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Bergen Blunt
Age 19
Title The Subterran Warlord
Nickname Burger, Moleboy
Status Active
Color Brown
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Human
Born August 17
Handedness Right
Hair Medium Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 6 ft 3 in
Weight 160 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Digging, Cake, Cynthia Anaconda
Dislikes Fighting, Blood



Bergen's stats


Bergen's stats in detail, chart by JollyJo

Bergen Blunt Emblem

Bergen Blunt Emblem

Health: 5/10

Bergen is a decently sturdy individual. While rather skinny, he can roll with the punches to a cretain degree.

Attack: 3/10

Until he was accepted into Beacon, Bergen never had to attack or fight anything. Thankfully, his adaptable nature allowed him to think of ways to deal with opponents without head-on confrontation.

Defense: 4/10

Before coming to the Academy, Bergen had only gotten in the occasional street brawl with his friends at the village. He had never been seriously injured, and had never had a bone broken. As such, being knocked around is a new experience for him.

Speed: 8/10

Bergen is quite light on his feet, and agile enough to dodge many attacks. His true speed lies in tunneling. He can dig a hole faster than the fastest non-speed semblance student can run.

Intelligence: 9/10

While he maintains a happy misdemeanor on the outside, Bergen is actually a tactical geinus on the battlefield, and is often at least three steps ahead of his opponent. Thanks to his killer intellect, he has beaten opponents many times stronger than him.


Weapon: Earthswimmer

The Earthswimmer is actually a pair of large fossilized tusks belonging to a long-dead Boarbatusk. They are attached to the top of Bergen's forearms, curving Over his fists. The front end, protruding from over Bergen's knuckles, has been whittled down to a large, flat shovelhead. Two Chainsaw tracks have been fitted vertically , parallel to each other onto each shovelhead to assist in burrowing. The back end, which runs along Bergen's forearm and protrudes from the elbow, is sharpened to a straight single edged blade. The tusks were fossilized so long ago that they became as hard as diamonds, thanks to the pressure the earth exerted on them. The chainsaws are powered by a compact engine of Bergen's own design. The engine is powered by Dust, however, and has a limited amount of fuel.



Bergen, by KuraiJack

Bergen is most at home underground. He fights best when he is standing on earth, or soil. Thanks to this, he constantly fails the official duels that take place inside the school. Bergen's semblance allows him to launch himself in any direction, provided there is something he can launch off of(ex. He cant use it while in the air). After his tome at beacon, he learned to reverse his semblance and use it to repulse objects and enemies he comes in contact with. It is quite useful for maneuvering underground. His most notorious ability is his tunnelling method. By jumping and somersaulting rapidly through the air, Bergen can dive straight into the ground, provided it is soft enough. He can then travel through the earth at reasonable speeds, and launch himeslf out of the ground to attack enemies. He used this ability during the initiation to avoid injury upon landing, however, he burrowed straight to the ruins without encountering any other students, or Grimm(probably due to his peaceful nature). Bergen's entrance into the school is also thanks to this ability. Bergen Actually surfaced in the middle of an orientation at Beacon.

Bergen has befriended a mole, named Dreck, which has grown to substantial size. Dreck is the size of an Ursa, and is very fond of Bergen. He can call to it by putting his fingers to his mouth and whistling loudly. Bergen can ride the mole through the ground, and command it to attack enemies.

Fighting Style:

Bergen is not exactly the best fighter at the Academy. He has, however developed an affinity for guerrila tactics. He uses hit and run strategies to take out opponents without having to expose himself to much danger. Guerilla Tactics borrows techniques from both modern-day special ops techinques and ninjutsu, allowing him to blend into shadows and take down unsuspecing targets with relative ease. If he is in a short, quick fight, he can plant his dust containers like remote explosives, and use them to disorient his enemies. Bergen can also stab Earthswimmer into the ground, and rev the saws, spraying the opponent dirt. However, if he does this in gravel, or some harder substance, the attack become more deadly than disorienting.


Outwardly, Bergen is a very laid back individual who prefers peaceful resolution to physical violence. He speaks with a slight German Accent. He is also sort of a misfit, and is classified by many as "goofy," much like Jaune Arc. Bergen can read body language very efficiently, and pick up on the most subtle non-verbal cues. However, his happy misdemeanor hides an incredibly keen intellect. He has a philosopher's mind, though he never shows it on the outside. While heterosexual, Bergen shows almost no interest in women, and is completely oblivious to sexual advances. Bergen also shows no bias against the Faunus, possibly due to his secluded upbringing. He merely regaurds them as one of many new experiences. Bergen is also quite an emotional person. When he escaped his village, he dug for hours, fueled only by the raw emotion of never being able to go back.

Bergen is based partially on the Carthiginian General, Hannibal.



Bergen, drawn by dC

Bergen is a tall, caucasian male with mid-length brown hair. He wears a brown hoodie with white, furry lining. He wears brown jean pants that are frayed at the bottom. He wears a pair of goggles over his forehead, but swaps them out for glasses in his downtime. He usually wears steel-toed, brown boots while digging to avoid injury, however, when in school he will simply wrap his feet in bandaging and walk around without shoes, claiming it is comfortable. He wears two belts under his hoodie with pouches that contain the Dust he uses to fuel Earthswimmer, one container of Dust fuels the weapon for about a half hour. According to him, his clothes are only brown because of all the digging he does. His associated color is brown, lined with a pale white.

Bergen's basic fighting stance is simple, but effective. He takes a sturdy, crouching posture, with his knees half-bent and his arms in a boxing position, allowing Earthswimmer to protect his face and neck.


Bergen was born in a small town in the eastern mountains, known as Nachtheim. While very fertile and lush, this town was thought impossible to get to due to the extremely hazardous terrain surrounding it. It was even rumored to be in the eye of a never-ending blizzard that constantly changes the landscape around it. The people who live in this town are very in tune with nature, and have developed methods of using the land conservitavely. Bergen had been fond of digging his whole life, and had built his own personal mine shaft underneath the town. One day, he excavated a pair of fossilized Boarbatusk tusks, now known collectively as the Earthswimmer. He worked for days on end, chiseling them to just the right shape to dig with. However, when Bergen showed them to the village elder, he was banned from entering his shaft ever again, because of the common superstition that Boarbatusks brought bad luck. He was given a five-day Exile Notice to come up with a way to survive the blizzard. Devastated, Bergen developed a plan. He had been developing motors powered by dust that gave his tusks chainsaw-like abilities. That same night, he burrowed into his shaft and stole back the tusks, and fitted them with the motors. However, the guards heard him, and he was forced to retreat using an untested burrowing technique uning the tusks. It worked, and he escaped the mountain. He burrowed for hours on end, fueled by the emotional conflict of never returning to Nachthiem. He finally surfaced right in the middle of a Beacon orientation. However, his Dust supply had been completely depleted, and he was practically unconscious, being driven forward by muscle memory alone. After being taken to the infirmary, Bergen was put on trial for illegal entry and destruction of property (he drilled right through most of the topiary), but the current Headmaster saw hunter potential in him, and granted him a scholarship to Beacon under the guise of a "disciplinary education." In addition to classes, Bergen works as a groundskeeper of sorts to pay the bills for things like textbooks and field trips. While not at all a natural fighter, Bergen is eager to learn new things, and actively participates in his combat class.


~"jeez... This has never happened before..."~

Bergen after getting one of Earthswimmer's shovel blades stuck in the ceiling of an abandoned warehouse.

~"Its a shame things had to turn out this way, Jonathan. I feel like we could have been friends, had you listened to my story."~

Bergen, after dropping his emotional ploy to engage an opponent in combat.


Character Theme:

Fighting Theme:

Bonus Theme:


Since Bergen is from a completely uncharted part of the world, students at the Academy have spread many rumors about him. While they are all false, some of them sound somewhat reasonable. Here are a few:

-Bergen eats Dust like salt(he seasons his food with it)

-Bergen is actually a Mole Faunus, because of his affinity with the earth.

-Bergen was raised by Boarbutusks.

-Bergen can see in the dark

RFPL Gym Info

Gym Leader: Bergen Blunt

Type: Ground

Badge name: Rumble Badge (three brown triangular mountains with a drill at the bottom)

3rd Gym Leader


Drillbur (Lvl 19)

Bunnelby (Lvl 19)

Sandshrew (Lvl 19)

Sandslash (lvl 21)

Post-E4 Team:

Diggersby (Lvl 70)

Exadrill (Lvl 70)

Sandslash (Lvl 70)

Gliscor (Lvl 70)

Rhyperior (Lvl 70)

Garchomp (Mega) (Lvl 70)

Gym Description:

The gym is located in the town of Ft. Tremb. Ft. Tremb was, in the past, a large military forteress. Its mountainous location held of attackers for many years. When it was finally overrun, the villagers escaped with the help of earth pokemon, who tunneled them to safety. Now, many years later, it is a small town that is often visited for its rich history and cultural signifigance.

A gym built into the wall of a cliff. Multiple tunnels form a maze that trainers must navigate. The gym has two floors: all the trainers on the first floor must be defeated in order to set off explosives that lead deeper down, into the second floor, where the gym leader is stationed. The gym leader is found in a hollowed-out cave, of sorts. The walls are plastered with maps.


When challenged: "Hey, watch your head! Nice of you to join me! It gets kind of lonely down here. After I mapped the region's underground, I decided to try my hand as a gym leader! Think you've got what it takes?"

On last pokemon: "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly..."

When beaten: "Excellent! You didn't trip up even once. You are as cunning as your pokemon are strong. I think you've earned this."

After badge is given: "You know, my Great-great-great grandfather helped build these tunnels with his pokemon! However, i hollowed out this cave myself. With the help of Sandslash, of course."

Post-E4 Quotes:

When Challenged: "Ah, you're back! Must've been easier to get to me now. So you're the Champion now, eh? Congradulations! I'll have you know I've been doing some trainig of my own! I even found some new pokemon while digging! I'm ready for round 2. How bout you?"

On last pokemon: "Honestly, I'm not suprised! But you should be!"

When beaten: "Well, i guess being beaten by the Champ is something that happens a lot! Come back any time if you want to try your hand again. Just watch your head on the way out!"

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