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Fan Fiction:
Bloody Hydrangea
Blood and Organdy
Author Van
Fan-made Characters Organdy Marvell Blood Raserei

Description: Our meeting was only meant to come to an end. No matter how much I think about it, our ending will always stay the same.

Bloody Hydrangea


Morning came, the rising sun touched the cheeks of a sleeping young lady. She slowly opened her eyes and rose. She stretched her arms wide and opened the window on her room.

"What a bright and sunny day!"

She looked at the beauty of the clear bright sky. She was inspired! She giggled and ran towards her piano and played a serene music to fit the subtle morning.

Endless Tears


The wind is dancing with the curtains, the birds hum in sync with the young lady's melody. The trees were swaying with the music, its leaves were carried by the winds to venture freely.

At the middle of the morning harmony, a knock banged on the door. She stopped playing and opened the door, it was her mom.

"Organdy? Are you awake yet? Oh! Good morning dear, we got you a present. I know you'll love it!"

Her mom handed the present and left to make breakfast. She sat on her bed and opened the present, it was a book. She read it, her eyes grew big, she was fascinated by the contents of the book. It was about a world filled with white hydrangeas.


Days went by, Organdy is still fascinated by the book she read. She dreamt that one day she'll go outside and see the flower of her dreams herself.

"Thanks mom! I really did loved that book you gave me."

Her mom stroked her hair and gave her a warm welcoming smile.  

"I knew you'd love it."

She went on talking with her mom and asked why she gave her that book. 

"Because i saw it, the flower, it reminded me of you... A pale innocent young child."

Organdy was overwhelmed with joy, by the thought of her being identical to the flower of her dream. It gave her more courage to ask her mom for permission to go see the flower herself.

"Mom, I want to go outside and look for white hydrangeas."

Her mom had a worried looked on her face, but then she nodded and told her to do what her heart desires. Her mom had faith in Organdy, she wanted her to discover new things on her own.

"Go ahead and follow your dream, just promise me you'll be careful"

Organdy had a big smile on her face, she quickly grabbed her scarf, putted on her boots, took a map and put it inside her bag. She hugged her mom and left.

She went strolling to the north... A simple-minded youth trying to fulfill her simple childish dream. She travelled far and stumbled upon a store, she decided to buy some snacks along the way.

"Mister, uhm... Can I buy some rotatos?"

After eating, she bought a couple more, wrapped it and putted it inside her bag. She smiled and thanked the vendor and went on travelling to north. 



She finally arrived at her destination, a field of white, the snowy forest. She wandered about and searched for the flower.

She saw many creepy trees, old leafless trees with frozen barks. She was scared, but it didn't matter. To give her courage, she slapped her cheeks and motivated herself to move onwards and push through to pursue her dream.

Suddenly, at the middle of the forest, a breath taking sight made her stop. She gazed at the starry skies, the moon shining down on her. Her eyes were sparkling, an aurora appeared, it filled the whole sky with beautiful colors. It was ephemeral, yet it will be forever treasured within the girl's heart.

But that scenery didn't last long, for a threat was inbound within the creepy looking trees in the Snowy Forest....

A cold shiver went up her spine, there was a rustling sound in a bush near her. The momentary luminous night began to fade, her thoughts were getting dark, her mind was filled with fear. She held her hands to her chest and mumbled.

"W-who's there?"

The noise stopped... It suddenly became quiet. She slowly walked towards the bush... It was vague, she looked closer and made her eyes keener. She saw a pair of big red eyes, by her surprise a big black wolf appeared! She fell to the ground, the snow caught her fall. The black wolf roared, Organdy was left shaking, she used her remaining courage to get up and run, She was pleading for help.

"Somebody!! Please help me!!!" 

Then soon on, the wolf caught up to her and smacked her to the ground. Her consciousness was slowly slipping away.... That's when she saw something red who came out of nowhere and fought off the creature.

And Then There Was Blood

A young man... An exile bound to travel alone with nothing but the grimms to keep him company... A lost soul dwelling amogst the frosted trees of the Snowy Forest, longing for a reason to live as he wandered aimlessly through the thick snowy path. The cold winds slowly freezing him to his demise, only his heavy breathing is what's reminding him that he's still alive.

"I.... Need to talk.... I.... Need to.... Keep my.... Sanity.... I... Need to... Stay alive."

He quivered as he mumbled to himself. The white plain can be a cruel place especially at night, so the young man hurried to find the way to exit the forest for he cannot stay there any longer, because his clothes isn't suited for the cold weather. The young man stopped as he heard a faint scream from not so far. He hesitated, he didn't know what to do... But then he clenched his teeth and ran towards the noise.

After arriving, he saw a wolf who was about to attack a young girl. This time, without hesitating, he pulled out his knife that is made with sharp rocks and twigs all tied together with a tough vine, and charged towards the creature. He jumped up, riding it in its back and slicing its throat, killing it.

As he stop to catch his breath, he saw the young girl, unconcious. He was overwhelmed, the snow that was supposedly freezing him to death, suddenly became glitters. He didn't know something so plain and innocent can be so beautiful. The young girl's face starts to shimmer as the moon shone down on her face along with the star fields of the night on the black curtained sky, Her skin was as white as the snow. The young man was mesmerized... Her vanilla white skin, golden-white hair and the cherry-like blush on her cheeks made the young man's heart beat, it was the first time he ever felt this way...

"This is... No place for something so... Innocent... You don't belong here... With monsters... Like me..."

The young man carried the young girl on his back and struggled to find a way out of the chilling grasp of the Snowy Forest. A white flower caught Blood's eyes, it reminded him of that innocent face he saw. He plucked it from the snow, it was rare for a flower to sprout in a harsh place like that, he sighed and put it inside the bag of the young lady.

"I think... you need... this... more... than I do..."

The Red Hero

Slowly opening her eyes, Organdy woke up and examined her surroundings, she was in a white bed and on her side a white hydrangea was left without a vase. She reached out to the flower and she looked at it, it was exactly like the flower on the book, it was pure, elegant and beautiful. She stood up, walked towards the curtains and opened it, enjoying every moment as she held the flower of her dreams. Then her parents came rushing through the door and then embraced her. 

"Organdy! We were so worried!"

"I'm okay mom, thanks for bringing me this flower."

"What flower? We were just informed by the hospital that you were confined this morning."

"Wait... so who brought me here? and who gave me this flower?"

Slowly reminiscing about the events that happened in the forest, she vaguely remembered seeing a red silhouette who saved her and tattered memories of being carried out of the forest.


She ran outside the room in search for the one who saved her, but he was nowhere to be found. She asked a nurse if she saw the person who carried her to the hospital.

"U-uhm excuse me... did you see the person who carried me here?"

"I don't know his name, but I remembered that he was a young man with a red hooded jacket."

"Do you know what he looked like?"

"No, sorry, he seems to be hiding his face."


She stood there in silence, her parents comforted her and escorted her home. She went back ti where it all began, her room, she sat next to her piano and started playing it as she feels herself get in sync with the keyboard of her piano, she played a soft, lonely music. She felt empty and disappointed despite fulfilling her dream, because she failed to meet the one who gave her her dream and saved her. She thought to herself that she wasn't strong enough to fulfill her dreams, which led her to cry as she plays the piano, she spoke as she was crying and playing the piano.

"One of these days, I promise I'll find you... Until then, I'll keep dreaming once again..."

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