Bel'sidar Liadon


Bel'sidar Liadon's Profile Height: 6'2" weight: 184.23 lb hair: ? Clothes: Dark wrappings cover his head and body Eyes: Dull Silver


Bel'sidar Liadon is a very agreeable person, he never initiates fights and tends to stay out of others business. Bel enjoys healing and helping people, especially orphaned children and the sick and poor. Bel'sidar will only fight when he is attacked first, and will only kill if he has to, although he will deeply regret it later. Bel'sidar's motto is "never enter a fight that can be solved peacefully, without violence."


Bel'sidar Liadon was, as a child was orphaned after his family was attacked by ursas while on a family outing. unfortunately, Bel'sidar Liadon's mother was brutally torn asunder. Bel'sidar Liadon's father -who was in hiding after being targeted by the organization known as "WOOK"- upon hearing news of his wife's tragic death, immediately traversed many leagues in order to ensure the safety of his son. Although Bel'sidar Liadon's father was as swift as the wind he did not get to his son's side in time enough to save his son's face from incurring permanent damage, thus Bel'sidar Liadon has continually hidden his face ever since the incident with the Ursa. After mourning his mother's for many months, Bel'sidar Liadon embarked on a four-year journey with his father in order to become stronger and take revenge upon the creatures who killed his mother. Bel'sidar Liadon, at the tender age of eighteen was introduced to the group known as "TRIA MORTEM" while hunting for the beast that killed his mother, although at the time they were known as "MORTEM DUO." After traveling with his father for some time Bel'sidar Liadon was encouraged to abandon the grueling task of hunting down the grimm that killed his mother and was sent off by his father to learn the ancient healing arts of Shiatsu. Bel'sidar Liadon then left for Meridiano Sanguine and arrived three years later where he studied under the guise of "Tertio Mortem" and learned from the shiatsu master known as "U.U." After learning the secret arts of healing Bel'sidar Liadon traveled to the town of Noctuam where he finished his training at the Speluncam Mortem. After his extended training Bel'sidar Liadon left on a journey to find his father, who he had departed from so many years ago. During this time, Bel'sidar Liadon developed a severe allergy to Dust reacting violently when in close vicinity to it. However, during an especially bad reaction, Bel'sidar Liadon's father returned saving his son's life. The sudden return of his father, left Bel'sidar Liadon shocked, to say least. But, Bel's father left as suddenly as he had arrived, leaving Bel'sidar alone once again. Thus Bel'sidar Liadon, traveled, he traveled and saw as much of the world as he could, he traveled to the ends of Vytal and back, and after five years he had accumulated many memories and much experience, about the world, about himself, and about Life. After gaining this experience Bel'sidar, uses his aura to constantly leave a thin film of aura over his skin, thus allowing him to utilize dust and giving him extreme stamina.



Not a lot is known about the organization known as "TRIA MORTEM" the only definite fact is that it is ruled by three powerful figures who each command small? teams of highly trained mercenaries, and are willing to take on any job they deem worthy. there is speculation that one entity leads the three shadows but there has never been enough proof to authenticate the rumors.


Bel'sidar Liadon, received formal training in shiatsu, has a background with swordplay, and has studied some alchemy. Bel'sidar's main weapon of choice is the florem polum, which uses preset instructions to, on command, press various points on a body. The Florem Polum is a long steel rod adorned with engraved steel "flower petals" that "grow" from the base of the rod extending until they reach their destined points. The Micomor, Bel's last weapon of choice, is only used when Bel feels he has to fight until the death. Micomor is a long broadsword which utilizes a dust storage compartment near the hilt, with thin tubes leading to the edges of the sword, releasing Dust upon impact. Bel'sidar's favorite weapon of choice is the Pulvis Luva , or "Dust Gloves" which are fingerless gloves that rise until the knuckles before they cut off. The Pulvis Luva also have dust containers on them, the Dust central storage is located on the back of each glove, with trails leading to the cut-off, releasing the Dust upon impact.

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