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  • BowserRulesAll

    Kurai cannot reply to the RPs he is on currently due to the fact that his wii u isn't loading the wiki editor and his PC is being repaired. He apologizes for any inconveniences this causes.

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  • Delta-06

    Off to Weebland!

    April 22, 2017 by Delta-06

    Hey there, Delta here.

    Just a small announcement:  I'm going on holiday to Hokkaido, Japan starting tomorrow (23rd April) until the 5th May. I won't be able to go on Chat or post on RPs during that time, so feel free to skip me in any group RPs. For personal RP well... i guess it can't be helped. I'll try to check Wikia and post whenever i can, but there's no guarantee, and expect severe delays. 

    See you guys in 2 weeks, and sorry for any trouble caused. :)

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  • PisceanWaterbender

    I figured I should post this, given that apparently this guide might help some people. Please excuse any wonky formatting, as this was literally pasted in here off-site from a Google Doc.

    And here it is, ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and people who prefer no specific gender identifier, the OC guide brought to you by PisceanWaterbender. Character creation is a somewhat tedious and meticulous process when done right, and I’m here to guide you through it as best as I can.

    Trust me, I’ve been there with my OCs too, having personal experiences of mine, and I would say it’s in your best interests to follow these rules and formatting to get your character accepted and roleplay-ready as soon as possible. Most of this is grilled from both my own pe…

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  • Lazerninjastudios


    April 13, 2017 by Lazerninjastudios

    Sooo, recently I have had a lot of time to think ,even more since until next thursday i will be in Vegas visiting family, and i thought of an idea: a RWBY game, styled as an RTS

    Ive already made some ideas for factions, units, and buildings, but if anyone wants to add onto this, I would appreciate it! I may also just might send the final product of the idea to RoosterTeeth and make a new wiki for it, so hope they get the idea and answer!

    The idea came to me as i was playing some RTS games, and i thought "What if RWBY was an RTS?" and i started making some ideas

    Simply put, i will use both canon and fanon vehicles and units to fill slots in, but for the most part i will stick to the show.

    To keep things a bit fair, I will use a tier system, as …

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  • Crimmsonblade

    Dust Rangers V2

    April 3, 2017 by Crimmsonblade

    This is an idea i've been thinking about for the past week. 5 students get summoned to a variation of our world by a mysterious power left there by unknown forces. That same power is being used to summon grimm and make abominations. The government seeing this used the same power to make a megabase to use as a front line defense against their unknown enemy. They chose LA as their battlefield. As to protect the citizens the city was retrofitted to allow all the buildings to go under ground. As the first battle draws close the artifact Used to make all this possible glows.

    Goal and how it works.

    The RP will be split into 2 separate phase mission phase and free phase. During mission phase there will be an emphasis on combat. During this phase th…

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  • Lux capacitor

    Now everyone, I believe that we can all say confidently that our currently featured OC, Verimill Cyra, is hella cute

    Now why am I stating the obvious? Because I thought we should do something about it. And all of this without Kiri's own permission. 

    I thought, at the moment of realizing her insane levels of adorableness, "Why not I make a blogpost dedicated to our OCs saying that she's cute because why the fuck not?"

    And since the synapses in my brain are currently fried from the levels of moe my eyes were exposed with, I thought I'd do this blogpost for just that reason and that reason only.

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  • Lux capacitor

    Hey there, Combatants! Its me, your daily neighborhood aspiring character designer and JoJo fanboy, Lux capacitor! I see that you're all itching for something exciting aren't y'all? Well how about this probably improbable Rope-play idea I've been thinking of for the last 10 minutes before making this blogpost.

    And that is...

    Another fucking tournament!

    THREE BRACKETS! Singles Student and Professional Brackets  and the Doubles Bracket!

    Both happening at the same time!

    I'll be putting down the spots open right here at the bottom of the Blog!


    With that all said and done, I'll get to the details of this tournament. The tournament will be done in the usual Tournament brackets, and there are two stages. Firstly is the discussion pa…

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  • Lazerninjastudios

    Future RP?

    March 28, 2017 by Lazerninjastudios

    Let me set the scene:

    Warning, this RP is predicting the actual END of the series, and it takes 20 years after this event.

    20 years after Salems defeat, Remnant has been able to, thanks to some genius inventors, gained technology 200 years ahead of their time. With a new fuel source, they prepare for Project: Exodus, a mass colinization of other planets.

    With a few planets selected, the large ship, the RSC Trailblazer, leads a near 40K colonists, and an army of elite soldiers and huntsman and huntresses.

    Your OC is one of these Elite, named the "Flagbearers", and is selected to be the first to land on planets and see if they are good for colinization. You are well armed and are broken up into 7 groups, equipped with a small fleet of a command …

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  • Takeshi kun21


    Calling all Sailor Scouts/Senshi/Soldiers/whatever other synonymous phrases!

    Yes, to confirm your suspicions, this is a Sailor Moon AU RP. The idea spawned from a marathon I've been having of the 90's anime series, while waiting for season 4 of Crystal.

    The presence of a new evil is felt by Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune. An enemy who seems to be after much more than the Silver Crystal's power. In efforts to prepare for this new threat, all of the Sailor Guardians have taken up apprentices to help guard their home, as well as the entire solar system. 

    The new threat has made its way to Earth/Remmant, the battlefield, and new home for these new Sailor Soldiers. After completing a course of training on their home planets they are granted …

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  • DustpeltX

    Hey Fanon, Dust here.

    So it has been a while since I wrote one of these and I figure I should take a break from reviewing and playing Black Desert Online / NieR: Automata.

    Both are really good games by the way, BDO if you like a non-traditional MMO that has a well developed crafting/farming/fishing/trading system. Seriously, it's got a shit ton. However be warned, this is one of those MMOs where you HAVE to grind to level. Also there's no particular end-game other than being super rich and well equiped.

    NieR: Automata is for those who wish Devil May Cry 5 was actually a game being made. NieR in my experience is very close in terms of Dark Souls for exploration and such but combat wise is very DMC. If anything buy it for its story and atmosphe…

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  • Decathartique

    Hello everyone!
    So, I’ve finally finished uni! Managed to pass my graduation exam with a good mark, and now I’m a professional visual artist. I’ll have a couple of free weeks before I start looking for a job (I have to wait to get my degree certificate), so expect me to finish the couple of commissions I owe around next week. Expect me to be more active on the Internet as well. :D (and yes, I'm talking for real now. I'm going to start reviewing OCs again too). Believe it or not I've been missing being at this place and working on my OCs a lot.
    Also, this means commissions are open again! However, I raised my prices a bit since, you know, I’m trying to become 100% independent; I hope you guys are okay with this.

    Anyway, you can find the updated…

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  • WeissSchnee

    Hey guys.  So, been a little while since I've spoken to any of you or posted anything, but a friend has let me use their computer before I head home, so I wanted to post this.

    First, an update on my financial situation.  After a lot of phone calls and appointments, I've managed to get the government to pay for the machine my Dad needs for his sleep apnea.  That's a massive weight off my shoulders and means I can relax a little.

    Now, onto my situation about my OC's.  I've been caught between wanting a fresh start and not wanting to get rid of the hard work I've put into them, and I might have come up with a solution that I want to run by you guys.  What if I started a new wiki account?  That way, I don't have to delete the characters; I can w…

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  • BansheeRob

    Airships and Vehicle

    March 14, 2017 by BansheeRob

    I saw a lot of weapons, OCs and factions lately, but a lack of airships and vehicles. (Without them, our heroine would've never reached beacon ;3)

    I believe I one of the few who had ever created a page about their OCs mode of transportation.

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  • BansheeRob


    March 7, 2017 by BansheeRob

    Hi, I may have been lurking the shadows of this here wiki but hi.

    I just wanted to say hi because I had created some good OCs, in my opinion and some decent fanfictions. I wanted to know what you think of my two RWBY ocs.

    Thanks c:

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  • LastZephyr

    Grimm Needed!

    March 5, 2017 by LastZephyr

    Hi everyone, it's Zeph! I know it's been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post, but I am looking for your guys' help again.

    I'm working on an ongoing fan fiction titled Red Mirror (first chapter is up, if you're interested). It follows the adventures and mishaps of a team of hedonistic graduated Huntsmen and Huntresses in Vacuo. Their adversaries include monsters, a murder mystery, mafia, and more. Not in that order necessarily.

    So why are your Grimm needed? When I write for RWBY's world, I always strive to depict aspects of the universe slightly different from that in the main show. In going with that theme, I am requesting Fan Made Grimm to be included in my fan fiction as one-off adversaries for my characters. After all, who doesn'…

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  • WeissSchnee

    Taking Some Time

    February 28, 2017 by WeissSchnee

    So . . . I'll start this journal/ blog by saying that today wasn't a great day for me.  First, I found out that my Dad has cancer behind one of his eyes.  The operation he needs will cost $1000, the glasses he'll need in the mean time will cost $400.  And, as if that wasn't enough, his sleep apnea has gotten worse and the doctor says he's going to need a machine and mask for when he sleeps.  The cost? $1500 or more.

    Finding nearly $3000 is going to be increadibly difficult for my family and I, especially since we struggle to even afford the basics.  Which brings me to the reason for making this blog.  To help cover the costs, I have to sell my laptop which is pretty much my life line to the outside world, but it's for a good cause.  Hopeful…

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  • Cat-Soup64


    Cat here with an RP Blog idea. It's not related to Gillian, I swear ;P.

    It's as the title says essentially. Want to make a Fate/AU Battle Royale to the death. I'll explain how it is down below.

    Basic Fate/AU rules. You have a duo of a Master and a Servant, 7 in total. These duos work together to eliminate the the other 6 Master and Servant Duos. One there's one duo standing, they both get a single wish granted to them by the Holy Grail. This entire war is kept in secret from the public, and watched over by the Church to ensure its secrecy and that nothing major breaks out.

    That's just the most basic run-down however. While the goal is elimination, the only people you need to eliminate are the servants. The masters can be left alive…

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  • Crimmsonblade

    Digital remnant V2

    February 26, 2017 by Crimmsonblade

    A world that has grown alongside ours, yet we never realized its existence. Digimon a race that exists in this world have powers that boggle the mind. They can move mountains, topple forests in one blow, these are digimon, and you are the Digidestined. but know that the journey won't be easy. As danger looms over the digital world that could destroy remnant along with it.

    if you could not tell, this is a Digimon AU RP where 6 students are taken to the digital world to be the Digidestined. Since this is based out of remnant you will have combat gear and Dust as well as a partner digimon of your choice(with its full digivolution line if you can). the digivice, unlike in previous iterations, takes on the form of an accessory of the RPer's choo…

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  • Cat-Soup64

    It is that time again. Time for ye filth to heed our words as we, Gorudo Gillian, announce our final, most grandest of all gallivants!

    After accomplish three previous Gallivants, we do admit, your King has gotten tired. Much of our flair has died down as the outcome has been pre-determined alone with our sheer greatness alone.

    But rejoice! For this final Gallivant, your king shall appear in our full majesty!

    The Lord who claims all claims riches in this world as his own shall lead you ourself for this final journey!

    We're afraid we're quite busy making the necessary preparitions, so we shall offer a quick synopsis.

    We require vassals to assist us in retrieving an item in ancient ruins. Vassals of certain skills listed later below. These ruins a…

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  • Mkatkannon

    "Welcome one and all to a new, majestic game. You are all here to perform for my amusement. And what will you be performing? A beautiful piece directed by yours truly, one of blood, betrayal, despair. You've all been selectively chosen for this, as your talents should make for some fun, and you can bet the stakes are high.

    You might have a lot of questions about where you are, who all these other people are, and why you have to do what I say. I'll answer only one of those. If you don't do what I say, I'll blow something up. Unfortunately for you, I have no promises about what that'll be. Just something you care about, no worries. Obey, and you will go free. Of course, if you come out on top. Your goal is to kill someone here, and when you d…

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  • Decathartique

    Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all there’s only 1 month left to commission me at these lower prices; later their prices will be raised a bit, so catch them while you can!
    Remember that I’m open to draw any kind of character(s), so if you’re interested, please write on my wall or send me a mail to dcathartiq(at) You can see samples of my work below.
    Thanks for reading!

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  • TheCrystalconman

    Clone Wars AU

    February 9, 2017 by TheCrystalconman

    The name says it all. I plan to make a AU where our OCs are in the Clone Wars.

    The plan for the RP is, Our OCs are Jedi Knights investiagating a planet in the Outer Rimm, Vossm where seperatists have a foothold. One team is to take out a munitions depot while the other is to take back the capital and evict the seperatist general.

    We are given a platoon of Clones and for each person in the rp is given a deatchment.

    So if say there are three people. We RP as our OCs and as a clone squad max of maybe 5 named clones, and if you want to get into it, you can bring another OC as a padawan for this rp.

    I know it is a pretty vague explanation for an RP plan, but i beleive in emrging RP, once it gets started we see how it goes. But yeah, the plot is sim…

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  • HellFire707

    Uploading pic of OC?

    February 8, 2017 by HellFire707

    What's up, fanon? It's me, and I got yet another question. With my OC Darian Vuarison reviewed and fixed for the most part (*cough, cough* Still waiting for that certain admin to put my OC back on Pending like he said he would. Well, he said we'll see how it goes when he's put back on Pending, actually.), but I want to know how to upload a few drawings of mine of his appearance, weapons, symbol, etc. onto my OC's page. Any tips or instructions help. Thanks!


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  • BRTE500

    Makeup Classes

    February 2, 2017 by BRTE500

    I bet most of you saw this and thought, "Oh wonderful, yet another RP idea about randoms sitting in a class together for no real reason".

    WELL YOU'RE not wrong. BUT. And it's a nice butt. This particular class is hed by Lailah Farha and is actually held to help the young woman of Beacon Academy look more beautiful. Or something. Long story short, she has from time to time helped various people with their makeup skills and otherwise given tips and advice to whomever asks. And so I thought, why not make an RP out of it?

    And so here we are. Lailah is holding a special, (totally permissible) class for anyone interested in learning some tips and tricks with makeup. Now obviously this is aimed at female OCs (males are accepted of course, weird loo…

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  • Lux capacitor

    The show must go on!

    February 2, 2017 by Lux capacitor

    Oh no! a special children's stage performance taking place during the Vytal Festival is now in a state of turmoil when the main actors and actresses are  suddenly taken out of the picture due to an accident.  But the show must go on!

    Forced to make amends, the crew quickly took to the streets of the fairgrounds to find their replacements. This is where you guys come in! Bring out your OCs and apply for this RP idea I just got. 

    Currently the roles are gonna be kept secret until the RP begins so just put down your OCs in the comments and I'll siff through them and whoever I pick will be given a message onto their walls.

    Right now there are 4 spots open:





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  • HellFire707

    OC Reviews

    January 26, 2017 by HellFire707

    Wassaup, Fanon. HellFire here, and you all are probably thinking, "Oh God, it's him. What does he want?" Well, I don't really want that much. To be honest, I made this account quite recently and I don't really understand how things go, or how blogs or whatever are supposed to work, but I would like to request to those reading this, to review my OC's Darian Vuarison and Hellhound, and give some feedback.

    To you who also need an OC review, well, I'm no admin so I can't decide whether it's accepted or not, but I will give my own opinion and tips on your OC that you would like me to take a look at as well. I check my replies and notifications 24/7, so I'll be there whenever needed. Thanks guys!

    P.S. I'm also open to any RP's you guys would want t…

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  • Rainshadowed

    New Commission Service

    January 17, 2017 by Rainshadowed

    Hey, everyone. I have opened commissions again, but this time I am offering colored sketch commissions. These sketches are drawn in pencil, scanned, then colored in Photoshop. They will be much faster to produce and cheaper than the full digital commissions I offered before. For more details, please read the Google Doc linked below.

    All info, pricing, and art examples can be read here.

    As usual, contact me on my Message Wall or in Chat if you are interested in ordering or have questions. I am only accepting one order at a time. There will be a waiting list if multiple people wish to order.

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  • The Silent Knight

    Military AU

    January 14, 2017 by The Silent Knight

    Hey there everyone, this is Knight here, and I've come with an idea that came to me after reading a fanfic in which the main characters were a bunch of spec ops soldiers fighting against the GRIMM, who are in a well-trained military unit in this universe. In the comments, if you wish to, post what your character or characters would be like in this AU. I'll put a few of my characters down to give you an idea of the format, as well as a link to the fanfic that helped to inspire this idea as well as with the details of this AU. 

    Examples (You don't have to go by these EXACTLY): 

    Name: Catama, Bianca 

    Designation: ET-4652-3     Callsign: ELBE-3 

    Specialist: Demolitionist/Engineer 

    Alias: Moma Bri, Wrecker, Bri 

    DoB: [Redacted]    Age: 24

    Blood Type: …

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  • Cat-Soup64

    Come one come all, even unworthy livestock such as yourselves are granted permission to hear my words. It is I yet again, Gorudo Gillian the magnificent, he who has mastered all. I'm certain ye fools frolicking have heard my name once or other, and if not, your Ruler is feeling merciful today, so he shall let this offense pass. This heinous crime pardoned, it is time to discuss my sending of this message.

    I, yet again, require the assistance of vassals to acquire my desired items.

    A lord should have no need to repeat his own words a third time, so I shall be offering a quick synopsis for even the simplest of organisms to comprehend my words.

    The items I desire, unfortunately, are contained deep within olden ruins from days past, all remaining…

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  • DustpeltX

    Hey Fanon! Dust here.

    I'm sure by now you know the drill, but for those who haven't clicked on these before I'll explain myself again anyway.

    These posts are one-half guide and one-half shameless self-promotion/showing off my OCs. I planned to do these as a series and to cover all of my OCs, of which there are only eight, as I re-vamp or create them and try to justify the design choices taken when writing the character. This post will be detailing the revamp and design choices of Rayne Annarosé.

    Like before, you are welcome to do the same as I feel it forces critical thinking during character development.

    Without further explaination, let's begin!

    As I said before on the post about my other OC, Heart, I don't write self insert OCs as I feel the…

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  • Raytsan

    (Work In Progress, gotta think more about this)

    After a lot of days of trying to come up with a unique RP system, i finally came up with one. I present to you, the RP format called Guest Star

    Guest stars are people whom i personally (or they requested it) asked to participate temporarily at the RP. These Guest Stars would post after Me (Since Ale would be the person whom the Guest Star would interact first, before interacting with anyone else) before waiting until the rest of the Main Cast (Which are Ale's Crew members) posted.

    After either the Guest Star OC has no business left in Ale's Inn, they can leave, it's that easy.

    This is still an RP, thus the rules such as no godmodding, bunnying, and killing other OCs without permission are not all…

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  • Kouryuu524

    Hello Fellow RWBY Fans and Merry Christmas!!

    As many of you know just rescently Rooster Teeth came out with RWBY Blind Box figures. While I was decidedly NOT a fan of this business practice (as too many people on here know from my ranting) I did want to get the Pyrrha one. I also saw a small business opportunity on my end. Thus I purchased several Blind Boxes and I'm now here to sell the ones I am not interested in keeping. The good thing about these figures is they are 100% Gaurenteed to the purchaser!! No randomness, you pay for the figure you want and you get it!!

    As of writing this post I hace the following Blind Box Figures for sale:

    Yang-  Quanitity 2

    Nora- Quanitity 1

    Sun- Quantity 1

    Neptune- Quantity 1 (Manufacturer defect in paint)

    Now I…

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  • Venator QM

    Long ago in a land far, far away...

    You were hired to fight in some war in a forgotten hellhole that barely anyone from the Four Kingdoms cared about...

    You witnessed death, chaos, and worse...

    Now, a few years after the war ended, you find yourself back on the island of Scintilla...

    Fighting a new threat, and atoning for past sins.

    RWBY: Remnant Knights Quest

    January 7, 2017 at 6pm PST

    Stay updated at:

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  • Lazerninjastudios

    Joke RP?

    December 21, 2016 by Lazerninjastudios

    Hey guys, i was thinking of making a Joke OC RP. Why? because why the hell not.

    • OC must be yours.
    • You can have a maximum of 4 people.
    • They cannot be immortal.
    • They have to have a weakness of some sort.
    • They have to be approved by me.
    • They DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPTED if you somehow manage to do that shit.

    • Thomas D. Pimpus
    • SEAL Harambe
    • Blaus Skellet
    • Vermeil Skellet
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  • DustpeltX

    The Making of: Heart

    December 20, 2016 by DustpeltX

    Hey Fanon, Dust here with the second addition of the Making Of series. For those who are not familiar or have forgotten, these posts are simply one-half guide and one-half shamelessly showing off my OCs in a well contructed manner.

    I stated on my first post that I would be doing this for any new charaters or character re-vamps in an effort to improve my writing, character creation and maybe gain some popularity for my characters; so here is the second one, this time diving into the mascot of my main (and only) team: Heart of team HART.

    Again, I encourage anyone to do the same as I feel it forces critical thinking about your own characters as well as future approaches as well. Anyway, let's begin.

    I'm going to begin by explain that I don't hav…

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  • Delta-06

    On holiday

    December 18, 2016 by Delta-06

    Title says it all. I’m going to Vietnam for holidays from the 19th to 24th this month. Wiki activity and RP posts may be affected during these 6 days. I’ll definitely be unable to access Chat, but will try to respond to messages on my wall and post whenever possible (no promises though, and expect severe delays). Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and see y’all in a week. :)


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  • Cat-Soup64

    Greetings again you worms crawling in the dirt beneath my feet. It is I once again, the great Gorudo Gillian, he who has claimed all as his own. If at this point you have not yet heard of me, you are less than worthless. Regardless of that unpardonable offense, I send this message out today for one reason, yet again. As to make it clear and understandable for all you monkeys, as there were difficulties previously, I shall say it in even simpler terms for every monkey to understand.

    I require assistance in retrieving an item. Once again.

    This item, much like previously, is once again located deep in ancient ruins, filled to the absolute brim with deadly obstatcles that can surely end one's life with ease. The difference from last time being, …

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  • ImtheSteve

    Farewell, For Now

    December 12, 2016 by ImtheSteve

    I know my participation in this wiki has been practically nonexistent this year, but given this place was the first wiki I joined and started my Internet tirade into OCs and Roleplays, I owe it to you guys to have my first farewell.

    I'm leaving Wikia on my Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I fly out Monday the 12th and will report for training in Salt Lake City on Wednesday the 14th. I'll be serving the people of New Jersey for two years until my return to Central Florida in December 2018.

    I'll be leaving behind great communities of fellow nerds and friends I've known through the computer screen, but I know I'll return.

    But until then, I wanted to bring to people's attention two wikis that I've had a hand in creatin…

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  • TheCrystalconman

    Hey guys, going to try this again.

    So after finishing the Universe Tournament Arc in Dragon Ball Super I originally posted an AURP idea where our heroes fight another universe equivilant. So this AU RP Idea is as follows.

    Plot wise; a deity of unknown origin gets bored and wants to see people fight. So, people from standard universe (non AU) are brought into this AU universe to fight AU versions of our OCs. The deity says that we have to fight in order to go back to our world. If we don't we will be eliminated and not able to return to our world. 

    So, our OCs have to fight for our survival against ourselves. Now i can understand that us versing our own OCs we could be lazy and do a full one post word barrage about the fight but thats not fair…

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  • Kouryuu524

    Hello everyone!

    As the title says I have a new Ren figure for sale from the RWBY Blind Box line. Its brand new, undamaged, and quite high quality if I'm honest. If you'd like the figure you have two options.

    1: Pyrrha blind box figure- I really REALLY want one of these and if you have one and want to trade we can figure some stuff out.

    2: Cash- The cost will be the 9 dollars I paid for the figure (6.99 for the figure plus the 1.99 shipping from RT), plus a 7 dollar shipping fee through the US Post Office (shipping within the US) for a total of $16 USD. If you're a non US resident I'm willing to sell it to you for the same 9 dollar figure price plus the shipping costs. Either way I just want to break even.

    If you're interested in getting the fi…

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  • Arkan421

    Hello, RWBYfanon

    I am Arkan421, and for the past three years, my close friend and I have been working on a "Collaborative RP" project set in the world of Remnant where everyone controls ONE CHARACTER, and everyone has a vote for what actions are chosen.

    The following is a sample of what is to come this January.

    And so, The Curtain Rises


    “Ah, so you want to hear a story, child?” The old woman slowly rocked back and forth on her rocking chair, reaching out with her thin, frail hands to turn on a small bedside lamp.

    The old filament turned white as its light filled the small room while the woman slumped back into her chair, making sure her audience was prepared for the last story of the night.

    Cracking her hands, s…

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  • Decathartique

    A little explanation

    November 29, 2016 by Decathartique

    EDIT 28/12/16: I'll be getting my new tablet around my birthday (January 17th). Thanks for your patience!
    EDIT 26/1/17: So, I'll have to wait around 1 week more for getting my new tablet because they didn't have it in stock here in Chile. Anyway, today in the evening I'll be done with my uni duties and I'll be /sorta/ free till mid-March (I'll have my graduation exam around that date), so I'm going to finish all the stuff I owe ASAP :^)
    EDIT 3/2/17: Finally got my tablet on my hands and working! Also, I don't have classes at uni anymore so I have a bit more of time to finish stuff. Again, thanks a lot for your patience, I'll finish your commissions in the next days.

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys have been doing fine. This is just a little p…

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  • BRTE500

    Geist RP - version two?

    November 21, 2016 by BRTE500

    So, you might have noticed I already started the last one and a few people expressed an interest in it after it began. And I kinda wanted to do another anyway, so this is that. Sort of. It will still revolve around Wisteria, however this time the goal might be a bit different.

    Now then, if you didn't get into the first one and are interested, here's your chance. But now you can suggest a scenario/setting/etc. Doesn't matter what it is, so long as you can give a reasonable excuse for why Wisteria would actually be doing it. Might be someone or thing hard to catch, maybe something needs some hardcore defence. Maybe, a really wealthy pervert just wants to ogle her. Though that would be a bad idea. And that's it. Throw in your OCs, your ideas, …

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  • Raytsan

    Clears Throat

    Hello!, People of the fannon!!. Today, i have another announcement brought to you by Ale's Inn, which is-

    Suddenly Ale Tackles the announcer from behind and knocks the announcer unconscious.

    Well hello there, lads and lasses, yer tryin' to find work?!, a good paycheck?, and a temporary place to live?. Well let me introduce ya to the finest and greatest Inn to work in. Ale's Inn!!.

    Here, ye get free food and beverages, along with a place to live in!. *Laughs like Mr. Krabs*. What ye need to do?, well, runnin' an inn isn't easy task, customers would come and patron numbers would grow larger!. And sometimes, it gets outta my control!, so what ya need to do is ye only need to be the person who kick them stupid patrons and bad custome…

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  • KoolKoopaGirl

    Review my character?

    November 20, 2016 by KoolKoopaGirl


    I just created a new character on this fanon wiki. Her name is Sky Brave. She's my first character, and I'd like someone to review her, please!

    You know, by the RP Moderation guys?

    Pleas review my character?

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  • Cat-Soup64

    Greetings you filthy low-life known as peasants. I am the one known as Kikimi Chitan reborn, Gorudo Gillian. Perhaps you have heard of me, perhaps not. Regardless of this unpardonable offense, I send this message out today for one reason. As to make it clear and understandable for all you monkeys, I shall say it in the simplest terms possible.

    I require assistance in retrieving an item.

    This item is located deep in ancient ruins, filled to the absolute brim with deadly obstatcles that can surely end one's life with ease.

    Even someone as divine as myself. 

    As such, I require vassals with certain skills to escort me to the desired item where I can safely retrieve it. Naturally, for your troubles, any peon who accepts will be lavishly paid, but o…

    Read more >
  • Worstdeath45

    Civil war RP ver 1.5

    November 18, 2016 by Worstdeath45

    Hey, what's up, reader. This is a remake of Civil War RP and it is version 1.5 because the old version of Civil War went really bad and worst at the same time.

    Set in an alternative universe where the Beacon Academy never destroyed, Both Political Pressure and Consequence Action mount to install a system of accountability when the action of the hunter of remnant lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. All of the huntsman and huntresses must decide to choose which side to support: Some hunter believes that they all should be remain free to defend remnant without the kingdom inference while the other sharply disagrees and support oversight.

    "In accordance with the document at hand, I hereby certify tha…

    Read more >
  • DustpeltX

    The Making Of: Chiyo Hāto

    November 16, 2016 by DustpeltX

    Hi Fanon, Dust here with a blog post that's one-half guide and one-half shamelessly showing off my OCs. I plan to do these as a series either every time I think I need to make a new character or when I'm re-vamping one of my older characters. Just a habit I want to start so that I can explain my thinking, justify my choices, improve future writings, and maybe gain popularity.

    I encourage any one of you to do the same too, I feel it tends to make you think critically about your character and how you approach them. Anyway, without further explaination, let us begin.

    I think this is the first thing that comes into my mind when deciding to create a new character or not; in this case, VOLUME 4 was right around the corner and my team was in need o…

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  • Monsieur Sleep Fruit Tarts

    Hey! I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone was up for forming a team?

    Here's the OC I made for the wiki. Her name's Estrela Pagonia (as you can see) and she's a student attending Atlas Academy. So as you might have guessed, I'm looking for teammates that are also attending Atlas Academy. I'll probably make a page for her later, but in the meantime, I'm just gonna stop myself here before I cringe going on about my OC.

    Hope I'm doing this right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Read more >
  • Delta-06

    The Final Leg

    November 4, 2016 by Delta-06

    Regarding this:

    Exams officially start on the 7th November, and end on the 29th. My RP activity will be critically low during that time (not like it isn't already... DX). I'll be back full time starting early December. Once again, i'm sorry for delaying any RP or projects with other users, thank y'all for your patience and support, it means a lot. :)


    Read more >

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