the side of the lance but can also rotate to protect the front of the user, generally used when firing. The tip of the lance can open up and fire point blank bursts of extreme compressed air and heat, up to 4000C with enough impact to shatter a house. Upon firing, needs to cooldown for several seconds. Tip of lance can open and fire sharp concentrated shots of compressed air and heat. Up to 1500C and 50 meters in range. Rate of fire is 2 rounds per second.

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