"Blast, the light does not reach within this wretched cave... Alas, I have a flashlight built into my blade! What good fortune! ..... No, that's the smokescreen... No..... No.... That's water.... I think this on- OW! No, that's fire on my hands! Wait for it... Nothing? Oh wait, it's the magnet. Aha! A flashlight! Now comrades, let us adventure onwards! ..... Do you have that burn cream still?" -Battlus, bravely venturing into an unknown cave.


Name: Sir Battlus Danger Bloodfalcon XXVII (Born Dylan Miller)

Race: Human

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Carefully spiked with rather expensive hair product. But of course, he says it's how he woke up.


Battlus is quite the odd individual, talking like an olde time hero, while attempting to act like it. Unfortunately, he isn't particularly bright. But that's not to say he doesn't know things. But that IS to say the things he knows aren't particularly helpful, or aren't true. 

Chivalrous and noble, Battlus believes in fairness for all! But when the going get tough, Battlus crumbles under the pressure, sometimes opting to save his own skin rather than try to decipher his cryptic (to him) weapon. As is also unfortunate, he has Attention Defecit Disorder, causing all attempts to memorize his weapon to fail in tragic and often chocolate filled ways.

While loyal to his team, he feels the need to always prove himself, usually leading to pretty severe consequences. At the very least, his hands are pretty resistant to burns at this point.


With a perpetual heroic pose and dashing, daring, yet caring smile, Battlus looks like the everyman hero. That is to say, not at all like an average person. He has bizarre spiked hair, somewhat pale skin, and minimal armor, mostly so he can say he at least HAS armor. His armor is red, but it's quite clearly painted to be such. In addition... BELTS. Battlus has a belt on each leg, one on his waist, one across his shoulder, and really, wherever he could fit them, he slapped on a belt. He says it's for clipping things on, but never has he actually been seen using them for such. 

Battlus wears a long sleeved shirt under his armor, and gloves. He slopped caring about the gloves matching his Red, White and Blue colour scheme, considering how often he goes through gloves. His JUDGE is on his side in a standard sheath. 

Weapons and Abilities

Justice Ultimatum Death Grand Excalabatron, mark XIII:

The JUDGE XIII is a quite ridiculous weapon, capable of amazing things in well trained, intelligent hands. Unfortunately, Battlus' hands are not those hands. He often forgets which buttons do what functions. The JUDGE is a longsword, rigged out in crazy features, with twenty buttons on the hilt. The buttons are unmarked, relying on someone to read the instruction booklet that came with the sword to remember which button to push. Of course, Battlus used this intructiuon booklet as very good, 145 page kindling.

There are many functions, the 20 buttons being:

- Bolas fired from the tip of the blade.

- A 500 volt electricity producer, capable of at best, charging electronics and making people uncomfortably tingly.

- A grapling hook, the tip of the blade firing and able to pull objects unsecured to Battlus, or bring him to secured objects.

- Flare gun.

- Smoke screen.

- Parachute canister.

- A scope pops up from the hilt, used as a one-eye binocular.

- Turns on the flashlight.

- Feedback screech. Loops a shrill recording, while also reverberating to itself, making a noise capable of invoking panic and ear pains.

-The tip of the blade lowers, a screwdriver bit rotating from where the blade used to be.

- Tip of the blade splits, and can be used as scissors.

- The blade goes on fire.

- The hilt goes on fire. 

- The blade becomes magnetic, securing loose metal objects within eight feet. Secures HIM to larger metal objects than Battlus.

- A small electric pull, draining nearby electronics of power.

- Shoots a highly destructive blast of white dust energy. Battlus has pressed this button ONCE, and can never seem to remember which button it is.

- Shoots out a small inch diameter sphere, that emits a small "Boop!" noise at random intervals.

- Sends out a burst of water. Used for putting out fires, watering plants, 

- Can record messages for sending with his scroll, spoken into the hilt.

- Puts his scroll from the side of the hilt. (The last two buttons are the only ones Battlus has mastered.


Dylan was born in Vale, went through signal, did decently, and his parents were nice. He's had a boring life, and when he applied to Beacon, he was rejected. So he's started anew, legally changing his name to Sir Battlus Bloodfalcon the twenty eighth. And yes, he made his middle name Danger. Battlus had read a hero story every now and then, but had not realized what made them great heroes, turning Battlus into the biggest hero wannabe ever to grace the city of Vale.

According to his extensive tales of his history, mere minutes after he was born, a flood of Grimm swarmed to hospital, killing his parents and most of the doctors. He was then given to two new parents, but Grimm got them too. After going through sixteen pairs of parents, Battlus swore that on all his parents' honors, he would erradicate all Grimm. In addition, despite his parents allegedly dying before he could open his eyes, he knows many tales of his ancestors, the various Battlus Danger Bloodfalcons. In fact, for almost any situation, Battlus has described a similar story of another Battlus doing something.

Something else Battlus has brought up about his past was his twelve past girlfriends. He has never mentioned them by name, merely referring to them as "My eighth girlfriend" or somesuch. Apparently, Battlus also fought in the mountains against hordes of Grimm when he was thirteen as the Battlus rite of passage, catching a nevermore with a butterfly net, saddling it up, and riding it into battle against over a thousand Grimm. When asked to display such skill, he says that Battlus tradition limits him to only use as much power as his companions, so as not to outshine them.

Battlus even goes so far as to claim Battlus Danger Bloodfalcon the first was considering starting something like Beacon, but was too preoccupied defeating the almighty super-swine, a golden boarbatusk capable of obliterating villages. All in all, Battlus tales of his past and his ancestor's pasts are far too many and far too inconsistent to list here. 


It is important to note that while the Judge is a very versatile, swiss army knife of a weapon, Battlus himself is pants-on-head stupid, and can never use the weapon to its full potential.

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