"O-Oh I'm so sorry! I-I didn't mean to....A-Am I flustered at all? That happens a lot..."
— Blue
Farrah Blue Carlo
Blue carlo request by drrrfan13-d6p4iak
Age 17
Alias Blue (her middle name)
Nickname Fairy (By Napoleon)
Status Active
Color Palatinate Blue
Gender Female
Species Human (?)
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Blue
Eyes Violet
Height 5' 1"
Weight 96 lbs
Professional Status
Partner Napoleon Rizik
Occupation Student
Jobs Waitress
Blue Carlo 1

Blue with her cloak on.

Blue Carlo 2

Blue without her cloak.


Blue stands about 5' 1" and weighs around 96 lbs. She has light blue long curly hair. She wears a long, light purple shirt that ends in a triangle shape. She wears a belt with two white straps going diagnally overtop each other like an X. Two more white straps are hanging down to her ankles with a gold pattern on it. She wears a purple scarf with gold trim and a cross eblem on the scarf. A cape flows down to below her ankles. She has armor-like sleeves with gold and light purple trim. She wears light purple gloves with gold bands and oval-shaped emeralds at the base of the knuckles, surrounded by gold. She wears a black beret with a gold zig-zag pattern in the middle of it, and gold trim. It has an amethyst on the side of it, surrounded by gold wings and purple string hanging down in loops from it, with a golden arrow. She also wears navy leggings.

She will ocassionally wear a blue cloak with white beads around it and a white sun charm hanging off of it.
Blue carlo request by drrrfan13-d6p4iak

Blue by DRRFan113 on deviantart.


Blue is shy. She is also rather calm, but she is also very sensitive. She tends to be overemotional, such as crying when it isn't necessary, and being overly happy when a normal perosn would just be happy. She generally tends to fluster a lot. She tends to never speak unless spoken to.

When it comes to relationships, Blue is almost always quiet unless she enjoys that person's company. She will rarely ever be rude or inconsiderate, as she tries to avoid this. When it comes to romantic relationships, Blue is inexperienced. She'll be shy and fluster more often than usual.

Blue is not very self-confident. However, she is shown to be very talented at leadership despite her shy disposition, which shows none of that. 


Blue was born to her two loving parents, and her younger sister, Ebony. One day, the day before Blue's fourteenth birthday, when her father suddenly lost his job, Blue and Ebony were put up for adoption. Resentful towards her parents, Blue shut out everyone from her life and began to only care for Ebony.

It wasn't long until they were adopted. Once they were adopted, Blue hated her new parents. Ebony was more accepting towards them. Blue soon ran away from her "parents". Her adoptive parents put up a strong search for her, and then later found her. Once Blue was found, she was beaten badly. 

Blue was forced to many chores. She would sometimes visit a man known as "Petto", and she would listen to his stories and dreams. He had a young son he nicknamed "Pin", and her and Pin grew close. She would sneak out nightly to go visit Petto. She would listen to Petto wish upon the North Star, and she would listen closely. She would often visit them only at night, climbing through their window. She gave Petto many gifts, but then her adoptive parents found out about her visiting Petto and locked her window. She was badly beaten again for this. 

Ebony comforted Blue through much of this. Blue found Beacon and secretly enrolled in it, and left Ebony behind. Much to Ebony's dismay, Blue never came back.

And Blue keeps a secret....



  • Petto Collodi- Blue was very close to Petto, sneaking out nightly to hear him wish upon the North Star. She would also listen to his many stories. Blue also grew very close to Petto's son, Pin.
  • Marik "Pin" Collodi- Nicknmed Pin, Pin was full of imagination. Blue loved spending time with Pin outside her home. He secretly attends Beacon under his real name, Marik. Marik is also a Faunus. Blue, however, acts like she doesn't know who Marik is. She acts more so of an acquaintance towards him.
  • Napoleon Rizik- Napoleon and Blue became fast friends. Blue enjoys spending time with Napoleon, although she is completely oblivious to his rather large crush on her. Blue and Napoleon are also teammates.  Blue has no idea that Napoleon is a criminal.
  • Linda Faren - Linda and Blue are teammates. They tend to get along well, but Blue's shy disposition often makes it hard for them to talk to each other. 
  • Alex Raven-  Blue and Alex are also teammates. Blue enjoys talking to Alex, and she keeps the secret that he is a Faunus very well hidden. She shows no ill will towards him.
  • Ebony Carlo - Blue's sister. Blue and Ebony are extremely tight knitted, but Ebony grew bitter towards Blue since she left her for Beacon. Blue, however, plans to visit her when she can and when the time comes, enroll her at Beacon.




Blue is a talented cook. She is also a talented storyteller, something she learned from Petto. She is also a very fast reader, reading many books a day.


Blue is a fairly good combatist. Blue has one weapon, Pixie, which is a metal staff that is twirled silver and purple metal with electricity coursing through it. It can be folded back to form alloy nunchuks, and it can also be folded to form a  gun, that shoots corrosive and electrocharged bullets. Blue uses Pixie mainly for the purpose of close-range combat. She tends to be an okay shot, she tends to miss her target quite often. Pixie has a chamber filled with yellow Dust   powder that utilizes the electric ability of Pixie. Blue's aura is known to be a palatinate blue, but her use of it is not known. Blue's semblance is unknown.


  • Blue alludes to the The Fairy with Turquoise Hair from Pinocchio.
  • Her name, Farrah, is an allusion to the word "fairy."
  • She is part of Team BALN, which she is the leader of. 
  • Blue never removes her hat, for unknown reasons.

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