If you've only lost track of a simple device or trinket, consider yourself to be fortunate. There are many people who suffer from greater losses, that in the end become irreplaceable.
There's no reason to feel bad, really. It just makes my favorite arm a lot cooler.
— Blaine to Rina Rouge after explaining his accident.
This character was created by Takeshi kun21. Digital artwork from a close friend. No touchies!
Blaine Azuria Dioscuri
Blaine profile
Age 17
Color Azure
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Black, tips dyed blue
Eyes Sky Blue
Semblance Support Reticle
Height 6'2"
Weight 155 lbs
Professional Status
Team Team AMBR
Partner Mason Donovan
Personal Status
Relatives Mom (Deceased)

Dad (Deceased)


Additional Info
Emblem Azuria512
Likes Technology, Dust, Nerds, Pranks
Dislikes Hard work, Demonic Dog
Special Skills Quick thinking, Sharp aim
Weaknesses Being squishy


Blaine's hair is naturally black in color, though he has added blue highlights ever since he started attending Beacon Academy. Physical features incude his fair skin, blue eyes, tall stature, and also a tattoo of a shooting star on the right side of his chest. He has a pretty slim figure for the usual male with his height.

Blaine wears a black shirt with a blue star in the center. Over that, he has a brown vest with pouches on the inside to hold his supply of Dust, and a sky blue bandana aroud his neck. He also sports black gloves on his hands, a pair of blue jean shorts and two holsters to carry his weapons and to keep up his pants. On his feet, he wears long white socks and a black pair of sneakers. The pair of glasses that Blaine wears aren't just a fashion statement; he has really bad eyesight without them.

One thing that you wouldn't know upon first looking at him is that his left arm is actually a cybernetic limb, due to an accident when he was younger. The mechanical features are hidden under a coating of synthetic skin as a mean for him to feel more accepted among his peers. This arm, however, doesn't have any unique features (such as a laser in his index finger, communication system, can opener, etc.); it just works like a normal left arm should.


Blaine is quite the jokester in the group whether making a funny comment, playing a prank, or being a random target of hilarious accidents. Most of his actions, whether intentional or not, often get his whole team laughing but they sometimes get on Amy's nerves a bit when taken too far. He's very out going and he can get really compassionate about things such as technology, games, and sometimes friendly competitions.

Opposite of his postive attitude, he does have a bit of a dark side, which is a rare showing around anyone. When in a mood like this, Blaine tends to be pessimistic and can dampen the moods of others around him. Nobody knows the true cause of these negative emotions, so a lot of people have called it off as him suffering from Manic Depression; however, the reason behind him getting this way is if something had reminded him of the events surrounding his lost brother.

Back to a lighter tone, there are times where Blaine acts very friendly towards woman, but he's not the ladies man you think he is. You could say he's "batting for their team" and is just trying to  maintain a close bond with his "teammates" (in simplicity, he likes men). Blaine doesn't necessarily hide this fact at all, but people still find it hard to imagine once they find out, as he acts more masculine in his daily life.

Mostly Blaine enjoys swimming to keep himself in shape as well as going out for a casual jog. He takes more of an agility and stamina approach on training rather than attack power, though despite these activities there are times where he'll try to laze around and do nothing. In regards to classes, he'll try to take a quick nap during lectures, or fiddle with his pencil and eraser for example, but it's mainly if he's already well informed on the topic himself.

Weapons & Abilities

Blaine weapon

Blaze Gemini (basic design by me)

Blaine's weapons of choice are a pair of TCSP (Twin Collapsible Saber Pistols) crafted by himself, named "Blaze Gemini".

Blaze Gemini

These twin pistols of Blaine's are powered by Fire Dust rounds with an azure coloration. The bullets he fires may cause burn damage to his enemies (mostly pertains to Grimm).

Along with traditional marksmanship, Blaine is able to focus his Aura for Dust casting methods as well, by attacking with an onslaught of fireballs or other sorts of Dust "pyromancy".

Although he prefers to fight opponents from a distance, Blaine does have some experience with dual-wielding swords as well, a skill that he learned from a classmate in his school days before Beacon. In the case of an opponent shrugging off his bullets, his pistols will transform (essentially the barrels rotate to line up with the grip, and a straight slim blade will extend from the front of each gun) into twin sabers. The blades are light and durable for quick swings, so they won't slow down Blaine's speed in a fight. He tends to keep this transformation feature hidden to most opponents.

By focusing his Aura, Blaine is also able to set his swords ablaze with a blue flame for added power, using his Dust ammunition; however by doing so he can use up his supply of Dust rapidly.

Aura and Semblance

Blaine's Aura is a sky blue in color.

His Semblance is called, "Support Reticle" and is supportive in nature. Upon activation, a targeting reticle will manifest in his left eye as a side effect of his ability. When in use, he is able to summon a glyph with the same design branded on his iris that can be used as a point of focus for himself or allies to target. That alone is for a cosmetic effect; in actuality, Blaine's Semblance can increase the attack power of moves that pass through it by a good 33%.

His ability isn't exclusive to himself either. Allies, and even cunning enemies may gain the benefits from his glyph as well. Dust efficient users (such as his team's leader) can cast their projectiles through it for greater effects and/or damage. Even close combat fighters can take advantage of the glyph for a singular mean strike (Ex. punching through the glyph to send an opponent flying, or maybe breaking down a wall).

Because of the amount of Aura it takes to keep his Semblance active, Blaine mainly uses it when he deems it necessary, like when giving the order to deliver the fatal blow against a tough opponent (like a large Grimm for example). Otherwise, constant and prolonged usage causes painful migraines.

Basic Abilities: Despite his gamer personality, Blaine is a bit of the athletic type. He has high agility and stamina; perfect for long battles and continuous dodging. His senses are sharp, so he can sense danger a mile away. In dire situations, he will survey the area for anything that can aid himself or a friend, even if it's only for the slightest distraction to give him enough time to escape, rather than gain the upper hand.

Blaine's also a great mechanic, and with his vast knowledge of software he's able to repair, or even create his own devices and machinery.

Weaknesses: The one thing Blaine lacks in is brute force. He's built like a twig, so it would be hard for him to last long in a fight against a heavy hitter. His choice of clothing also make it so the main thing defending him from attacks are his Aura as well his weapons being in sword form.


Blaine and along with his twin brother Aeron lived in their uncle Casper's home in Academia 2.0, a technologically advanced city inhabited by scientists, mechanics and other civillians. Because of the environment he was in, Blaine had gained a lot of interest in all sorts of technology, and lucky for him his uncle was willing to teach him everything he knew from taking machines apart, to putting them back together. As years progressed, he had learned how to create a few small robotic toys and devices for his own amusement.

His brother, however, wasn't all that interested; his mind was more focused on how the boy's parents had been slain in an attack by the Grimm in their hometown. As the event was something he had seen with his own eyes, Aeron was scarred from that day onward; his mind wandering in an state of instability.

By their 13th birthday, Aeron and Uncle Casper had decided to take young Blaine out to show him his surprise present. They had taken him to an old abandoned factory, that Aeron has explored by himself one night; he of course hadn't been very interested in machinery himself, but knew his brother would definitely appreciate it. The gift had seemed to be an outdated model of a battlesuit mech similar to the Atlesian Paladin, abandoned and destined to rust. It had no apparent weaponry, so Casper felt as though it would make an acceptable present for such a young mind. His only restriction at the time was his nephew couldn't drive it without his supervision until he was 16. After seeing the machine, Blaine was immediately determined to try and get it up and running.

After one year's time, the twins were able to bring the Paladin into a decent working condition, with the help of their uncle, as well as a friendly mechanic who gave them discounted parts. Its movements were smooth, and controls were easy enough for Blaine to handle by himself. They even gave it a quick polish to make it look like it was brand new.

By the end of their test run, Uncle Casper thought it was time to head back home before it got too dark. On that same night, there was a malfunction with the city's power grid, disabling the barrier system that protected the whole area against Grimm invasion. As the shields disappeared, people started to panic which granted the citizens a lot of unwanted attention. Griffons soared through the air, Nevermore shot their razor sharp feathers from above, and Beowolf and Ursai terrorized everyone on the ground.

Hunters in the area were deployed to take out the threat, as well making sure citizens are escorted safely to their homes or shelters. As the trio exited the warehouse, they immediately entered the battlefield watching as Hunters and Huntresses engaged the monsters. One of them had urged them to get back inside until it was alright to take them all to safety, but before they could move a pack of Griffons swarmed the group, snatching Aeron in the process. Blaine knew the trauma of losing his parents, and he wasn't going to let the Grimm take his brother. He had hopped into his new mech, and charged out of the warehouse after him. Blaine had done his best to keep for a while, shoving everything that opposed him out of his way, until he came to a clearing in the city where the Griffons had gotten him completely surrounded. A few of them charged forth, attacking the battlesuit but Blaine wasn't going to give up so easily. He had managed to hold his own for a while, but a large Nevermore decided to end the fight quickly, sending a wave of projectiles towards him, impaling the suit's cockpit. The shock had caused the suit to malfunction, and Blaine had blacked out in the end.

He awoke in the next few days in a hospital bed, learning that he had lost his left arm in the ordeal. The Hunters had done their job, protecting civillians and making sure the casualty count was a small number; however, the number of people injured were great and various had gone missing, including Aeron. Blaine was still convinced his brother was alive and maybe had gotten rescued, otherwise the Grimm would have ate him on the spot. There were several search parties dispatched, so he decided to wait for his twin's return.

Eventually Blaine got tired of them not returning with proper results, and was willing to go search on his own. But in the shape he was in, there wasn't much he could do while recovering. A scouting party was able to return with what appeared to be the jacket Aeron was wearing at the time, and Dust residue at the sight, confirming a battle had taken place; his brother had been saved the speculated, but by whom was the question and why he wasn't brought home.

There were too many questions to be asked, and none were going ot be answered soon, so the only logical solution for Blaine was to train and become a Hunter. He could bring his brother back by his own hands, so he enrolled into the small training school at Academia for their next semester right away. He didn't care if he only had one arm at the time, but luckily he was gifted with a new one made of metal before classes began. He began his course, training and studying years until the day he would eventually move up to Beacon Academy, as he wouldn't feel as free in the Atlas military.

The Fall of Beacon

Blaine was on the edge of his seat, as a mysterious woman's voice sounded on the loud speaker. After her announcement, he did his best not to get run over while evacuating Amity Colosseum. He returned to Beacon Academy in attempt to reunite with his teammates, although it was difficult to avoid all the trouble going on. In the end, the invasion couldn't be stopped so he and the rest of his friends had to leave the school in the hands of its "new owners".

Blaine's Emblem



Blaine's emblem is a simple and literal blue shooting star. The star is a reference to his team color and the flames around it are a reference to his guns which sport a flame and a star on them as well (yes it's a flame. I'm bad at drawing!!! XD). It's a symbol representing his compassion, saying that he'll fight with a burning passion. His emblem can be seen on the back of his vest and on a tattoo on his chest. Other places they could go would be on his guns and on his shirt (replacing the star there already).

Also thanks to Imosa1 for the better looking design. :)


  • Blaine was originally drawn out to be Mason Donovan (another team AMBR member) but then became his own character.
  • Blaine's first name means yellow, although his color scheme is actually blue.
    • Originally his color reference was meant to be from his (old) last name "Azuria" which is me playing around with the color azure, which is essentially blue.
  • His new last name Dioscuri (or Dioskouri) is the name given to Castor and Pollux, the twins who create the constellation Gemini.
    • Also alluding to the constellation, Blaine has a twin brother.
  • Originally, Blaine's personality was supposed to be a lot more stern, and his teammate Mason was supposed to be the outgoing prankster.
  • The idea of his left eye changing when using his Semblance came from the character Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, who was branded with the Mark of Naga (also in her left eye).
  • He is currently in a long distance relationship with Arturo Pascual.
  • Blaine has a bit of an obsession with technology, so it's not uncommon to see him working on inventions or geeking over the latest tech (like the Atlesian Paladins).
    • The suit of armor that was found in his backstory is kept back at his home in Academia 2.0 for the time being. After the Fall of Beacon, he decided to modify it with a few new combat oriented upgrades for future events to come.
  • He crafted his own weapons and created Rina a brand new staff after her's broke during their Beacon Initiation.
    • The name for his weapons comes from Gemini (the twin brothers in astrology and Greek and Roman mythology), his flame abilities, and helps to fit the team's Solar System Motiff.

Full Image Gallery

This page is for all artwork done for Blaine so far. Same as Amy and the others, everything hand drawn was by me, CG art was done by a friend and all proper credit is given when necessary.

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