"Let me tell you something! The world won't end through you. It will end through our own dirty hands, and when that happens, we'll end every single one of you before our stupidity destroys us!
— Berde Bazahka to a Grimmian
Berde Bazahka
Berde Bazahka
Age 18
Alias Ragnarok
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Born March 14
Handedness Right
Complexion Slightly tanned
Hair Dark Green
Eyes Light Green
Semblance Derange
Height 167 cm (5'6")
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team BISN
Partner Sameko Shintai
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Rubio (younger brother)

Vermehlo (older brother)

Additional Info
Likes Battle, cats, historic battles, encouragement, disco music, Round the House by Yep!
Dislikes frogs, bullying, his ADHD, Grimm
Special Skills Heavy lifting, carpentry, drafting, sharp observation in battle
Weaknesses Mental instability, risky Semblance, lack of effective ranged options
Battle Theme

Zinogre Black Lute

Berde Bazahka is an original character made by Jester Mad, and the leader of Team BISN, as well as their main tank and fighter. He wields two High Caliber Revolver Axes called Green Envy and Verdant Terror. The Green Trailer displays his outstanding combat capabilities against a powerful kingpin who hires a group of thugs, martial artists, and serial killers to protect him from the rampaging berserker.

After the Fall of Beacon, Berde and Ash form a group dedicated to hunting down those responsible for destroying Beacon.


Default (Bear Sark)

Berde is an incredibly toned young adult. His face and arms are splattered with scars of his battles of yore. Berde wears a brown sleeveless vest with fur on the collar area. He has sharp green eyes and dark green hair that is dishevelled and spiky. He usually has a bear skull pauldron on his left shoulder. He wears a pair of metal bracers with fur protruding out of them. He wears a green cloth tasset that reaches up to his knees. His tasset is fastened by a belt with two pouches on each side, holding ammunition. He wears dark grey jeans with black boots with fur at the end of the boot cuff. He usually has the gear-cross pendant on his neck; a memento of his past.

Alternate Outfit (Fatality)

Berde's alternate outfit is more conservative. He wears a trenchcoat with green linings and his symbol pasted on the back, He wears green bracers by his wrist with fur. He wears black fingerless gloves. He wears a white undershirt underneath, but his trenchcoat is nearly zipped up, making him look like he's wearing nothing underneath. He wears white skinny jeans with a belts full of bullets and chambers holding a various amounts of bullets or Dust bullets. He wears a pair of red shoes that mix the look of sneakers and running shoes.

New Outfit (Tarkus)

After the fall of Beacon, Berde dons a new outfit that mixes his Bear Sark and Fatality Outfit. Berde wears his long coat, which is now tattered and missing his right sleeve, but now has a green fur collar. His black long coat now has more green linings with tribal markings branching out of his left side. Underneath his long coat is a white dress shirt with its collars flattened on the surface of his long coat and unbuttoned enough to show some of his chest, similar to Soiree outfits. He places a button on each side: on the right, a heart, and on the left, his symbol. The left "tail" of his coat is burned off and now wears his green waist cape albeit without his right side. His green waist cape now dons a black rendition of his Emblem, with the right "tail" of the coat donning a green rendition. The left part of his coat is now tucked in. He now dons a new shoulder plate on his right shoulder, now resembling a Griffon's Skull. He wears dark blue slim jeans with black steel-toed boots; the steel coloured green. He two belts: one wrapping his waist, and one wrapping diagonally downward; both belts having two pouches to hold ammo on each side. He dons a metallic gauntlet on his right arm that has spiked up fur. The glove has metal studs by its knuckles and has two green Sigma marks.

The back of his coat now has the Kanji (Kuma meaning Bear) and has two large holsters right above his waist that houses his axes.

School Uniform

His uniform is worn a bit differently as well as having some accessories to stand out from the students. He wears his tie loosely and the last three buttons, seemingly preferring to have a "cleavage window". He wears a bronze heart-shaped button on his right blazer collar and a bronze axe-head shaped button on his left. On the left side of his chest are three small green buttons that make a triangle through their positioning. The top button shows a cartoon bear head that has the text "Bear in Mind". The 2nd button on the bottom left has a black cut-out rendition of his symbol. The 3rd button has the logo of Yep; a stylized text that says "Yep", based on the band logo of Yes[1].


He wears a green pajama top that's unbuttoned, and dark grey sweats with teddy bear slippers.


Due to his preference of clothing, he has a long black blazer with green trims akin to a longcoat. His vest is chartreuse green and has a slightly loose green tie, while the dress shirt is white and has a few buttons undone, exposing some of his skin. The pants and dress shoes are basically the same.


Berde was born in Vacuo to a poor family. He's the middle child of two brothers, Vermehlo, and Rubio. He was loved and cared for by Vermehlo, but Rubio nuanced him and often manipulated him. When Berde was 5, they all moved to Patch. Berde showed promise in modern technology and prose, immediately grasping the concepts of both quite easily and passionately. He was also a much more spirited, determined, and creative boy, who loved to make stories. He especially loved the stories of heroism, action, and doing what was right, making him want to become a Huntsman. His parents had no fighting capability, disapproving of his dream of becoming a Huntsman, but nonetheless passed on their belief of right and wrong, which he took to heart. Sadly, his young self had a bit of a superior complex, which slowly developed into an inferiority complex quickly, realizing that some people are naturally better. At the age of 9, a tantrum based on frustration over his own work ethic caused his parents to look for a therapist. He was diagnosed with ADHD. After that, he was prescripted medicine. His dad was angered at his wife's decision to use their money to pay for his medication. His dad got angrier at him, and his mother, who was still choosing on whether to get it or not. She never made a final decision; Berde ran away, not wanting his family to be impoverished because of him.

Living in the streets were rough. He had to beg for money, steal if he had to, pick out food from trash cans, and fight people older than him. He would usually be beaten, and he spent days recovering his wounds. A great cynicism quickly formed, believing himself to be utterly worthless for following the silly dream of fighting Grimm and protecting people. He nearly lost his dream of becoming a Huntsman.

One day, a man pinned him down and attempted to rape him, but the rapist was knocked out by a powerful fist from an adversary. A bearded man named Bronn Bjorsonn found the scarred boy. He put his hand on him, activating his Aura. His natural Aura healed his wounds and he stood up on his feet. The man saw potential, watching his suffering from afar. He gave him the chance to grow stronger. Berde accepted. Despite the harsh training he started out with, the members of the Marauders genuinely cared for him and he never gave up. His harsh training regimen included fighting with an "adult" axe, fighting a group of three people simultaneously, running with their whore (Lavender) chained to his back, and also basic academic education. He was also mandatorily trained in criminal activities such as robbery, interrogation, stealing, and gang warfare. He showed great potential in academics, but his physical potential escalated at a great rate. At 13, he had already gained the strength to wield a heavier "adult" axe effectively, as well as mastering his Aura control. Through tough training, Berde's worry for his mental illness faded, believing that battle and training were "therapeutic; similar to a jaded business man's split personality's organization".

According to their leader, his heart and dreams were shattering, but through training and growing stronger, power had returned the power needed to jump start both his heart and dreams. Through training, his arrogance and perfectionism had diminished; their leader mentioning he humbled incredibly. Sadly, Berde had to hide his identity to prevent his family from knowing about his wherebouts or activity, but as the years grew, that identity blurred out his past of his family. Despite that, his parents's teachings and morals stuck with him; the nexus still blurry to the unknowing youth.

By the time his Aura training was complete (age 13), he had moved on to his Semblance activation trial. Berde fought the leader's son, who was one of their most promising fighters in a Hunter-in-training level. He simply had to activate his Semblance in a fight and he passed... or die. As the fight progressed, the son realized that his power was slowly growing stronger as well as becoming much more swift and responsive. Sadly, due to a lack of mastery, the electricity flowing through him had caused him to lose control. In his blind rage, he defeated him and continued striking him while he was down. The son died, and Berde passed out from overusing his Aura and vitality.

When he woke up, Bronn, who developed a liking to Berde throughout his training, was both angered and saddened. He treated him as his own son, yet, he killed his own actual son. Bronn was planning to kill him, but noted that his Semblance was truly involved in his berserk rage. He said it was similar to his grandfather, who grew stronger and faster, yet at the cost of massive aura and mentality. Bronn said that he broke the rule of killing kin, but due to not being a hypocrite, and his love for his adoptive son, he had no choice but to exile him. As a parting gift, he gave him his late son's axe. With a hug, he waved Berde goodbye. The Marauders moved elsewhere after his departure.

With a heavy heart, he had to move on. With no local jobs available for him due to his background, his only suitable direction was to eke out a life of crime and combat. While his methods were brutal, he still protected the innocent and defenceless. He didn't bother fighting children, or people who didn't wish to fight. While a robber and a criminal, he didn't do anything to ruin the lives of citizens involving Grimm, which made Huntsmen and Huntresses a less likely obstacle. Despite Berde's confidence in his strength, he knew that a Huntsman would beat him, and he wanted to continue his perilous quest outdoors as opposed to prison, so whenever a Huntsman was nearby, he'd simply run away. If they caught him, he'd lure them into a Wild Grimm area. In those areas, Berde would face Grimm every waking hour until he reached another town. His training and tenacity as well as his wits and adaptability helped him win against even the local law enforcements.

Not only was he a force to be reckoned with, he was incredibly mobile. One week, he'd be at Patch, then another, he'd be at Vale. He usually sneaked into Airships, sometimes willing to brave the cold storage, or even guise himself as someone else thanks to his knowledge of kidnapping. Otherwise, he'd go for ships; sometimes even hijack them. Due to usually staying in Grimm-infested areas, bounty hunters and police found it hard to exactly pinpoint his location and his next destination.

He was also wanted in Atlas, as he usually raided Dust Stores; there are more there due to the SDC being based there. In Atlas, he faced terrible cold weather and even more terrible Grimm. Some say that the cold was nothing to him, and that due to his criminal activities, he was a homing beacon for Grimm. Some even say that every time he came into a village, Grimm would follow due to his hatred, making his moniker, Ragnarok, an omen of bad things to come. Whenever massive Grimm activity were near towns and villages, some would blame Ragnarok. One thing's for sure: he fought soldiers and Grimm every day. After two years, he moved back to Patch.

One day, near a combat school, Berde encountered Mohawk Tribal. He was a contractor who told him to meet him to discuss on a target, only to reveal that he himself is the "target". Berde looked at the mature man and deduced (an assumption actually) he was a Huntsman. Feeling ready, he didn't back down. Berde, though defeated, had managed to damage his weapon and some his skin. Mohawk's swift and strong attacks outmanoeuvred his brutal strikes (though, Mohawk admitted they were fast for a large axe). With this, he was finally taken in.

Berde awaited either imprisonment, or execution, but he was met with mercy. Mohawk intervened, striking a deal with the law that he'd make Ragnarok a student in Signal as a form of "community service".

Mohawk cited that he had the potential for a Huntsman. While there were mostly news of Ragnarok robbing stores, there were other stories of Ragnarok saving children, defending homes from Grimm. He also learned that one of his relatives from his home village were fed by Ragnarok himself despite his reputation.

The judges of the prison thought thrice of his decision, and ultimately accepted. Ragnarok then broke free of his moniker and entered Signal Academy as Berde Bazahka.

Berde wasn't alone. Mohawk became his adoptive parent and teacher, and his intern, Vermehlo, tutored him. Vermehlo was a stranger to Berde, but the red-haired former-brother knew of Berde, yet didn't want to reveal his familial connection with him due to worries.

His initiation involved making a weapon. Berde, inspired by Mohawk's fighting style utilizing two axes, reforged his large axe into two small, but heavy high caliber hand axes.

Fitting in was quite hard, but he endured. He was met with malice, disgust, and anger due to his past as a criminal. His impressive combat skills were met with disgust and envy rather than praise. He'd usually butt heads with bullies, yet the victims would still show disgust and fear from his supposed "greed for pain".

Berde fell into many slumps, and was usually alone. While training and fighting out in the wild during free days soothed him, he later admitted that his thirst for battle was now hedonistic as opposed to therapeutic.

He needed company.

Mohawk and Vermehlo helped him. Mohawk was like that of a father, while Vermehlo -who was his real brother- showed him the same brotherly love from his past. Berde still wondered if Vermehlo really was his brother. A girl named Shelke Freyja was one of the only ones who showed kindness to him during his first days of ridicule-filled despair, later blooming into love during the final year.

Through their guidance, Berde mellowed down. His more serene and kind side were acknowledged, and he had gained a few friends. His studies and grades gradually increased, and his reputation had shifted to a more positive tone.

But, sadly, things came tumbling down at the age of 17. Vermehlo disappeared, and Mohawk had no idea or leads of his whereabouts. Shelke was taken away from Berde, who confessed that she was already with another person. Berde was distraught, and while he had to respect her decision, he beat up her boyfriend in a sparring match. He jeered at his weakness, assuming that he made her change her mind through some form of mindbreak or sex.

His behavior had decreased ever since that day. He had become more of a Darwinist, mocking the weak. An ego formed inside of him. His friends slowly started leaving him; his attitude gradually souring. The feeling of loneliness drove him to bipolar bouts of despair and frustration. During his matches, he had developed much more brutal moves such as stomping on opponent's heads while they're down, or limb breaking moves. Mohawk approached him and told him to stop, otherwise, he'd personally deal with him.

Absorbed in negativity, mostly arrogance and ego, he challenged him. If he won, he'd go to Beacon, if he lost, he'd leave Signal. Mohawk nearly declined, yet his pupil insisted. They fought a gristly fight. Berde's progress and training had made him land more hits on his teacher, but his teacher won but not unscathed. Berde, angrily a man of his word, had to leave. Mohawk was about to tell him to return, but Berde insisted a deal is a deal. Before he left, Mohawk told him that his community service time was up, and despite his vile behaviour, had been pardoned.

He travelled around Vale, Patch, and Atlas once again.

His travels had calmed him down. The dream of becoming a Huntsman remained, but due to being more free, his heart had time to ease. Now with actual money, Berde simply spent 5 days a week in Grimm infested territory and spent the rest in the nearest village. What eased his heart more was from the laughter and smiles of the people he helped. He didn't bother raiding or robbing. Despite that, he didn't tolerate crime happening nearby him.

He realized that he had been restrained by such emotions; the restraint of school didn't seem to help. His freedom and travels had made him feel at peace. He had gone through many adventures such as defending a village far from the kingdom from a Grimm invasion alone. He nearly forgot his dream of becoming a Huntsman due to his joy of travelling, but, due to some people thinking he was a Huntsman-in-training, he wondered how else he'd become a Huntsman; how a Combat School drop out like him would be one.

At 18, he returned to Patch. Hearing the news, Mohawk re-enacted the contract hoax he did when he first met him. He heard of the news of Berde, and his illegal, but nonetheless successful vigilantism.

With a renewed soul and heart, Berde challenged Mohawk to a spar; no negative emotion driving his axes. Mohawk took up his challenge. The one year of travels showed promise, and his improved mental and emotional state as well as experience had caused Mohawk to go on the defensive many times. Mohawk defeated him again, but Berde smiled from such a great battle. Scanning his student through the battle, he believed he was ready.

In the hospital, Mohawk and Ozpin visited the fighter. Ozpin was impressed by Berde's adventures as well as his strength and experience. Fresman year was coming, and Ozpin invited him to Beacon. Despite his adventures, he knew where the truly best fighters come to gather: Beacon Academy. Excited for the challenge and greater growth to becoming a greater Huntsman, he accepted.


He may seem silent and cold sometimes, but he's rather shy, and he's actually a genuinely good person. His anger is something you should not trigger.
— Indigo Sangre

A strong man with a strong heart, Berde is the kind but serious leader of his team. He's sociable, but also eccentric, impulsive, and sometimes quite stupid. Despite that, he's incredibly patient, hard to anger, and usually puts others before himself. He's always thinking of others. With a strong heart and a mind focused on others, he's one to forgive his friends easily and has incredible faith and hope in his friends, as well as being quite humble.

Behind the usual friendliness lies a great maturity, carved by experience and mistakes. He's rather patient with the antics of his friends, but can be annoyed. While mature, he has a hard time forming words of wisdom. He understands most emotional problems, but is rather bad at romantic problems due to a bad relationship in Signal.

Though he's usually compared to the stereotypical "dumb muscle", his grades range from average to above-average; his pragmatism preventing him from getting any higher grades. His partner, Sameko describes him as "dumber than he should be", while his other teammate, Naraka, calls him a "smart dumbass". He hates being compared to a "dumb muscle". Despite his average grades, he's very in touch with modern technology; his parents had trouble adapting to them while him at a young age seemed to adapt naturally.

Despite being friendly, he can be incredibly shy sometimes. He has a bit of a stutter when talking to others, and rarely makes eye contact. He also has some self-confidence issues, especially with the responsibility of being a leader. He dislikes the mistreatment of the Faunus. While kind and friendly, he has little people skills, adding to his waning confidence as a leader.

Berde has ADHD, which makes him very impulsive and easy to distract. This disorder makes him lack confidence in himself, especially as a leader.

Berde is also quite emotional and sensitive. He can be driven to tears from sad movies, and certain offences. He's the most prone to cry emotionally, though, it doesn't make him a crybaby. He can cry from being reminded of things in the past. He sometimes cries from being met with horrible failure. In Sameko's words: "... he surprisingly cries a lot."
To fight him is to fight either a crazed man who enjoys the fight, or a cold-blooded killer with deadly cunning. Luckily for us, he's an aspiring Huntsman, and while his approach isn't the most just or heroic, he's unwilling to brutalize his opponent even further when they're unable to fight.
— Mohawk Tribal

Berde relishes the heat of battle. He is described as being the "happiest". He's much more lively, eccentric, and eerily gleeful. That's usually on one versus one matches; in team fights, he's much more serious. He's prone to more taunting and shouting in the heat of battle, but depending on who he fights, he has no hard feelings ultimately. He'll never run away from a fight, even against seemingly unbeatable opponents or odds.

When fighting Grimm, in his own words, he has a love-hate relationship with them. He likes that he can massacre them any way he wants with no remorse, but he hates them for threatening humanity. When fighting Grimm in a town, his common strategy is to exude as much hate to them as he can so that the Grimm will be attracted to him.

Berde's leadership was earned due to his inspiring charisma, his battle experience, and care for his teammates. He prefers being the first one to fight, letting his team follow through

Despite his love for battle, he has morals and scruples. He's above harming young children or defenceless people, and is heavily against bullying. While he can disarm weapons, he sometimes allows his opponent to pick up their weapon, otherwise, if the unarmed opponent is willing to fight with their bare hands, he'll drop his weapon and fight empty handed. The latter has some exceptions, mostly to those who specialize in hand-to-hand, such as someone with gauntlets or greaves; claws or bladed boots are sometimes an exception depending on whether or not they can be retracted. Despite his overwhelming strength and his life of crime, he refuses to kill people. He's unbiased on who he fights based on race and gender, meaning he'll fight anyone: Faunus, man, or woman.

Like every man and woman... and Faunus, this man has a brutal dark side. Whenever some of it surfaces, his fighting style changes to an even more aggressive and brutal fighting style. He's also more malicious and more of a Darwinist, believing that weak people who think they're strong deserve to die gruesomely. While not enraged, his dark side has the knowledge of his past criminal activities such as interrogation, kidnapping, and torture. His dark side also hides his perfectionist side from when he was kid, becoming a lot more arrogant and stubborn.

His biggest emotional weakness is his past and loneliness. While he learned from his past mistakes, he still can't accept it. With this, he feels that he can't make long lasting friends due to being uncomfortable with telling certain stories of his past. His past had made him an outcast as well as victim for bullying later in his life. He has a fear of being alone due to his time as a homeless person. He had no genuine love, care, or charity during that time, giving birth to a cynicism that tries to eat him away. His team and his previous adoptive parents had remedied this problem, but his emotional weakness still lingers.

Despite being outside much more than his team, he has a rather minimal opinion of politics and shows a disinterest towards it. He has little care for politicians and if they're doing something that's actually heavily messing up the way of life, he wouldn't mind being a leader of an insurrection. Otherwise, he's more of a man of action rather than one who decides everything through councils, laws, and political debates. Sometimes, he even agrees that his stupidity makes his views of politics rather convoluted, but he'll most likely not care anyway as long as they're not being burning down their own nation out of tyranny.

His likes include battle, cats, historic battles, encouragement, and disco music. He has an affinity for cats, and especially loved taking care of homeless cats during his journey. He likes historic battles due to them being a huge influence in his dream of becoming a Huntsman. He also likes to be encouraged and encourage due to him usually liking positivity and happiness. He's a big fan of disco music, liking their upbeat and jovial tunes.

His dislikes include bullies, his ADHD, and frogs. He hates his own disorder, making him feel very inferior. He also has a great dislike and fear of frogs due to their sudden movements and disgusting looks.

Berde is mostly heterosexual and a bit homophobic. Despite the latter, he's attracted to traps.


At the fall of Beacon, Berde's fuse had become shortened. Watching the Grimm kill innocents and overtaking the school had made him much more unstable and prone to bursts of rage. With that instability came a greater drive to protect others, which would sometimes border to over-protectiveness to strangers he comes across in trouble.

Nonetheless, Berde remains good-hearted, friendly, and mature albeit easier to anger whenever Grimm or heinous crime are involved. Berde can still enjoy a good fight with friends or challengers, but when it's utter evil he has to face, expect no mercy from him.

Weapons and Abilities

The Rampant Bear. Started from a life of citizenry, and now a dangerous fighter.
— Mohawk Tribal
In battle, he lies in a dimension between genius and savagery.
— Vermehlo
Don't you dare underestimate his size. He was horribly beaten by martial artists, but after a week, he hunted them out of revenge and came out alive with their blood on his body. You don't wanna mess with Ragnarok.
— Atlesian Soldier

Berde is physically the strongest in his team. Despite his brutish fighting style, he's flexible and athletic, able to swing his heavy axes fast while having limited acrobatic feats. Despite the weight of his weapons, he can swing his axes really fast and carry them with no signs of struggle or his body being pulled by the weight (when people swing heavy things, they sometimes stumble a bit due to their body being pulled by the axe's weight); a testament to his colossal strength. Another testament to his strength is him commonly tearing out Grimm limbs from medium-length Grimm with his bare hands (his favourite way of killing Grimm is by impaling them with their own torn limbs).

As soon as he left home, he had lived his whole day in constant battle, giving him a great amount of combat experience. Having to fight to the point of nearly killing himself almost every day made him a natural survivalist and quick thinker. Despite this, it doesn't seem to pass on to common academics despite him having a slightly above-average GPA.

He can fight without his weapons, though, his hand-to-hand mostly focuses on wrestling moves and grapples. While he can carry his axes effortlessly despite their weight, he's still much faster when unarmed. His impressive strength makes it hard to break free from.

He's the 2nd fastest in the team tied with Indigo. He's surprisingly swift and despite his heavy weapons, he's able to weave through the battlefield albeit violently and savagely as if he was a mad warrior.

When enraged, his grapples and empty handed techniques will incorporate more brutal moves such as face slams, stomps, or continuous slamming. While not having as much finesse as his other teammates, he's well-versed in improvisation, giving him a scary unpredictability. Some describe his fighting style as "Barbaric" while victims note that it is "unorthodox".

In comparison to his teammates, he has little "grace" in his attacks, replacing it with a pragmatic yet precise ferocity. Though rare for a fighter, and not too rare for him, he'll bite his opponents or even lift them by biting into them. Being the strong man he is, he can take a lot more hits than them and can continue fighting even with a disabled arm. His durability is immense, able to handle the punches of the Grimmian.

He has great stamina and staying power due to travels and constantly fighting through the wilderness. He can go without food for a whole day in a Grimm infested area and is able to clear through hordes of them without tiring easily.

His Aura is immense. He can use it to augment his already colossal strength, or toughen him up, making him resist more damage. He mostly uses his Aura to heal himself, but only when he has some left after a fight. Healing and defending, however, consume a lot more Aura than simply augmenting his strength. Due to consuming a lot more Aura while defending, he seems to prefer defending at a precise time rather than keep up his Aura whilst fighting. When he augments his strength, his maximum lifting limit is multiplied.

Berde's Semblance is Derange. His Aura's natural shielding decreases, and the blood and electricity amplify his strength and speed. While he uses electricity to power up his muscles and brain, he can't discharge it or in his case, wasn't meant to be discharged. It gets stronger the more he upkeeps the state. It amplifies his strength to a maximum of a multiplier of 8x and his speed to 5x. It takes him quite a while to reach his maximum. To reach the next level, it would take 20 minutes for the first, 15 minutes for the 2nd, 10 minutes for the 3rd, and 5 minutes for the max. It takes a total of 50 minutes to reach his maximum. To shorten the duration it takes to reach a state, he can absorb electricity to increase the intensity of the lightning flowing through him, effectively reducing the amount of time it takes to reach the next state. Derange's multipliers are fixed, so, absorbing a huge amount of electricity won't make his multipliers exponentially larger than it should be.

Despite this, he already gains a burst of power once he activates his Semblance, though, he can be VERY cunning with it. It's hard to determine whether or not he activated it from a glance, so if he wants a fight to end quickly, he usually gets to stage 1 before they expect it; stage 1 gives him 2x strength and 1.25x speed. When he activates it, he's imbued in his green Aura then transforms into green electricity that surges into his body.

At Pre-Stage 1, there's no external cosmetic. At Stage 1, green electricity dances around his body. At stage 2 and onward, it turns into black lightning with a green glow and the frequency of dancing electricity increases. Due to Berde's electrically enhanced brain, his reflexes and his reaction time increase as well, which make up for his lowered defence, making him switch to a more dodge-based fighting style.

According to Berde himself, his Semblance evolved in a way, or rather, with age, comes a potential for higher stages of Derange. When he first activated it, his maximum was Level 2, in which he could only last for 5 minutes. He says that if he continues training a lot harder, he might be able to reach a new maximum. He and Sameko theorize that the stronger his body, the more stages of Derange there is. If this is true, his next Derange max would be 10x strength and 6.25x speed.

During further fights, he developed a way to achieve max power for a moment called Nerve Snap!. When he gets hurt or dodges an otherwise incredibly swift and deadly attack, his body reacts from the pain, causing the electricity to react like an adrenaline reaction to extreme encounters. Nerve Snap! lasts 20 seconds. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to reach his next stage by around 1-3 minutes depending on how dangerous the attack he dodged or absorbed right after Nerve Snap! ends.

After his discovery of Nerve Snap!, he starts to test if his Semblance is determined through emotions of rage and/or fear. Rage from the side-effects of Derange, and fear from Nerve Snap!. He's certain that it might not only be fear that activates Nerve Snap!, but rather a Fight-or-Flight response that causes his whole body to quickly act in a short time.

Of course, the tanky fighter is not without weaknesses. He may have guns on his axes, but they lack proper barrels, making them have poor range. His unskilled attacks can get very predictable, making foes adept in dodging hard to hit. Derange consumes more and more Aura the more he uses it, making him at a greater risk when in an already critical state. It also causes him great pain due to overheating his blood and overcharging the electricity in his body. The massive pain and massive electric surge can cause him to lose his mind. Not only that, but his susceptibility to damage INCREASES, meaning he's more vulnerable the longer he keeps Derange up. According to Sameko, he can keep his maximum state up for only a minute before he passes out. Also, he can get defeated before he can reach his maximum, plus, the lowered defence and burned out Aura increases damage taken, making his vitality not make up for that amplified damage. Also, Berde cannot absorb electricity passively and has to activate his Semblance first in order to gain the ability to absorb it.


His former weapon was a large axe fused with a heavy-barrelled-like Winchester shotgun called Ussuri. Ussuri weighs 55 kgs and he can carry it effortlessly. The gun has a buttstock with a straight grey handle in the middle of it, allowing him to wield it with his off-hand, or his right hand alone. The axe-blade itself has a square-like top with a curved and sharpened blade. The Iron sight by the end of the barrel is the sharpened hooked butt of an axe, which he uses for pulling in people or disarming opponents. The most unusual aspect of this weapon is that it has two triggers that fire the same barrel (one on the stock handle, and the other on the actual handle). Berde mostly loads up heavy shells and can hold up to 15 each round before reloading. The gun is semi-automatic, allowing Berde to fire in quicker succession. After Berde's defeat to Mohawk, he reforges his axes into Green Envy and Verdant Terror after admitting fighting with a large axe was a bit "cumbersome" despite his great strength and being able to effortlessly wield it.

Ussuri also has a compact form where the barrel recedes into the base of the gun as well as the stock being folded to cover the center of the gun.

His main weapons are two High Calibre Revolver Axes he calls Green Envy and Verdant Terror. The revolver has one huge blade with a sharp hook behind it. A revolver chamber is placed in the middle of the axe, storing high calibre bullets. Like most revolvers, it can load up to six bullets. He's able to swing his axes much faster by using the recoil of the gun as a boost. According to Berde, the gun's recoil is as nearly as heavy as its axes. With his colossal strength, he can shoot without feeling too much recoil. He also states that without the proper strength and training, the sheer weight and high recoil of the weapon is enough to cause considerable to even above-moderate damage to the arm, or worse, to the face (without a proper and firm grip).

Berde can load Dust Bullets which he uses for more simpler purposes like propelling him. While not proficient in wielding Raw Dust, his pragmatic use of it still compliments his close range fighting style. He mostly uses Earth Dust and Lightning Dust. He can create large spires of earth from the ground or use Lightning Dust to fire frightening bolts of electricity, though, this requires great focus to hit properly due to the massive recoil. Due to his Semblance, he can shorten the amount of time it takes to Derange using Lightning Dust. In a normal Dust user's eyes, the techniques he mostly utilizes with them are rather poor, but his powerful strength compliments them well.

He's able to throw his axes, which make for a more devastating projectile. Combined with his strength and the weight of the axe, the damage and speed is monstrous.

Due to the small barrel, its effective range is around 5-7 meters. He modified the chambers to be able to fire shotgun shells to promote his close combat. The axes are incredibly heavy; even an average Huntsman-in-training would have problem wielding it. Some people believe his weapon are "heaps of raw metal". Each axe weighs around 25 kilograms each. He can swing it as if it weighed nothing. The reason his weapons are heavy is due to his intense training as a child. He had gained great strength, and a normal battle axe would have broken from merely swinging it.
Berde Bazahka's Stats :

Primary Role Fighter
Secondary Role Tank
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm

Development Notes

Berde Bazahka is the first RWBY OC Jester Mad developed. He's mostly based on himself and a bit of a "contrast" to his physical features. He's also based on other dual wielders or axe users, mostly Aeon Calcos of the Soul Calibur series, Pirates from GBA Fire Emblem, and Yuuki Terumi of Blazblue. His brutal moveset is based on Necalli from Street Fighter V and also Yuuki Terumi. Olaf of League of Legends was one of the biggest inspirations however.

Doing research on martial arts, he discovered his own nation's fighting style, Eskrima and decided to make a character based around fighting with two weapons. He initially chose swords, but despite its "coolness", it felt rather overused, reserving it for an OC based on his friend, Sameko Shinkai. Instead, he decided to do deeper research on berserkers, something he also found cool.

In terms of hand guns, Jester prefers revolvers over automatics. An automatic gun compartment wouldn't work, so he chose a revolver compartment to emphasize power.

The axe weighing a ton was not only inspired by Guts's Dragonslayer, but to emphasize on his physical power.

His Semblance was probably the hardest to develop. His initial Semblance was that he'd get stronger, faster, and tougher the more he kept his Semblance. His mentality would be taxed however as it grew stronger. He initially wanted it to do with lightning (this was before Nora's Semblance was revealed), but decided that he should contrast the rest of his team with raw non-elemental power.

Berde would have been considered to be over 6 feet, but it would be rather cliché for the powerhouse to be imposing (in size).


  • While able to swim in swimming pools, a trauma involving fish and a lake in the past had made him develop a fear of fish and natural water bodies. This is somewhat ironic as bears are known to go to rivers or nearby ocean coasts to hunt fish.
  • Berde, though stupid, is incredibly absorbed in studying time travel and alternate universes. Berde believes timelines exist and that actions can create other timelines where other choices are made from that moment or in the future. Berde theorizes that going to the past will not alter any timeline as he theorizes that it's simply creating another timeline where it will just change that timeline's past as opposed to the previous timeline he comes from. With this belief, he wants to make a villain with time on his side; his demise being that all alternate selves are doomed to die or be defeated at the same time as to prevent them from going into another universe to take their place.
  • Berde means Green in Tagalog. It's also a variant of Verde, which also means green.
    • Adding to his colour symbolism, green is usually a sign of health, longevity, and growth, alluding to his massive growth in power through training, as well as his incredible vitality. Green is also synonymous with a love of nature, something Berde shares.
  • Bazahka isn't his true last name. Bazahka is simply Berserker in romanized Japanese. His adopted family name, Bjorsonn, means Son of Bear. His true last name is unknown due to him forgetting his own family.
    • Mohawk gave him the option to change his last name to anything he wishes after he refused to take his last name. He chose Bazahka due to his interest of a certain language, and the way it rolled off the tongue well with his current name.
  • He keeps a pendant he got from Shelke during their relationship. Berde keeps it to remind him of his ruined relationship and hopes to figure out what caused their relationship to sour.
  • Shelke influenced him to modify his School uniform with buttons and accessories. This influence eventually spread out to his other friends.
  • Berde's bear theme and axes are allusions to the berserker, Norse warriors who were theorized to consume hallucinogenic berries and mushrooms to simulate a mad behaviour. Other theories include forcefully stressing themselves until they get angry.
    • Berde's outfit is an allusion to the bear-sark (where berserk originated from). Berserkers wore this to identify themselves as a berserker. Whenever they got angry, their allies would back away from the man with the bear sark as he could attack his allies in his rage.
  • Each member of BISN alludes to one of the ways the world would end. Berde's physical focus and power alludes to the idea that humans will bring their own demise.

Berde's Crimes

  • Robbery: During his lone journey, he robbed Dust Stores, shops, and various others all on his own. Some were due to contract work, or simply to get food and funds to sustain himself.
    • Larceny: With Identity Theft, he even took rich criminal's homes as safehouses. With the illegal taking of some of their business, he'd rather just dismantle it and leave it in the dust.
  • Kidnapping and Vigilantism: He was sometimes hired to kidnap criminals for the sake of money. It also applies to illegal vigilantism.
  • Identity Theft: With kidnapping, he usually took the Identity of other people to not cause any unneeded ruckus. Berde had his friend, Ashley Steveston take care of his fake IDs by giving him the IDs of people he kidnaps.
  • Arms Trading: Berde fought against Atlesian Soldiers and usually sold the weapons they left behind to the highest bidder.
  • Murder: Berde personally killed criminals due to his disgust with them. Berde targeted kingpin-like criminals, pimps, drug dealers, and rapists. Berde also deals with rapists and kingpins who bend the minds of women harshly, sometimes even castrating them.
  • Assault/Battery: Commonly attacked police, but mostly ones who abused their status with Police Brutality. Also attacks local armies to steal their weaponry
  • Stowaway: To mobilize from one country to another, Berde illegally sneaks into airships or boats.

Comic Relief

  • He and Indigo are quite perverted and usually do perverted escapades like sneaking into girl's locker rooms or peeking at bathing women. Berde's "never run away" attitude is usually exaggerated to the point he finds himself unable to run away. With this, he's usually ditched by Indie.
  • Berde's colossal strength in itself is quite comical. He usually lifts exaggeratedly large objects like large banners or even tree logs, much to the surprise of most people. With this, he sometimes forgets the utterly heavy weight of his axes in which he usually passes his axes to his friends whenever he sees something interesting or wanting them to hold it for a while. This usually leads to the person catching the axe to be succumbed to the heaviness of his axe. The only victim who's unaffected is Gram Balmung, who is stronger than Berde.
  • He's teased for having a Napoleon Complex.
    • This holds slight truth as he's a person who prefers his women shorter, or around his height. He has a height complex and is uncomfortable having romantic feelings towards taller women.
  • Berde, while mostly heterosexual, sometimes expresses an "unhealthy" attraction to traps. This is shown with his interaction with Honoka Antoinette.

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