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Foolish plebeians should know their place.
— Basilia, angered by thugs trying their luck to rob Cyzarine.
Basilia Bluthardt
Age 16

17 (Post BoB)

Alias Sorceress

Mystic Sprite (Stage name)

Nickname Lady Basilia

Silia (family)

Status Active
Color Black
Gender Female
Race Human
Born January 31
Handedness Left-handed
Complexion Olive
Hair Shamrock green
Eyes Gold
Semblance Witch Eyes
Height 5'4
Weight 45 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank Aristocrat
Affiliation Bluthardt Family

The Nine Dragons of Vale

Occupation Performer


Job Types Musical

Voice over


Personal Status
Relatives Gustave Bluthardt (father)

Mona Bluthardt (mother)

Casper Bluthardt (older brother)

Aricia Bluthardt (older sister)

Cyzarine Bluthardt (older half-sister, cousin)

Brunhilde Engelnacht (second cousin)

Wynston Arkwright (second cousin)

Additional Info
Emblem Cyzarine Bluthardt's Emblem
Likes Family, her career, making and drinking coffee, animals, intimidation
Dislikes Flattery, people whom she sees as trashes
Special Skills Singing, voice acting, Dust casting, hiding her feelings, speed fighter

Basilia is the youngest child of Mona Bluthardt, the matriarch of the Bluthardt family. She is a rising young singer and voice actress in Mistral who dedicates her work to her family's charity programs. However, when she puts on her mask, things don't end well for those who dare to threaten her family.


Basilia has the air of being a gentle and warmhearted young heiress. Behind her half-rimmed glasses is pair of cherubic golden eyes that can make children feel safe, which compliments her voice that seemed to sing every words that comes out of her red lips. Her shamrock green hair is long and wavy, and reaches her shapely waist with a French braid running vertically on the right side and ends on top of her skin-clothed, cybernetic ear. She boasts a smooth, olive skin tone along with her notable firm muscles that are slightly emphasized in her abs.

She predominantly wears an ornate casual dress with bolero or a frilly blouse paired with a skirt with a few of them enhanced for protection by ArmorTech. Depending on her outfit, Basilia matches them with various silver jewelries, not too eye-catching but enough to magnify her appeal. She's fairly known for wearing a black crocheted scarf, highlighted with gold and violet flowery designs, either on her neck or waist.

Mystic Sprite - Idol Outfit

TBA - no ideas yet

Sorceress - Agent Outfit

TBA - no ideas yet


Basilia was born in Benilde City, the hometown of her aristocratic clan, the Bluthardt family. In her birth record, she is the legal fraternal twin sister of Cyzarine who, in actuality, is her older half-sister born two months ahead of her. This is to keep the perfect image of the family.

Of all her siblings, Basilia was spoiled and loved the most by Mona. There was no sibling rivalry despite this, because her older siblings adored her as well. Basilia was personally homeschooled by her mother, ranging from basic combat training, to drumming into her head the importance of killing the family's enemies and their "family first" policy. Her mother always brought her to every new orphanage launched by the Bluthardt Corporation, and through her consistent exposure to volunteer work for children like storytelling, she accidentally stumbled upon her talent and passion for performing arts: singing and voice acting at the age of 7.

Basilia was enrolled in a newly established vocal workshop at Silver Note School of Music to enhance her innate talent. Not even a year had passed and she was deemed to have commercial-grade voice acting for kids' shows that included snippets of singing. She began immersing herself in the show business, all while giving away her growing fortune to fund orphanages, both her family's and others in Atlas.

However, Basilia's public exposure and participation in shows was limited. She was becoming popular, fast, which reinforced the family's wish to limit the matriarch's youngest daughter's publicity in order to provide her additional combat training for self-defense under the Headless Players. At the age of eight, Basilia began being taught Dust manipulation along with her ever quiet (half) older fraternal twin sister, whom she always turned to for help in her studies and training, the sibling with which she was practically attached at the hip.

Basilia advanced her combat and Dust manipulation skills, and at the age of eleven her family allowed her to truly flourish in the entertainment industry, going as far as sending her to Mistral to elevate her career as a singer/voice actress. She returned to her hometown occasionally. Along with her "daytime" career, she'd been taken to some of her family's operations, helping a little in wiping out threats to the family's interests.

As years rolled by, Basilia, now age 13, had performed on both stage and behind the scenes many times. She earned the stage name Mystic Sprite, a name given to her by her fans because of her creative use of Dusts in performances (akin to a magical girl) and her charm was highly regarded.

Three years later, Basilia went on hiatus. A mission to rescue her fraternal twin sister went south, injuring her terribly and forcing her to keep a low profile as she joined her older siblings headed for Black Order Battalion's HQ in Vale, a paramilitary organization. However, the public thought that she was merely having private life issues, being a heiress of an aristocratic family.


Basilia made her comeback in the limelight in Mistral a year after her hiatus. She had launched various charity concerts to fund some of the charity organizations in Vale, and was looking forward to focus on her singing career afterwards.


In public, Basilia has a knack for being both a perky, teenage celebrity and a refined heiress. Utterly aware that she carries the name of her family, she always shows her best self as much as she can. Her adaptability to people is quite remarkable for her age, particularly her mischievous and teasing side reserved for her colleagues and big-sister character in establishing rapport with children. She tends to act on her imagination with exaggeration, especially when preparing for her performances, to the point that she'll get lost in her fantasy world. Peace-loving and hard-working in general, Basilia is a perfect example of a devil in a form of an angel.

Her tolerance to certain types of people is so low that she always labels them either as “plebeians” or “pigs” at the back of her mind. Plebeians are for various people while pigs are specifically reserved for those with inexhaustible list of repulsive flatteries. When Basilia's thoughts can't be expressed, they would play repeatedly in her head. These thoughts can be so intense that, in a matter of seconds, they could give producers of m-rated movies a run for their money. This runs deep because she has had conditioned herself to be a good girl regardless of her feelings.

Her facade also articulates that she's aware of consequences if she acts recklessly, especially on how these can affect her family. Basilia's ingrained loyalty also prevents her from doing so. However, she wouldn't mind getting her hands dirty in case her family will benefit from her actions.


With the combination of her Dust manipulation and acrobatic skills, golden voice, and notable beauty, Basilia is a certified young idol and the mascot of the Bluthardt family at the same time. She has the brain power to memorize scripts and lyrics in a short time, and the creative mind to execute and perform her roles on stage and behind the scenes (voice actress), impromptu or planned. Her binge watching of cartoons, animes, and TV series are some of the sources of her creativity. Although it's deemed necessary for her to have an eye like a fashionista's to pick the best clothes, she prefers leaving that weakness to her subordinates.

Basilia isn't a full-fledged combatant, thus lacking the experience of applying her combat knowledge. Nevertheless, her physical capabilities are remarkable, something to give credit to her public performances. Stamina is all-time high to keep up with triathlon-like concerts, and shifting footwork is smooth and practiced to avoid tripping (embarrassment), dodge attacks, and twirl and flip fluidly for entertainment. She relies on her arsenal and Aikido (mainly using opponent's moves) to take down enemies because her offensive style in hand-to-hand combat isn't refined enough.

Complimenting Basilia's acrobatic skills is her ability to hold whips akin to ribbon dancing, the very first skill she acquired before anything else when her mother mentored her. Her whip cracking skills allows her to show off, using it as a distraction and to increase unpredictability. This, at least, helps her to plan out attack, choosing who or what to strike first before plotting her weapon's “strike path” (sequence of attacks). To fit her role as a Dust caster, she also acquired the ability to wield staff-based weapons to keep enemies at the distance.

The prominent talent of Basilia is Dust manipulation because she has been exposed to it since childhood, adding the fact that she uses it extensively at performances and rehearsals. In combat, she specializes (or prefers) in Wind Dust manipulation for AOE attacks while Ice Dusts for constructs. She usually use her Dust manipulation skills for crafting a whip in battle.

Semblance: TBA

Basilia Bluthardt's Stats :

Primary Role Dust Caster, Idol
Secondary Role Assassin
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Devices & Weapons

Fairy Crystal - Exoskeleton Dust Crystal Discs (EDCD)

  • Creator's signature: Crown Breaker

Fairy Crystal is a device used for Dust casting with built-in voice command system, used by Basilia in her performances. It has two parts: Shoulder Discs & Spine Discs, in which both can be operated separately or in tandem. One part has a pair of discs that each have enough slots to secure all known types of Dusts (as cited here). In case of emergencies when the voice command system has issues, the exoskeleton has a pair of mechanical bracers with colored buttons on top that directly corresponds to the Dusts on the discs.

Each 7-inch discs are covered with composite metal foams, leaving holes with nanocellulose to display the Dusts. The gears responsible for rotating the discs are then concealed with titanium with layers of graphene.

Shoulder Discs

The discs of this part are positioned below the shoulder instead of on top of the shoulder to avoid hitting the jaw. They're mounted on mechanical shoulder pads that contains shear-thickening fluid, and unfolds and locks in place when laid on the caster's shoulders. Their Dust exhaust ports are connected to their respective insulated white gloves or nozzles through a bullet-proof black tube fitted in the bracers.

Spine Discs

Lining the back of the caster is a pair of bendable discs mounted on titanium mechanical spine with padding to protect the spine from impact. Like Shoulder Discs, they also have their own Dust exhaust ports connected to the hardware (like gloves or simply nozzles) responsible for releasing Dusts. Using this with Shoulder Discs in unison allows the caster to fabricate combos of Dusts (Fire-Wind, Lightning-Fire, Steam-Lightning, etc.).

Element - Reinforced Bladed Dust Staff (RBDS)

  • Creator's Signature: Crown Breaker

Basilia's personal weapon, compact enough to be kept in a hip holster, with a form of a 2-foot long black-colored, titanium stick covered with metal-graphene nanolayered composite. Its default form also reveals a chamber of Dusts on each end. Its full length is 6-feet long, including the double-edged, 2-feet blades in which 1 foot of a blade occupies 1 foot of the main body's end. Upon rotating the central part of the staff, the blades will part in the middle that reveals a sniper-like barrel where Dusts loaded in their respective chambers are released.

List are the few Dust techniques used by Basilia other than typical Dust attacks:

  • Blast - a simple Wind Dust Spell of creating a pressurized air that can blow away a military armored car at most, and propel Basilia at certain distances or provide her more mobility. If concentrated in one of her fingers, this technique could snap a neck upwards (without Aura) and blow back incoming physical attacks or such attacks she comes in contact with. After every use, there's a .4-second interval for recharging pressurized air.
  • Drawing Barrier - a basic defensive Wind Dust Spell where Basilia casts a 5-meter radius of swirling sphere/wall with fast wind speed like a storm around her. This spell could go against other elemental attacks by acting as a rotating suction machine, given that the said attacks aren't heavy projectiles like boulders, and then turn the sphere into another form of Dust Spell to make use of the elements. However, lightning attacks are countered since air has low conductivity. Theoretically, 100% of the raw Dust can be extracted, but practical application only allows 75% at most. Though it could be used against projectiles and melee attacks through trajectory and balance disruption, it's not preferable to keep using this Dust Spell to save reserves. This can alternatively be shaped into a whip to draw in longer distance or balls of sphere.
  • Impact Barrier - a Water Dust Spell used to defend against objects moving at high-velocity, and lightning and fire attacks. A large glob of water serves well both as cushion and a conductor of the current. This way, Basilia can also save someone from falling or create an electrified/hot water to be whipped and thrown at the opponents.
  • Projectile - a Gravity-Wind Dust combination. This Dust technique increases the gravity pull on selected light objects (Gravity Dust) before launching them as projectiles with increased velocity (Wind Dust). In reverse, it decreases gravity pull on heavy objects and pushes them to a specific direction like a battering ram.


Gustave Bluthardt - father. They weren't necessarily close nor distant.

Mona Bluthardt - mother. Basilia respects and loves her very much, and possess the privilege to act much more casual to her compared to her relatives. She does her best making her mother proud as the most popular representative of the Bluthardt family. Nevertheless, when Basilia had discovered Mona's plans to bring down BOB, including the use of her unwilling fraternal twin sister as a bait, she began to doubt her mother's version of "family first" policy.

Casper Bluthardt - older brother.

Aricia Bluthardt - older sister.

Cyzarine Bluthardt - 2nd (half) older sister, also half-cousin. Being fraternal twins (in paper), Cyzarine is her closest sibling. Basilia is readily affectionate and always looks up to her since childhood because the older sibling has been there for her, busy or not. Their relationship was temporarily strained when Cyzarine withdrew emotionally from the rest of the family, which Basilia fixed by confronting her. She holds incredible influence over her apparent fraternal twin, making it hard for the other to completely break away from the family.

Brunhilde Engelnacht - second cousin. They have a strange understanding of each that can be called "very dangerous". Although Basilia is a good girl, her haughtiness and her second cousin's seemed to work in tandem and direct it at the source of their ire. They sympathize one another due to the necessity of their respective careers to put up with trashes.


  • Basilia is a Greek name meaning 'Royal, queenly'; Blut and Hardt in German means 'blood' and 'hard, brave, and strong'.