Just because someone isn't what they seem doesn't make them a bad person.
— Bele Ovid
Bele Ovid
Age 18
Nickname Be (by his sister)
Status Alive
Color Black Olive
Gender Male
Race Human
Born May 9th
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Pale Ocher
Hair Jet Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Semblance Carrion Gust
Height 6"5
Weight 194lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ABRM (Abroma)
Partner Mai Brooks
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Robin Ovid (Sister)
Additional Info
Likes Fighting, Books, Sparing and Hard work
Dislikes Loud noises, his nickname, rain and the cold
Special Skills He is strong as well as very skilled in offensive combat
Weaknesses He is unevasive, unagile and has low endurance



Standing at a little over six feet tall and weighing in at nearly 200 Lbs, Bele is the bulkiest of his team He has a slender build with features that are slightly smooth, contrasting with his muscular physique. His skin tone is a pale Ocher and callused from farm life. He has a scar on his left shoulder from a Grimm attack.

He wears a long sleeved white shirt with a black bowtie under a Black vest, the back of the vest is emblazoned with his symbol. He wears white and black dress shoes that go over a pair of black formal pants. He wears a dark grey duster over the vest, a small cape is sewn onto he duster and goes a quarter down his arm. On his left arm there is a set of small samurai armor (consisting of a Kote and a Tekko) which are a mix of gold, white and black. Going over the Vest but under the Duster is a X-shaped, medium grey harness that doubles as a bandolier. Finally on his forehead there are a pear of black and gold goggles that help improve his vision (basically they are like reading glasses). When in classes the wears the uniform as normal but also wears his goggles, mainly to help him read the smaller texts. When not in class or combat he removes the duster and armour, being clad in the simple vest, under shirt, pants, goggles and shoes


Bele is best known for showing little to no emotion to people other than those he considers very close friends, keeping his ideas and emotions on the inside. Out of the introverts on his team he is still the least introverted, mainly because he still does like to get to know people, he just sucks at it. He will occasionally try to meet people but he will commonly become frustrated with conversations and try to duck out of them. He is quiet and reserved to people he doesn't know well, but once he gets to know someone well enough he is quite talkative, voicing his opinions with a loud voice. He doesn't warm up to people often as he isn't easily able to figure out what they are going to do. He will often think of people who don't agree with him as people who are misinformed or misguided, not wrong. As a child he rarely left the property and as a result he never really met any kids other than his sister. This has caused him to become socially awkward, his closest friend being his sister. He is often brutally honest to people and comes off a cruel and mean hearted, but unlike most brutally honest people, he knows when this honesty goes too far and if it does he will simply not say it rather than lie.

 Coming from a farm family he has worked hard most of his life and has come to enjoy the feeling of exercise, he dislikes rain as it always prevented him from training, another thing he loves. Despite his love of hard work and fighting he is a big fan of art, music and books. In the area where his families farm rain is a common sight, to pass the time he would often read books, his favourites being historical fiction and war books. In combat he has been known to completely guess at what his team is planning on doing, even acting on the assumption that his guess is true. If confronted, Bele will usually stand his ground and persist in arguing, not admitting defeat unless there is no possible counter-argument. Out of all of team AMBR he is the least experienced in dealing with other people. In terms of being a Huntsman, Bele has been helping people with Grimm for years when he realized he could make a career out of it, he didn't need to put any thought into it. 


When he was only a few months old him, his father and his mother lived in a large village in southern Vale. His father and mother had lived there for 5 years before having him and when he was only 3 months the village was attacked by a hoard of beowolves. By the time local huntsmen arrived many people had died, including his mother. Onyx grew to hate the local huntsmen and decided to move north, to a small farming community outside the city of Vale. He bought a small farm in this community and while living there he met a lovely faunus named Coral, they hit it off and had a child named Robin. Bele lived a normal farm life for many years and when he turned 12 his father decided to teach him how to defend the farm with him. With his fathers help he designed Rabenschwarz. At the beginning his style was sloppy and poorly done at best, but in time he honed his craft and adapted his current fighting style. Robin showed an interest in fighting but her father refused to teach her, so instead Bele acted as the middle man, teaching Robin what Onyx taught him. He even helped her design her weapon. Bele wanted to join the local combat school but Onyx forebode it, so he simply sparred with his sister whenever they could.

Eventually Bele learned that one of the teachers at the school, Bisque, was offering tutoring courses. Bele save up some lien by doing odd jobs for other farmers and after a year of hard work and saving he began learning from Bisque. He taught Bele the details of sparring fighting, something his father did not teach him. Like he did with Onyx he taught Robin everything that he learned. One day, three years later, on his way back from a lesson with Bisque they encountered a small pack of Beowolves. Bisque saw this as an opportunity to test to see how well Bele was learning(not knowing that he was also being taught by his father) Bele was able to take them out but as he was doing so he failed to notice that Bisque was being attacked by an large Ursa: his weapon knocked away. Bele ran in to save him and was stuck in the shoulder, this wouldn't have been a problem if he had not lost a lot of his aura fighting the Beowolves. Just as it appeared that he and Bisque were about to be killed, they were saved by Onyx. Bele was forbidden from taking anymore lessons and wasn't even allowed to defend the farm anymore.

The one thing him and his father agreed on was that Bele was not strong enough to defend the farm. Bele decided that he needed to apply to an academy, since he was home schooled he didn't know how famous Beacon was. He waited until his shoulder healed and then applied to Beacon through the local combat school. The school had him do a few tests in order to get transcripts, which he passed with above average marks. He was smart enough to not tell his father about his plan and instead told Robin, he packed some resources and Hitchhiked to Beacon.

Weapon(s) and Semblance:

Weapon: Rabenschwarz

Rabenschwarz (Rab-en-swars) consisting of; Karasu Bein (Care-a-sue Bane) and Corvus Anima (Corv-vus An-im-a). Beles Cane-sword was named Rabenshwarz by him after designing it, based on its color and his semblance. It separates into 2 forms; Karasu Bein and Corvus Anima, A gun-sword and a sawed off shotgun. Karasu Bein is a Ninjato that Doubles into an eight-shot dust revolver. The sword comes out of the cane with ease and the crow shaped handle of the cane then acts as the hilt to Karasu Bein. For Karasu Beins ammunition, he uses simple lightning dust to propel it's bullets. The wings of the crow hilt slide away to reveal a simple method to input a Dust cartridge in order to charge the blade (eg. a knock-back effect using wind dust). Corvus Anima is a sawed off shotgun, which acts as Karasu Beins sheath. When Karasu Bein is removed the remainder of the cane transforms, the cane sliding into itself for a barrel and the base below the handle extending to become a stock. It is capable of holding 2 shells, hence the bandolier harness (which in total holds 20 shells). For Corvus Anima he uses Ash dust (a Mixture of wind and fire) That super heats the pellets, giving them a little extra kick. Unlike Wilt and blush, Rabenschwarz cannot propel its sword.

Beles fighting style is called 'Totsuzen no surasshingu no tsubasa'. This style borrows techniques from the Japanese styles of 'Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu' and 'Jigen-ryu'. He uses the Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu technique of using the swords in a sequential rhythm; as one sword defends, the other attacks in the next step, except instead of a second sword to defend and attack he uses Corvus Anima. And from Jigen-ryu he uses borrows the features of emphasizing a powerful first strike (intended to kill an enemy instantly). He makes a running or sweeping cut from the opponent's left shoulder to his right hip.

Semblance: Carrion Gust

He can create strong 'gusts' of spectral, aura-construct crows that push an opponent back with force. These crows are not sentient nor are they alive, think of them like a beam Ruby's roses except much more dense. These gusts are mainly used for a knock-back attack but can also be used for a myriad of other tricks; such as increasing his own speed, slowing him down, taking hits from projectiles, acting as a day time flare, slowing down enemies, speeding up allies or filling his opponents field of vision. As they are Aura constructs they do take aura to create, for every 2 dozen crows he will lose 1% of his Aura(keep in mind that it takes hundreds per gust to be remotely effective in combat). After going for 3 dozen meters (around 108 feet give or take) they dissipate into the air.

In Battle


He prefers to make the second move while he is alone in fighting; letting him figure out a few basics on their strategy. When he strikes he prefers to use quick powerful slashing attacks, Blocking using the barrel of Corvus Anima if his aura become slow or his opponents is over-powering him he will launch his opponent away, using any and all distance to shoot either Corvus Anima or Karasu Beins gun.

With team:

He works mainly with Rajah as they both specialize in close quarters combat. While they use quick attacks to damage he will use Carrion Gust fall back and aid Autumn or to launch Mai forward. In fact the primary way he aids his team is with his semblance to launch his team forward or back.


Primary Role: Warrior

Secondary Role: Mage

Offensive Skill:                      8/10

Defensive Skill:                     5/10

Armor:                                    3/10

Aura:                                      6/10

Movement Speed:                 5/10

Attack Speed:                        6/10

Evasion:                                 2/10

Endurance:                            4/10

Agility:                                   3/10

Accuracy:                               7/10

Intelligence:                           6/10

Dust Knowledge:                   3/10


Team ABRM: He has an awkward relationship with his team mates, mainly because they are his first real 'friends'. He highly respects Autumn for her skill despite her wounds and often thinks about how much stronger she must have been before her accident happened. He enjoys Mai's company and sees her as his rival, skill wise, they both enjoy sparring much more than their other team mates and due to near equal skill their sparring matches can sometimes take hours and often end in draws. He sees Rajah as the weaker link of their chain and is always trying to help her get better at fighting.He tries hard to get Rajah to come out of her shell, unlike the other members of his team he can tell she is putting on a show, but he doesn't know what for.

Family: His relationship with his parents is strained as they are against him becoming a huntsman and he refuses to come home, in fact he ignores most of their calls. His relationship with his sister on the other hand is very good, as sad as it sounds, she is probably his best friend. He looks out for her and will not hesitate in fighting anyone that threatens her.


He can play the violin very well and took 4 years of lessons

He has a habit of limbering-up when he is annoyed

While he loves all kinds of music his favourite genre is Electro swing



His first name is Basque for crow, alluding to the color black.

His last name comes from the Roman poet Ovid who saw the crow as a harbinger of rain.

Rabenschwarz in German translates into Black as a Crow

Karasu Bein in Japanese translates into Crows bane

Corvus Anima in Latin translates into Ravens breath


He is based off the the tale of Noah's Ark, more specifically the part after the flood when Noah sends a Dove to find land only to have it return. He then sends a raven and, when it fails to return, he concludes it has found land.

His Semblance is based on the flood rain which washed away sin, Rain being represented by The Swarm and Sin being represented by the swarm consisting of crows; the devil bird.

His weapons are based off elements of Noah's Ark, Rabenschwarz represents two of every animal, Corvus Anima represents the flood and Karasu Bein represents Sin.

The wound he received from a Grimm attack is based on the Denmark myth of the raven in which a hole in its left wing denotes where the stake was used to exorcise its demons.

Bisque, the tutor is based on Saint Benedict of Nursia, patron saint of students and Europe. Whose life was saved by a crow

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