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Battle Chess is an organization provides entertainment by setting up a human chess with dual battles. Each years there will be two games, and the chess pieces are constantly promoted or replaced. There will be two players who owns the chess set, and they can polishing their public images or sell them to another chess player. They must, however, provide the chess pieces with their daily needs, bases on the rank of each chess pieces.

Battle System:

The game can be played like regular chess, on a giant, 5x5 meters square with 64 squares chessboard. The two players will be seated in a VIP room where they can see everything happens during the game, and they can command chess pieces to move.

When a chess piece 'captures' another, it will become a dual battle and he or she will be the first to attack as the battle between chess pieces takes place. Other chess pieces may not allow to take part in, whenever it is to aid or fight along side. The battle will only end when one side falls off the chess board or die.

The game will end when checkmate happens.

Ranking System:

The ranking system is based on the strength of each individual. They will be graded appropriately, and the benefit/training given to them will be based on their rank. Each chess set will have:

  • Eight Pawns: The lowest rank in the chess set. Their job is creating a distract and wearing the enemies down.
  • Two Rooks: Higher than Pawns. They can attack in long range.
  • Two Knights: Higher than Rooks. They are good at performing close quarter combat.
  • Two Bishops: Higher than Knights. They are good at performing wide range combat.
  • Queen: Strongest piece in the set. She is very destructive.
  • King: Most valuable piece. Weaker than Pawns.

Promoting System:

During battle, if a chess piece defeats another piece from the opposite set with a higher rank, they will be promoted to that rank only if there is an open spot on their set.

If a Pawn manages to reach to the other side of the chess board, they will be promoted to the Queen position (female only, Queen position is available) or received a reward (both, Queen position is not available).


The benefits the chess pieces get are based on their rank. The higher their ranks are, the more benefits they will get, and so does the daily practice.

  • Pawns: They will be given standard dorms and provided with just enough foods and water to live. Basic armors and weapons are given to them, along with basic training programs. They, however, will not be provided with Dust, ammo or service. All 8 Pawns lives together.
  • Rooks: They will be given standard condo, provided with foods and water. Basic armors/weapons are provided, with standard training programs. They will be given a fixed amount of Lien per months, but will not be provided with Dust/ammo/service. The two Rooks shares a place.
  • Knights: They will be given quality condo, provided with foods/water. High quality armors and weapons are provided, along with a limited amount of Dust/ammo/Lien and standard training programs/service, with extra programs if they choose to (they will have to pay to take part in those programs). They can choose to live on their own or with each other.
  • Bishops: They will be given a 2-story house big enough for a four family member, food/water are provided for all of them. High quality armors and weapons are provided with Dust/ammo/Lien and high quality training programs. Service will not be provided.
  • Queen: She will be given a penthouse, with everything provided to her upon requests, without any limitation. The Queen must, however, take part in every training programs planned out for her, along with any public events in front of the media.
  • King: Unknown.


The list of available chess pieces. Contact ThanhnuFia to be added in the list.

White set:

Black set:

  • Pawns: (8 spots available)
  • Rooks: (2 spots available)
  • Knights: (2 spots available)
  • Bishops: (2 spots available)
  • Queen: (1 spots available)
  • King: (1 spot available)

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