Beowolves are large, dark, werewolf-like creatures




Emerald Forest


Lunges, claws, fangs


Black fur, and bone-like spines along its body.


Beowolves resemble the traditional, bipedal forms of lycanthropes, also known as werewolves. However they seem much larger in comparison, they stand on their hind legs, albeit with a slouch, and are extremely muscular. They have dark black fur and red eyes. Their heads also appear to be made out of bone and display skull-like features. They appear to have protrusions seemingly made of bone along their back and arms.

Abilities and powers

They attack like a regular wolf would, with clawing and lunges. Although unlike male Beowolves, female Beowolves retreat after several are killed in a confrontation. Female Beowolves, however, are more agile, aggressive, stronger, faster and more intelligent. Also, additional abilities a female Beowolf has is the ability to breathe underwater and to be invulnerable to lightning based attacks.


  • Although Beowolves are not really made by tierhalibelbrylle, he decided to make a female version of these creatures.
  • A Female Beowolf is a very rare gender in the Bewolf family. Most Beowolves are male. (fan-made)

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