If a man sets his heart out to do nothing but the complete opposite of what he is told. Is he still the one in control?
— Blaise


Blaise Eucliffe
Age 17
Title Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Left-Handed
Hair Colbat
Eyes Crimson/Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Occupation Student


Blaise appears as a young man of average appearance and height. He has short, colbat-coloured, wind swept hair cropped no longer past his ears and sardonic, yet engimatic crimson eyes which are usually lost in thought. He is usually arrayed in a dark gray custom-made streamlined coat, which consists of a velvet lining of bleached fur on the scruffs. Streaks of electric-blue lines mark a crossed pattern on the left hand side of the coat. Two leather straps buckle his left arm, the right hand sleeve of his attire being torn. Blaise tends to wear his attire casually, with a simple gray shirt tucked beneath his coat, as well as suit pants and strapped boots.

Blaise sports an eyepatch on his right eye, adorned with three circles in a triangular formation for an unknown reason, though he claims to have perfectly normal eyes.


Blaise is seemingly known as a rather insensate, yet a laid backed young man by his peers. Little is known about where abouts would he usually loiter, nor about his past as he affirms to having completely forgotten it and would rather not conjure up that topic. That being said, it causes him to feel cynical towards others and prefers to handle tasks solitarily. Despite all of this however, to him, this was a mere act for him to conceal his true nature of his cowardliness in which he rarely shows.

Abilities and Power

[under construction]

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