Chapter 1 - Airship Meetings

Yin sighed as he walked up one of the stairways on the airship and leaned against one of the railings on the deck all alone for the time being, while having his twin swords/spear/shield/gun weapon, Armored Heart in its shield form for compactibility on his arm. "I sure am glad that I went up here first. Of course nobody is going to be up here, so now I can just rest and relax in peace..." He said to himself and then turned around to lean forwards onto the railing to admire the view. "Wow, that's pretty nice. I think I can see the Orphanage from here...I miss that place." 

He heard a quick sound from behind him and turned back around, but found nobody except a bunch of people climbing up the stairs. 

"They're probably having the same idea as I am...For now, I guess I can look at them and check their profiles out. It would be nice to have some information on my future comrades and competition, cause it's nice to be prepared for upcoming fights. I don't think my years of military and butler training will prepare me for this."

He pulled out a holoscreen, and pressed a couple of icons to get into the database that was full of information that his former subordinates from the former Harakiri Dust Corporation gave him periodically, specifically the profiles of all the people that were going to be present at Beacon Academy.

While Yin was looking at the holoscreen, a figure was hanging upside down, stalking him from above in an upside down position. Indigo was the source of that sound that Yin heard earlier, and she was trying to figure out how to approach him without any hostilities. For all she knew, he probably still thought she was the one who killed Sonia. "For now, I should probably just follow him and look on my own holoscreen to look at profiles of people he's looking at while I try to think of a way to talk to him..." she thought.

Yin looked at his holoscreen and then started to look around for the profiles of the people all around him. He thought to himself "Well, I already know who Indigo is from all that I've been through. I also proved her innocence of Sonia's murder to everybody else in the trial, so Ishould be able to approach her easily...If I could find her. But let's look at some of the other people here...." 

He looked around and saw a hooded figure wearing armor around his upper body prowling around the deck, and Yin managed to crane his neck enough to see the figure's face. "Wait...isn't that the missing lead singer from Angel's Beats!? Why is he here? It sure would be nice to have him around, Sonia LOVED watching every single one of his concerts..." He poked at the icons with his right index finger while using his left hand to hold the holoscreen as he saw the profile come up. "Enki Setanta, Age 18, Wields a green lance called Gae Bulg, and can use Polarity....that's kind of frightening. He is a former singer of Angel's Beats. Rumor has it that the other singer in his band, Baylie Litten, was playing with his feelings for the pianist in the band named Akira Taiga..Poor guy. I sure can empathize with him. " he thought in his head as he concentrated on the profile.

Enki looked around the airship impatiently as he paced back and forth on the deck. "Aargh! When is this ship going to arrive!? I want to be able to find that bastard Akira and put him out of his misery as soon as possible!" He thought as he continued to pace around faster, and eventually bumped into someone as he turned around. "Oof! What the!?" He winced a bit as he stumbled backwards and then looked at who he bumped into. It was a girl around his age with a blue baseball cap, white with blue sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans. "Sorry. I was just walking around a bit too much."

"No, no, I'm fine." The girl responded. "My name's Kitsu, nice to meet you, big man." She held her hand out while tilting her head at his hooded appearance. "I suppose you have some scars, or maybe some...Dog ears hidden underneath that hood?" 

"! I may call myself the Mad Hound, but I'm no Faunus, that's for sure! It's more like...emotional scars here...My name's Enki." He showed his face to her while looking around to make sure nobody sees him.

"Ahh, Enki...I see. Don't worry, I'm good at keeping secrets. Besides, I want this information all tomyself~" Kitsu laughed as she slapped his back, and looked around to make sure they were both nice and covered. "Here, I'll tell you a piece of information I don't want others to know to prove that you can trust me. Ready? I'm...a Faunus. I keep my identity a secret to avoid being bullied." She tilted her cap up a bit so that only he could see one of her white fox ears.

"Okay, thank you for telling me that. Hope we can be on the same team in the future!" He responded after she moved her cap back down, and waved to her as he walked off back downstairs as she waved back.

Meanwhile, Yin was looking over at the both of them departing, and started looking over at Kitsu's profile. "Okay, I wonder who that girl was...Let's see...Kitsu Tsugumi, Age 18 (again)...she's a fox faunus? Well that explains the cap, but where'd her tail go..? Moving on, she has inherited the power of the nine tailed fox...where'd my sources manage to get this? This is rather obscure pieces of information...She's innocent, yet seductive because she likes the attention she gets without actually knowing why she gets them to begin with...That's an odd personality, but I think she'll be useful in combat as her unique Fox Fire bullets can help control my enemies' movements...Her speed can even surpass Indigo's, that's frightening..." He looked up and matched eyes with Kitsu, who flashed him a peace sign and a smile as she walked off. Yin looked back down onto the holoscreen while trying his best to calm down.

"Now who else is gonna end up similar to her in personality...? Those types of people are the ones I should probably look out for, for the sake of my chastity at the very least...Let's see here...This one certainly looks interesting. Idina Caliber?" He mumbled to himself as Indigo watched from above, still undetected. "She's somebody who was used by her ex-fiancee, and ended up completely changing her attitude thanks to him. She's just like me and Enki in some aspects. She's...a sadist to say the very least. Yeesh. At least her skills and her weapons, like her electric heels, are a force to be reckoned with. She'd be a nice and hot partner to fight alongside."

"Heh? Is that so? You sure have the guts to say something like that in front of me, tough guy." A tough voice rang out in front of him and he froze a bit and looked up as he saw Idina looking down at him. "Uh oh, not good. Play it safe Yin..." he thought as he stood up in a panic as the holoscreen was dropped on the ground next to him. "Uh, you see..." "I'm sure you understand my circumstances, so I suggest you back off unless you want your weakest point to be..non existent." She looked up as she laughed and saw Indigo, but as Yin turned his view backwards, Indigo disappeared. "You're lucky you have a friend watching over you at this moment. I'm smart enough not to get into a 2 on 1 situation...Freaking couples." she laughed cruelly as she walked away and waved without looking at him.

"....That was scary. Remind me not to get into a situation like that again when it's unnecessary." Yin let out a sigh of relief and patted his legs a bit, shivering as he imagined Idina's threat. "But who's the friend that she was talking about?" he thought as he looked backwards back at the spot that Idina was looking at, saw nobody, and sat back down. "I'm pretty sure I know who it is, but I need to find some way to call her out since she's avoiding me...Maybe I'll read some more profiles in the meantime. I think she wants to speak with me too." Yin grabbed the holoscreen from the ground and turned it back on to look at the profiles.

"...I should probably change what kind of profiles I'm looking for. Maybe ones that are easily angered. Let's see..." He started reading out loud as he saw a profile that matched his requirements easily. "Noctum 'Nox' Ambrosious Caeruleus, original name is Ambrose. He is a mercenary that works with his adopted brother Umbra Silvae. What is he doing here?? He's half human, half faunus, but also something rather Grimm....Okay? That's more than 100%, right? He has a weapon called Nightfall that has a gun and a sword form, and Nightshade, which is a silenced pistol..."

"Hey. Don't you know the term 'classified information'?" Yin heard a cold, angry voice from right in front of him. "I just HAD to ask for this one, didn't I?" He groaned in his head as he looked up at the source of the voice, who turned out to be Nox. "Don't you know the term 'personal space'?" He retorted as he stood up and stared him right in the eyes. Nox reached out for Nightfall while Yin reached out for Armored Heart, but was pushed back a bit along with Nox as Indigo came down between them. "Hey, knock it off, the both of you." She turned towards Nox. "I won't tolerate any of this, especially when my lord is involved in it!" She shouted towards him and raised her arms in front of him, but as soon as she did, there was a loud sound, and a hologram of a blonde lady showed up. "Hmph, this is important to everybody, so I'll let this slide for now. If I see you again're dead." Nox looked at him with a glare in his eyes and then walked off.

"So...I'm guessing this was a trap set by you so that I could jump in?" Indigo asked Yin as she turned around to face him. "Yeah, pretty much. It's nice to see you again. I proved your innocence at Sonia's trial." 

"Oh...thanks." She blushed a bit, but her mask made sure Yin didn't see that. "I haven't really formally introduced myself yet, so here goes." Indigo cleared her throat and said loudly to him.

"My name is Indigo Yozora, ninja willing to be under your leadership my lord, pleased to meet you!"

"And my name is Yin Yue, leader of the Harakiri Corporation Battle Butler Legion, pleased to meet you too." He responded in turn as he scratched his head while listening to the hologram of the blonde lady, who turned out to be Glynda Goodwitch.

"I'll just go ahead and tell you all about what she's saying later, cause I think we're about to land on the airship..." ("...wait, did she just say 'my lord' to me? Okay...? I'll just call her my partner instead.") He said that to Indigo while thinking those thoughts. "Sure, I'll just stay out of sight so that nobody sees me at this time." Indigo said that as she used her ninja skills to conceal herself as Yin walked to the stairs to go down as the airship landed.

When Yin got to the exit, he saw Enki and Kitsu standing nearby and decided to strike up a conversation with the more famous person to avoid suspicion via the profile viewing. "Hey Enki, the name's Yin. What're you doing here?" he asked him as he slapped his back hard. "Wha-How did you know who I am underneath this hood!?" Enki spoke loudly in surprise as Yin and Kitsu made a 'shush' noise at the same time to try to quiet him down and moved him away from the place in order to avoid attracting more attention.

After Enki was able to stop himself from being pushed and turned around, he looked at Kitsu and Yin, and he leaned over with them to whisper to each other at the back of the line. " exactly do you know my name Yin?" He asked him, to which he responded "You're a famous name all over the entire world, how do people NOT know your name?" "Huh, that's certainly true..The people underground where I ended up at after I went into exile sure didn't know me though." "....You went underground? No wonder nobody managed to find you for awhile."

Kitsu interrupted the both of them as they talked. "Uh, guys...? We're leaving now, come on. Let's go get some good spots before they're taken!" She waved as she walked off in the middle of the huge crowd off of the ship. Enki and Yin looked at each other and shrugged before getting off of the ship along with a concealed Indigo as Yin thought 

"Here it comes, a fresh start to my new life here!"

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