Intro/Backstory Recap

This story starts out on the day of initiation.

Each of the four main characters had managed to get on the airship to fly over to Beacon Academy. Yin Yue had just gotten out of his yearlong training after his master and love Sonia Harakiri was assassinated, and having to leave his home to search for Indigo Yozora. Indigo meanwhile had been living in exile after she watched as her family and their house was burned down and inherited their legacy. Kitsu Tsugumi went onto the airship after training hard to control her power with the Nine Tails and living the past year in a life of relaxation. Enki Setanta had to crawl out of the underground from living life as a hermit after his life crashed with his old band the Angel's Beats, and reinherit his family legacy to become the Mad Hound, Cu Chulainn.

This is the story of how these four came together to form Team YIKE, and their lives afterwards.


Characters that appear in this story



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