A Blast Force Sabre Shot, or BFSS, is a type of weapon. It is shaped similar to a sabre, with two gun barrels located attached to the hilt on the front and back of the blade. The blade itself can be fired, as it is attached to the hilt via strong wires, and instantly retracted. The gun barrels themselves can also be used simply as guns, firing two rounds/shot.

Known BFSS

  • Kaldea: A pair of  BFSS that have been modified to shoot higher-caliber rounds. They also both have a custom blade with a catch on the back which allows them to hook onto certain things in the manner of a grapling hook.

Known BFFS Users

Feel free to use a BFSS as a weapon for your OC. If there's anything special about it, feel free to add it to the list of known BFFS.
Please let Raga know if you use a BFSS and are adding it to the list.

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