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Verdantos' father

Birthday is a Fic, where Verdantos recieves his hat from his father, it is broken into three parts, Sunrise, Peak, and Night.


Verdantos smiled in his sleep. It was a broad one, his mother said it looked like he was forming an evil plan every time he slept. His father, Miles Grenice, just said it was "The Grenice Family Grin", he always laughed at that. His mother, on the other hand, just sighed, telling him to stick to running the company.

Today, Verdantos' smile was broader than ever, his white teeth reflecting the sun. An older man trodded into the room. Poking at Verdantos, he yelled,

"There's the Grin!" Miles Grenice smiled down at his son. He began poking at his tibcage, causing the twelve year old boy to giggle, whilst his eyes were still closed shut for slumber. Miles began to groan. "Verda!" he began to complain, "Don't sleep during the most important day in Vale!" The man jumped off of the bed, rushing to the windows, he yanked on the cord, opening the drapes. 

The blinding sunlight streaked over Verda's eyes. The boy threw his arm over his face, protecting himself from the sun. "Dad..." Verda began to blink, his eyes adjusting to the light, brushing away the thick crust that accompanied a long slumber. "Not now, its too early." The twelve year old sluggishly spoke the words, his prepubescent voice gave him a childish demeanor, which was only strengthened by the green, camouflaged pajamas, covering the entire boy's body. 

The boy scratched his head, he seemed to be realizing something. Suddenly, his eyes snapped wide, he sprung upwards in his king-sized bed. "Dad! Did you know..?" He grinned as he realized the truth.

Miles gave his naiive son a toothy smile, "It is Verda-day! The day you were born! The happiest day of my life, and your mother's, but she wont admit it." Miles took a long glance out of the open window. Taking a deep breath, he looked at the boy, sitting on his bed, wide eyes of fear. Those eyes sent an obvious message; The boy wanted to know the source of his father's worry. He doesn't need worries, not on his birthday. Miles quickly assured himself.

"Head downstairs. There are presents! I'll be with you and mom in a few minutes." He watched the boy excitedly leave the room. He followed suit, taking a sharp left, heading towards the study. Reaching the expensively decorated room, he brushed his finger tips over the leather bound books, most of which were thicker than than a Deathstalker hide.

The man slowly positioned himself into a massive, leather chair, swirled armrests propping up his tired hands. Miles reached for the nearest phone, a thin, see though tablet, about four inches by four inches. He typed a set of numbers, and a call sign popped on the screen. 

A lady with a frilly, polite voice picked up on the other end. "Good afternoon," She began, "How may we assist you today? For Dust involved damage reports, press 1, for Faunus related disturbances press-", Miles sighed, hitting nine, he placed the phone on his desk, waiting for the dull dial tone to finish. He heard Vera an his mother chatting downstairs. Smiling, he rubbed his eyes, this should be over soon, Verda, wait to open your presents.

A gruff voice responded from the other end, with obvious notes of irritation in his voice, he gave Miles his standard, courteous, greeting; "What do you want, Miles?"

"Ah, Arty, always nice to hear you. I actually had a simple request, can we push the Faunus Rally back a day? Today is my son's birthday, you see, and we usually spend a week celebrating. And my schedule is blocked on every other date." Miles' heart began to race, Arty never gave a simple 'no', he always made it condescending.

Like clockwork, a derisive laugh bellowed from the other end, "You expect, these people, as you call them, to simply drop their hard work, pack up their animal ears, and go home, all so your brat can waste more of your hard earned money? You must be joking, oh please, tell me another?" More raspy, insulting laughter resounded through the line. "Listen, before you give me any stupid requests, remember, I'm not your butler, nor your mother, I'm your solicitor, I don't care about your goddamn causes, not about your goddamn kid, either. I just want that fat, paycheck, in my bank account."

Miles sighed, this was actually rather light, coming from Arty, when you get used to being the best, you know you can say anything, and no one would care. Miles rubbed the bridge of his nose, he tightened his eyes in frustration. "Ok, Arty, enjoy your day."  Miles ended the call. His mood quickly lightened as he remember his main reason for waking up. It was his son's twelfth birthday! 

"Verda! Don't open your presents yet!"  He called to the boy, racing down the steps, almost crashing into his son. He had on a wide grin, looking into his dad's face with his pale, blue eyes. His finger was pointed at the giant, green monstrosity on his head. Lauren Grenice, on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled.

"You got him, a pirate hat?!" She groaned, and walked to the dining room.

End Chapter.

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