The Bent Lotus martial arts style, is a custom fighting technique used by Verdantos Grenice


Bent lotus is a fighting style Verda created, after realizing constant punching without gauntlets injured his hands.  He noticed that, all of his opponents that were skilled in Hand-to-Hand combat used gauntlets, including Jr.Azulon . He considered using gauntlets as well, but this hindered his skill with his main weapon, a pair of SMGs.


He uses the bending parts of his arms and legs, to create a harder, more forceful impact, he only uses these parts of his body, both to block and kick, delivering more punishment, and being able to take more. The surface of the elbow, and the kneecap is a more solid striking point than fists and feet. The lack of punching and kicking in this technique, make it harder to block, since he does not fully extend any part of his body, This technique does have restrictions, as fighting with shorter parts of the body limits range, ultimately causing him to exert more effort. When coupled with his propelled fist technique it creates a quick and deadly combination.


Scattering Petals

The move starts out with a spinning elbow to an opponents right cheek. This is followed up by another elbow on the opposite place. As the opponent recovers from the initial attack, Verdantos uses this moment to preform a jumping knee to the opponents chin. This moves in rapid succesion are supposed to rattle the assailants head in different directions, thus causing the brain to slam around in the skull, scattering the opponents balance and thought process.

Poison Roots

This move is supposed to to target the lower body, this the name. It starts out with a high knee to the opponents thigh, in some cases this causes a clot, putting the opponent in extreme pain, against skilled fighters, it just causes a minor lingering annoyance. It is followed by a knee strike to the back of the opponents knee, effectively driving the opponent to the ground, onto their knees. The final strike is an elbow to the back of the head, knocking an opponet to the ground.

No moves are a garunteed success, damage depends on an opponents skill level.


I was heavily inspired by the eight strike points of  Muay Thai, the hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

Verda's starting pose, for his technique.

 I dropped the Fist and Foot portion, and focused heavily on the elbow, and knee strikes. This is to emphasize the fact that Verda was raised as a sheltered boy, so he is not one to take punishment, when he does not have to. This also aludes to his frustration at Jr.'s superior hand to hand skills.

If you would like to use this fighting style for one of your OC's please credit me, and link back to this page, thank you.

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