Never let your target out of sight or it may come up behind you!
— Blauw Ahab
This original character was created by CardinWinchester. Do not steal the character or info.
Blauw Ahab
Age 17
Title The Moby Hunter
Alias Captain
Nickname Ab
Status Active
Color Cyan
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born October 18th
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Aquatic Green
Height 6'3"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Slate Oso
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives His mother and sisters
Additional Info
Likes Hunting, Battle & Seafood
Dislikes Moby, Moby & Moby
Special Skills CQC & Explosives
Weaknesses LRC & his obsession
Character Theme

Blauw's Theme



Blauw is often seen in a zipped up blue jacket with white fur trimming along the edges of the hood, wrists and waist. He can often be seen in black skinny jeans that hug his legs along with two spring green belt running in an 'x' shape across one another. He also sport sea green fisherman boots that hug his legs. On the back of his jacket is a white wale impaled with harpoons bleed with a spiral of water, though it is aquatic green color.

Physical Details

Blauw is a bit of a bulky guy from his heavier muscle tone. Blauw's body frame is also wider then most and his shoulders are very wide. Both his hands also seem to have a lack of nerves that respond to heat, cold or pain. Blauw also appears to have mid-length hair that comes down to the middle of his neck. His nose is average and he also has a thicker chin complimented by a dimple. The male has many pockets on his face with multiple scars from claws of sorts. His feet are also a bit large fitting in size 13 men(US).


Blauw is technically speaking the second craziest person on Team JBBS following Judge Falk. Blauw, just like Falk is mentally unstable, but in a different manner. He has an obsession with the Grimm Moby. As it stands, Blauw would rather kill his entire team, then letting the whale escape.
Though he is mad like an laughing hyena, Blauw is technically the best choice to follow Falk as Blauw actually has some keen leadership skills, though he is believed to be the first member to turn on his own team most likely. Despite his delusions, he is capable of reading people and even more so how well they can work together.
As for his delusions, it is unknown what caused them or why they occurred, but they have influenced him. Even more so that the asylum he stayed in had to restrain him from harming himself when triggered. In the process, he lost most of receptors that are now replaced by burns, scars or bruises. In this, he often has no memory of where he got them. To some degree, he breaks down from time to time and often sees images of Moby and other various Grimm which may lead to him attacking others.
When with new people, it is clear he has little sanity and often mocks that others are rather boring. Notably, Bryan often is the joke and why Blauw follows Falk as he keeps things interesting. When relaxing with others, he will often expose others to the poison he uses in small doses that a do not do any lasting damage. He will often refer to it as an immunity build up. Bryan typically faints from the exposure, but it seems that the effect is having less affects. Slate gets a bit drowsy, while Falk isn't affected and neither is Blauw due to the poison comprising of medicines he had taken in the past.

Weapons & Abilities

Foyn Trident

Blaw's 'Foyn Trident' is a modified harpoon that can retract into a small baton like device which if thrown by Blauw will activate a modern-day bouncing Betty effect where it will shoot out small needles everywhere with poison quills. Luckily, Blauw has subjected his allies to it in a weaker form that cannot kill. Though in it's full state, the weapon is roughly seven feet in total length with the spear heed making up a foot with poisonous jagged spikes along the blade that can serve as a spear or javelin, though similar to it's smaller state, it may spin shooting the quills out. In any case, the head may split into three blades if opened and can be used to disarm and strike. In the worst case, the entire staff is filled with fire and lightning dust that may be released to explode upon contact with it's target if set to do so.


Blauw's aura is a cyan hue. Due to his lack of self-control and formal training, he is not very aware of his aura. It is awaken and he uses it by accident most often then not. It has served as a healing factor for minor wounds while in combat, though it drains his stamina tad bit. 


Blauw as of this moment is not aware or does not possess his aura. Prior to his acceptance, a test was done and it seems that his semblance has not been located or documented, thus no evidence of it's presence has been established.


Blauw's greatest asset lies his tenacity to never give up on his target even to the point of breaking his body, mind and spirit. if he can move, he will hunt. Even more so, he won't be stopped and will continue forward. His large stamina and without pain, heat and cold receptors, Blauw is very dangerous and doesn't feel much while in combat. Even to the point that he will not feel someone stab him.


Blauw's greatest strength is his greatest hindrance as his team has to be paranoid of him turning on them for self benefits. It also appears that he may even poison his loved ones to make sure they don't get in his way. His lack of receptors also do not alert him of injury and may lead him to fall short from not treating it. In the rare case of aura use, it only patches up the wound and any loss prior remains in affect. Even more so, his aura will drain his stamina further.


Blauw’s life does not entirely differ from a normal person’s until the age of eight. Being born into a fishing family, Blauw was already aware of the deaths of men at sea, though he never thought anything of it. His father and his grandfather both worked in the industry.
It wasn’t until one day that an airship doing an overview of the fishing industry caught live footage of the grimm many fisherman feared: Moby. This behemoth of a Grimm was able to crush ships and destroy all that laid in it’s path. During the scene, the fishing ship had crossed into Moby’s territory and the first sign showed when the armor of Moby appeared.
The footage continued as Moby attacked and sank the ship in short amount of time. However, Blauw’s father and grandfather were not on the ship. No, they had been in their home while the women were away. What the women came back to was house covered in blood and Blauw watching the scene. He was covered in the blood of his family and his delusions pointed to Moby being the one’s who had slain his family.
Though evidence never proved it was Blauw who killed his father and grandfather, the boy was kept away from the public and put in an asylum. Tests proved that Blauw wasn’t entirely there, but he continued to find ways of avoiding medicine. The tests continued until the age of thirteen where they exposed him to new footage of Moby and the boy smashed everything around him.
The documents proving Grimm were tied to his trigger, they decided to enroll him into a combat school where he fashioned a weapon and killed Grimm in exams. Knowing that his skills would be wasted and money consumed: they pushed him into Beacon under false documents and was accepted despite obvious flags.



  • Blauw is dutch for 'blue'
    • which would make two of Team JBBS primary colors blue despite Blauw's being having a green tint.
  • The exposure to his allies is to make them immune
    • Though Bryan often warns him not to do anything if he fall asleep


  • Blauw is very similar to Captain Ahab of the novel Moby Dick including using a harpoon and even more being obsessed with the whale itself.
  • Blauw's 'Foyn Trident' is based of the grande harpoon of Svend Foyn and the Trident of Poseidon.
  • The bouncing betty design may also be a link to that the baton resembles the WWII era bouncing betty.

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